5 Tips to Relieve CVS: What are the Cures for Computer Vision Syndrome?

what are the cures of computer vision syndrome

Are you already suffering from severe headache after using your computer? Do you experience dry eyes, sore neck or even blurred vision? You might have a computer vision syndrome that needs to be cured. Well, here are some helpful tips to relieve the problems caused by Computer Vision Syndrome.

In the current day and age, computers have been incorporated into every activity and job in and around the life of humans. Everywhere you turn to; there is a use coming up that needs a computer. From your bank teller, to schools, hospitals, government offices and even in communication, a computer has been incorporated into it. This is majorly because computers make work that would otherwise be tedious easy, simpler and more efficient. Documents stored on the worldwide web or in computers are easier to access and organize in comparison to manually arranging and manual data entry. We cannot therefore overestimate the importance of computers to our day to day life.

As we have noted however, the frequent and continued use of computers has some effects to the individuals that use them. We have concentrated on one of these; that is computer vision syndrome and have dissected what it is what causes it the symptoms and signs that indicate its occurrence. In any occasion of a symptom of any kind that appears in the human body, it is always advisable to seek immediate medical attention. More often than not people ignore mild symptoms and dismiss them as natural occurrences or passing clouds. This however isn’t the case as some of this ignored symptoms lead to much worse conditions in the long run. This is often the case with computer vision syndrome.

Computer vision syndrome once diagnosed by a proper medical practitioner can be treated or corrected to ensure that a worker or person lives an efficient and fulfilling life and works to their full potential.

Here is how to handle computer vision syndrome:


To ensure that the person using a computer every day or every time has a comfortable experience and doesn’t hurt his or her eyes in the process, proper eye care is recommended. This involves regular eye exams and prescription of computer glasses that help the individual view the screens better thus reducing the level of strain to the eyes. A doctor can also recommend vision therapy for the patient to treat eye coordination and focusing.


To ensure that the frequent computer user is rid of severe shoulder and neck pains, a proper seating position should be recommended for them to ensure that their work place is conducive for their body. This can be done by placing the computer in an optimum position that caters for comfort of the individual’s body and proper viewing angles.


It has been observed that poor lighting both from the computer screen and the surrounding environment makes up for the largest percentage of problem to the eyes. To cure this problem one can purchase anti-glare capable computers for their workplace and ensure there is just the right amount of lighting in the work place. This should be able to handle the ills caused by computer vision syndrome.


Most people that work with computers barely take rest breaks. This might be because their jobs are continuous and progressive. However adequate rest gives the eyes enough time to cut back the effects of computer vision syndrome. It also gives time to the shoulder and neck muscles to relax thereby avoiding unnecessary pain.


To ensure that a person’s eyes get proper lubrication thereby functioning properly, they should practice blinking a lot even during the working hours. This will assist reduce eye irritation and stop the menace that is dry eyes. Once these have been averted, one can comfortably work to their full potential.

Computer vision syndrome is a condition that is still unknown to many. It is however an ailment, one that with basic practices can be corrected and duly eliminated. And as has always been said in case of any symptoms seek proper medical attention before it becomes worse.

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