Are Computer Glasses Really Worth It?

are computer glasses worth it


Most people work in front of the computer. Accountant, Banker, Cad drafters, Graphic Designers, Gamers, Teachers, Nurse and even Doctors are just some of the people who are exposed to digital screens for 6-8 hours a day. This results to health issues especially to their eyes and vision. The question is, can computer glasses be an instant solution?


Before anything else, you should first know if you really need computer glasses.

How Will You Know if You Need Computer Glasses?

Here are some of the symptoms that you should look for before considering to use computer glasses.


This is the most common symptom that you should look into. Since, you are exposed to so much light given by digital screens, it strains your eye muscles. This results to the redness of your eyes.

On the other hand, since you try to focus for a long period of time staring to these screens, the natural lubricant of your eyes dries out. Hence, making your eyes uneasy.



Having constant headache is also a symptom that you should consider.

Since your eyes is working hard for long hours, it results to eyestrain and later on triggers headache. When you are focusing on your computers, your brain tend to send signal to your eye muscles. But this should be done within an appropriate distance from your eyes to the screen.

If it happens that your working distance is not suitable for your eyes to be relaxed, that’s the time that you will feel some headache and sometimes may lead to migraine.



Neck and shoulder pain is also a major problem. And this is also influenced by your working posture.


Are Computer Glasses Really Worth It?

I know right now you are asking if computer glasses are really worth it. So here are the benefits of computer glasses that you might find useful.


The tint on the lenses of this eyewear blocks the excess light and radiations that causes the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Usually, the tint is colored yellow or orange but some also has transparent tint.



It may sound cliché, but prevention is always better than cure.

Since you are already blocking harmful radiations to your eyes, you may prevent other related vision problems that may occur in the future. This also may save you money in the long run.



We can’t deny that working in front of digital screens like computer is already mandatory. Since you need to spend 6-8 hours in front of it, wearing computer glasses can help you minimize the eye strain that you may encounter.

Thus makes it more easy for you working for a long period of time.

News Update

Actually in Sweden, it is already required to give eye ergonomics to every employee that works in front of computers.

In accordance with the Swedish National Board of Occupational Safety and Health’s Statue 1998, all members of staff are entitled to a free eye test and if it shows that you need glasses, then it will be provided.


Bottom Line

I must say that, computer glasses is a major help in order to prevent eye strain.

There are already plenty of variety of this eyewear that you could explore depending on your preference. Some may provide dark tint and some may be transparent. Some may be expensive and some are affordable.

Nevertheless, they still do the job that they ought to do which is to prevent further problems caused by too much exposure to digital screens.


By the way, if you have questions or personal experience about computer glasses, feel free to comment it below.


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