5 Signs of CVS: What are the Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome?

what are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome

Are you constantly complaining about your blurry vision after using the computer? Or do you wonder on what is the reason of your dry eyes? Do you suffer from neck or shoulder problem? These signs may be an answer to your question, what are the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.

The use of computers has become an integral part of a human’s everyday life. Nearly every aspect of a human’s life these days requires the services of a computer in one way or the other.

It is not only that. We also use cell phones or tablet more often compared to other chores at home. This frequent use of computers is very useful to mankind. However it comes with its own ills and ailments.

Computer vision syndrome is defined as a collection of eye and vision related problems that affect people who use computers over a long period of time. These problems include blurred vision, constant headaches, eye strain and dry eyes. Most people that use computers have complained about experiencing some of these afflictions.

However, due to lack of information on what this problem is, most people just ignore it. To create a clear picture of what computer vision syndrome is, I shall therefore explore the symptoms that indicate its presence.

Here are the 5 major symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.


Most people working on computers sit in an upright position facing their computers. Since most computers have minimal contrast the users often have to lean forward to see what is on their screens and often lean when typing. This eventually leads to pain in their shoulders and neck after a day’s work.

what are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome


A common problem that has been experienced by most people that use computers frequently is headaches. These people often spend whole days staring at their computer screens. The straining of the eyes, craning of their necks and the low lighting on the computers they use easily leads to headaches and migraines.

This then is a major symptom of the computer vision syndrome.


The human eye requires lubrication in order to function properly. This is usually done when the eyes blink. When there is minimal blinking the eye suffers as it has to make do with what little moisture is left on it. This is what often happens to most people who use computers as they blink very few times.

what are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome


A full day of work in front of a digital screen often makes the user’s eyes tired. The average user spends most of their working time staring at the screen and as observed most computer resolution and contrast is really low.

This eventually leads to blurred vision as the eyes concentrate on a low light environment and can’t function well in the normal environment. This makes blurred vision a pivotal symptom of computer vision syndrome.


It has been observed that people who use computers frequently have eye irritations quite often with some of them having red eyes after working for a while. Considering the amount of strain they put on their eyes while using computers like limited blinking and squinting to see, the irritation of the eyes is to be expected.

After a short while of constant eye irritation, most people tend to touch their eyes which then make them red. This can be a painful experience which if ignored eventually leads to further eye complications.

what are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome

The occurrence of computer vision syndrome is often ignored by many people as a little pain or a normal thing. However this syndrome if not checked leads to bigger ocular problems and ailments.

Whenever an individual experiences symptoms such as these, he or she is advised to adjust their seating position when using computers or use recommended computer glasses. With such simple measures a person can easily avert the ills associated with this syndrome.

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