Beison Computer Glasses Review: Anti Blue Light Eyewear

Beison Computer Glasses Review

This review is all about the Beison Computer Glasses. Are you suffering from computer eye strain and is eager to find an effective way to prevent it? Do you want to know if this eyewear is worth the investment? Well, I suggest that you read this review in order to learn more about it.


Product: Beison Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Glare; Anti Radiation; Light weight

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


Product Summary

Beison computer glasses is an eyewear that claims to provide valuable protection for the eyes against the harmful blue light.

They say that it has a special coating on its lenses that prevents the radiation from causing problems like dry eyes, red eyes and even mild headaches.

In this review, we will take a closer look into these computer glasses. We will also talk about its major specifications and features. I hope that this can help clear your doubts about it.




The Beison frame is oversized like the ones worn by people during the 1980’ s. These are suited for larger than average heads and may not be apt for those with smaller than average heads.

With the funky designs and colors, this eyewear gives the user a funky and retro vibe. It comes in plain transparent or black, gradient purple, and prints like flowers, ink black, and leopard. Each of the design offers a personality to showcase. This eyewear gives the consumer the variety and freedom to choose which style should they try.

Beison Computer Glasses Review



When it comes to dimensions, Beison has 137mm for its width and 140mm for the arms which reaches the ears. 15mm is dedicated for its nose bridge – the normal size in which the glasses will not slip off the user’ s face.

The frame is shaped perfectly to follow through the contours and rest comfortable on key facial features like the nose and ears.

The frame is made of plastic. Compared to metals, plastics are less durable but are more resistant to corrosion. An advantage is the lightness of plastics. The whole eyewear just weigh a total of 1.6 ounces.

These glasses can be worn for long periods of time with the greatest amount of comfort the user should have.



The lenses’ width is 53mm. Of course, it follows the size of the frame. It is a bit oversized but this actually serves as a physical barrier for the eyes. Overall, the larger the lens, the greater the area that could be covered; hence, the more protection the eyes could get.

The lenses are dark yellow in color.

This adds up to the retro vibe the glasses exude. Some may be bothered by the striking yellow color but these glasses are worn for personal use and protection of the eyes and not just any other accessory.

This tint may cause color distortion. Everything may look sunny while wearing these glasses. Nonetheless, the yellow tint is important for blocking off 99% of blue light emitted from cellular phones, laptops, computers, television screens, and even fluorescent lights.

Beison Computer Glasses Review

Blue light comes at lower wavelengths but higher frequencies; thus, having higher energies that could harm the eyes. Some of the harm done include eye strain, fatigue, redness, itchiness, soreness, dryness, irritation, dizziness, headaches, and even insomnia because blue light disturbs the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin.

If not prevented, this could lead to macular degeneration. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can also be filtered. This causes more serious eye problems like eye cancer.

The lenses also contain anti-radiation substances that could filter microwave at higher wavelengths. In fairness, the yellow tint enhances the contrast of the images viewed through the lenses.

This gives the user the illusion that the images appear to be clearer and crisper. This resolution is perfect for video game players and movie goers. The tint is coated via vacuum ion technology so it is less likely to be scraped off from the lenses’ surface.

Moreover, the lenses are anti-glare and avoid distraction from intense light.

The material of the lenses is said to be composite. A composite is a material made up of two or more materials. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. The strength of one material complements the other giving rise to a material with the optimum advantages of its two constituents.

Beison Computer Glasses Review



Beison does not offer magnification for this set of eyewear.

Persons who have high degrees of myopia (near-sightedness) or hyperopia (far-sightedness) may have a problem in wearing this eyewear. The user have to choose from visual acuity or eye protection.

On the other hand, you can also look into other clip on computer glasses. Basically, you can use it while wearing your own prescription glasses.



The eyewear comes with a plastic box for protection against water, dust, oil, grease, mechanical factors, etc. It also comes with a microfiber cloth which is soft to the feel and is genuine to touch. This removes condensed water vapor, dust, oil, and grease from the glasses’ surface.



The lenses have made a job well done on protecting the eyes from harmful radiation. Blue light and its effects are noticeably minimized but not totally eliminated. Yet, the reduction of these negative effects is already a great relief to any user.

On the other hand, it is fairly normal to have factory defects for any product. For this one, some sets may have the frame a bit skewed to one side, manufacturing circles from the lenses, and the like.

But overall, this eyewear is capable of aiding your eyes while using your digital devices.



Another thing that I like about these glasses is its affordability. Anti-radiation glasses typically go by this price. Given the effort for the glasses to have unique frame designs and excellent anti-radiation properties, the cost that it offers is already a catch.


Helpful Tips

It is always important to take care of your eyewear, so here are some helpful tips that you can take advantage.

  • Always keep your glasses on the protective case. This will ensure premier protection for your frames and lenses.
  • In cleaning the lenses, always use the protective cleaning cloth. Using any other cloth may scratch the lenses.


Bottom Line


Anti-radiation glasses do not need to always look formal to the point that it always appear as plain and boring. They could have hippie and trendy frames. This already catches a great market for the eyewear. Potential customers would have a wide variety to choose from.

Having proven its anti-radiation properties through experiments and testimonies, Beison provides a great quality of service. This goes a chunk of the price so it could be said that a consumer is buying Beison eyewear for its service.

A penny is worth it if the color is not too disturbing and striking.

This eyewear can be recommended to family and friends if not for the overly yellowed surface and the overly sized lenses.


  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Somehow Bright Yellow Tint
  • Cleaning the lenses may take some time


Product Summary

Product: Beison Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Glare; Anti Radiation; Light weight

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Beison Computer Glasses.

If you have more questions and concerns about this computer glasses, feel free to comment it below.

I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in preventing eye strain.

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  1. Hmm, seems like a good investment for the price! Pretty cool how they have tons of different variations to find the perfect one. I just had a quick question though. Do these glasses work for other things other than just monitors? Something like a ultra HD TV, Can they keep up?

    1. Yes, this beison computer glasses also works in other digital devices such as laptop, tablet, tv and even mobile phones. So you can take advantage of it, no matter what gadget you want to use.

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