Best Color Blind Glasses 2019: Red & Green Corrective Eyewear


Best Color Blind Glasses 2019

Getting the right glasses to help correct color blindness can be a hard task especially if you do not know what to look out for in such a pair. Another thing that makes this process difficult is that today, there are a lot of glasses out there that claim to correct color blindness and thus selecting the best becomes a problem.

Individuals with color blindness find it difficult to distinguish between different colors or different tones of the same color.

If suffering from this condition, it becomes difficult to drive by yourself since should you come across traffic lights; you might get stranded and even hesitate when expected to move. You may also experience some difficulties in school.

To get the best color blind glasses, you need to be extremely careful. Purchasing a pair just because your doctor told you to get one may make you end up with lenses of low quality. This guide will help you to get the right glasses for your color blind condition.


Consult a doctor

Although there are a lot of color blind corrective glasses in the market today, do not go for a pair just because a friend referred it to you.

Visit your doctor for consultation on the best pair for your condition. Different people respond differently to varying lenses meaning that even though your friend uses a particular pair and it works on them, it doesn’t say that it’ll work on you too.



You have to consider the material of the glasses of your choice before purchasing them. The ideal material making the frame should be sturdy ensuring that there are no breakages, durable and one that doesn’t scratch with ease.

Most of color blind glasses are plastic made and thus very comfortable to wear.

Best Color Blind Glasses 2019



Always consider the weight of your glasses before you pay for them. You do not want to purchase a pair that is too heavy for your kid.

Get a light pair that will provide them with all the comfort they require. A lightweight pair will never leave red marks or imprints on your face. If wearing the lenses for long hours, you need a pair that will provide you with extra comfort.



If you can get a pair of glasses that you can adjust with ease, the better. Adjustable lenses provide the wearer with all the comfort they want. You can adjust the pair to fit you well or loosen them a little if they feel tight on your face.



Before going for a pair of color blind corrective glasses, you have to consider the price. Ask yourself of the amount you want to spend on a pair of lenses. If on a tight budget, go for a pair that comes at a low price but ensure that you do not comprise the quality.

If money isn’t a problem, go for the glasses of your choice. You can also consider buying a pair that comes with a money back guarantee or a warranty.

Go for such a pair if you do not want to expose yourself to the risk of spending your hard earned money on a pair that disappoints you, a few weeks or months after purchase.

Best Color Blind Glasses 2019


Clear lenses

Ensure that you buy a pair that has clear lenses. Most color blind corrective glasses come with tinted lenses, but that shouldn’t undermine clarity.

Get a pair that doesn’t distort your vision in any way. The tint should be one that enhances colors without compromising accuracy at all times.



If you get a pair that comes with free accessories, the better. Glasses that come with a hard case and a cleaning cloth will help you to save on the money that you could have otherwise used to purchase them. Remember that these accessories are very crucial and assist significantly in handling the lenses.

A hard case will always keep your glasses well protected while the cleaning cloth will ensure that the pair doesn’t get scratches during the cleaning process.

Best Color Blind Glasses 2019


Use Indoors and Outdoors

Ensure that you purchase a pair that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Most of the corrective glasses in the market today only work best while one is outdoors.

Get good value for your money and buy a pair that you can also use while indoors. Remember that you’ll not only need to distinguish colors while outside but even when working indoors.


Test for Effectiveness

Before you purchase a pair of color blind corrective glasses, you also need to test for its effectiveness. Wear the pair and see whether you can distinguish the colors presented to you.

This way, you’ll avoid purchasing lenses that mislead you. If you find that you can tell the colors correctly, go ahead and pay for the glasses.


Best Color Blind Glasses

Here is the list of the best color blind glasses that you can use to correct your red and green light problem.

  • EnChroma Northside Color Blind Glasses
  • Oxy-Iso Blood Draw and Color Blindness Glasses
  • Pilestone GM-2 Color Blind Corrective Glasses
  • Pilestone TP-012 Color Blind Corrective Glasses


EnChroma Northside Color Blind Glasses

Best Color Blind Glasses 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Alleviates color blindness
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Sturdy


  • Expensive to repair

Made with TR-90 material which happens to be lightweight and sturdy at the same time, the frame of this pair makes it possible for you to wear it on your face for long. The soft material ensures that no imprints or red marks appear on your face.

The frame of this pair has embedded nose pads that prevent your nose from getting hurt whenever you wear your glasses for long hours.

The lenses of this pair offer 100% UV Protection, a feature that makes this pair very useful on bright days. You will thus not have to worry when stepping out on a sunny day since the pair has got your back. You will have all the fun that you want.

The lenses of Enchroma glasses have an advanced light filtration technology that makes colors visible.

The glasses will enable you to see the colors that you’ve had no idea of how they look like in your whole life. You will get to the chance to tell the red and green whenever you come across them with a lot of ease. This pair will be a life changer to you.

The pair will enable you to carry out a lot of activities on your own without taking risks. You will be in a position to tell when to stop when you come across a traffic light while driving and when to continue with your journey without any hesitation.

The glasses help in alleviating green and red color redness and also enhance all colors without compromising color accuracy. Getting the pair will be the best thing you ever did to yourself.


Oxy-Iso Blood Draw and Color Blindness Glasses

Best Color Blind Glasses 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Works well on different skin tones
  • Stylish


  • Expensive
  • Scratches easily

The pair has plastic fame, a material that makes it lightweight to the extent of almost forgetting that you have the glasses on your face. Due to the light weight, you will never have imprints on your face or red marks after wearing the lenses for long hours.

The glasses have a fully adjustable comfort frame. This feature makes the lenses to individuals with both big and small heads. You, therefore, don’t have to worry that they may not fit on you when purchasing. Due to the comfy nature of the frame, you’ll never feel any pressure on your face.

The lenses of this pair will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun since they have the UV coating. Even if you sweat a lot on the face, you won’t have to worry about your glasses getting all foggy since the lenses have an anti-fog coating.

This pair also has an anti-scratch coating that prevents the lens from scratching with ease. What you need to remember however is that, even with the anti-scratch, you still have to exercise great care on the glasses if you want to keep them safe from scratches.

The glasses help in correcting color blindness enabling you to see a lot of colors that you previously had no idea about at all. With this pair, you’ll get the chance to do a lot of things by yourself. For example, you’ll be in a position to drive and never worry about the traffic light.

The glasses will also enable you to see the veins with ease especially if a newbie nurse. You will treat your patients with a lot of confidence knowing that you can never mess around with their health. With the pair, you’ll always be the best to them.


Pilestone GM-2 Color Blind Corrective Glasses

Best Color Blind Glasses 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Unisex
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Makes everything red at the beginning

The pair has a black plastic frame, a material which makes it very lightweight. You will use the lenses for the time you want without feeling any pressure on your face. You will never have imprints or red marks on your face, thanks to the glasses.

This pair has a black frame, a color that it fashionable putting in mind that the lenses appear pinkish. The contrast thus gives the glasses a beautiful and stylish look. Wear them, and no one will giggle behind your back. With this pair, you’ll never look funny.

The lenses of this pair have an advanced light filtering technology that manipulates the light before it comes into contact with your eyes. The glasses turn the light into an acceptable spectrum making your eyes to accept the color information.

Made from high-quality material, the lenses of this pair do not wear or scratch with ease. The lenses do not break with ease as well, a feature that makes the glasses very durable. You however still have to exercise great care when handling the pair if you want to use it for long.

The pair will also shield your eyes from the harmful computer light by blocking it away. The lenses will also protect your eyes from UV light while outdoors.

The glasses will help you to see the red and green colors with ease, something that you’ve lived to imagine throughout your life. The pair will introduce you to the reality and enable you to see how the red color appears.

The pair will also help you to see traffic light for the first time with ease. You will get the chance to cross without hesitating or thinking that you are making a mistake. The glasses will become a great life changer to you.

The glasses will help you to pass a medical examination, something that may make you get the job you’ve always failed to get in the past.


Pilestone TP-012 Color Blind Corrective Glasses

Best Color Blind Glasses 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight
  • Wide enough for big heads
  • Stylish


  • Weak frame

The pair has a plastic frame that is sturdy enough making the glasses durable. The plastic material makes the lenses very lightweight, a feature that enables you to wear the glasses for long hours without feeling any pressure on your face. You might even forget that you had the glasses with you.

The pair has blue plastic lenses which are very clear enabling you to see the green and red colors with ease. Even though everything might appear red at the beginning, your eyes will get used to that and enable you to see the different colors with ease within no time.

The lenses of this pair are anti-UV. You should therefore not expose yourself to too much light as the glasses won’t shield you from the harmful UV light. The good thing is that you can use the pair both indoors and outdoors.

The glasses will enable you to drive on your own and be in a position to read the traffic lights with ease. You won’t have to worry about the stop sign since the lenses highlight it for you making your life comfortable. You won’t always have to tag someone along when driving or hire a driver.

The glasses will make you feel complete. Nothing disturbs like knowing that there’s something that you can’t do. The pair will enable you to differentiate between a red and green color, something that you’ve always longed to do.


Bottom Line

Getting the best pair to correct your color blind problem requires you to be careful when purchasing. If you buy the right pair, you’ll get the chance to see all the beautiful colors of the world.

With the right pair, you will improve in your school work and most importantly, get to carry out tasks on your own. You will also never require assistance to drive or fail to get a job since you couldn’t distinguish colors during an interview.

If you have more questions and concerns about this product, feel free to comment it below. I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product.


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By John Rico

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  1. I have no idea that there is glasses to correct color blindness?! It’s good to know. My dad is green and red blind, He did not pass it to me or my brother thank god.. Do the glaases work the same has people who suffer from myopia that you have to change the prescription? I am just curious because this is the first I have heard about this. Definitely gonna drag my father to an eye doctor and see the options for him. That would be a nice Christmas present. Glad I came across your site and the reviews.

    1. Yes, before buying a color blind glasses you can first ask some advice from your doctor. This will definitely help you learn more on what are the steps that you can do to correct color blindness.

  2. Great article!  I really appreciate the detail in each area that needs to be considered when purchasing glasses. 

    While i always think about choosing something that i like the style/look of and testing to ensure it does the correct jobs is definitely a requirement on my list I wouldn’t have thought of some of the finer details.  Comfort is definitely a factor that I think about but I will now remember to also acknowledge the weight and material as I’m sure these have a larger effect over time than is noticeable in the initial try on.  Thanks for offering some great options to look into!

    1. Just like any other eyewear, you should definitely consider if the glasses is comfortable to wear or not. As for the color blind glasses, there are plenty of varieties that you could choose from. So just take your time and scrutinize each one of them before investing your money.

  3. I had no idea color-blind corrective glasses were even a thing!  I have several friends who could benefit from these.  They spoke about being scared to get corrective surgery.

    I know they will have to see their eye doctor first but, thank you for showing us the latest options.  

    I’m 46 and I have friends that still won’t admit to color-blindness as well.  I wonder if any others from your reading audience have experienced the same.  I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed about but, again, it’s nice to know there are options that don’t involve surgery! 

    1. In todays modern world, there are already plenty of options when it comes to giving solution to color blindness. One option is to have color blindness glasses. This will definitely help those people who has this kind of scenario. By the way, is there any specific brand that your friend is using?

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