Best Computer Glasses for Eye Strain: Under $30 Eyewear

Best Computer Glasses for Eye Strain

Eye strain is a major problem that is constantly rising because of too much usage of digital devices such as computer, mobile phones, and even tablet. With this issue, instant solution should be made and computer glasses is one of the most convenient way to prevent it. However, the typical costs of this eyewear is somehow above average so I decided to make a list of the best computer glasses for eye strain that costs for less than $30.

Aside from the fact that these glasses are all under $30, all of them provide valuable protection to your eyes while in front of digital screen. This list is based on the quality of the material used and performance that they offer.

I hope that you will find this list helpful in finding your needed information.


1. Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

best computer glasses for eye strain

Product: Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: SCT – Orange Lens; Absorb Blue Light

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses is said to offer perfect protection for our eyes by protecting them against the harmful and high energy radiations present in digital screens that we use.

What I like the most about the glasses is that they are designed to be adjustable.

Another great feature that makes the structure of Uvex Skyper attractive is its length-adjustable Duoflex cushioned templates. With these adjustable templates, the frame fits all the head sizes, and the cushioned padding on the lenses makes it possible to wear them comfortably for a longer duration of time without getting any side marks or red patches.

The lenses have an orange tinting on them which is a part of their SCT, and helps in avoiding the blue light from the spectrum.

The lenses do not have any magnification properties whatsoever.


2. Gamma Ray 003 Comfortable Computer Readers Glasses

best computer glasses for eye strain

Product: GAMMA RAY 003 Comfortable Computer Readers Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Lightweight; Soft Tint

My Rating: 9.3 out of 10


Gamma Ray 003 Glasses is specifically designed to reduce the eye strain that is caused by long hours of using digital devices such as computer, laptop, cell phones and even tablet.

The frame is made up of ultra light weight and flexible TR90 material (plastic like material). It is designed for long term use and increased durability.

The lenses used in Gamma Ray 003 is amber tinted.

Amber is a hard translucent resin produced by coniferous trees and it is yellowish in color. That’s why if you see the lens of the glasses, it will has a light yellowish tint.

Another thing that I like about this pair of glasses is it includes a frame carrying case and also a cleaning cloth.


3. Gamma Ray 801 Classic Computer Glasses

best computer glasses for eye strain

Product: Gamma Ray 801 Classic Computer Reading Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Rating: 9.3 out of 10


Gamma Ray 801 is specially designed for those people who have to work in front of a bright display monitor for extended duration, without taking regular breaks.

The frames are designed to perfectly fit on any face shape. The reduced frame height really helps in increasing the grip stats and vision.

Like any other computer glasses, its lens is tinted with amber material. Basically, it gives the yellow color of the lenses.

The lenses are really light and most of the time just invisible. On continuous use, it will feel like that you are not even wearing these extra glasses.

The yellow shade of the lenses seemed unusual at first, but it has helped in avoiding the headaches and watery eyes and enabled me to use them for even longer durations.


4. Gamma Ray 004 Classic Computer Glasses

best computer glasses for eye strain

Product: Gamma Ray 004 Classis Computer Reading Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Amber-tinted lenses and Ultralight Frames

My Rating: 9.3 out of 10


Gamma Ray 004 is specially engineered for those people who work for long period of time in front of digital screens such as computers.

The frame color is black, and the holders are blue, the combination gives a classy look to the glasses. What I like about this product is the material used for the frames. It is a high-quality polymer, known for its durability and strength.

Like any other computer glasses, Gamma Ray 004 is also amber tinted. This gives the yellowish color in the frames of the glasses.

The yellow tint which is present on the lenses helps you in using the glasses for a long time without any breaks in between.

Gamma Ray 004 already includes a free cleaning cloth and a nice hard case. The cleaning cloth is made up of microfiber material which is specially designed for lens cleaning purposes.


5. Eyekepper Vintage Computer Glasses

best computer glasses for eye strain

Product: Eyekepper Vintage Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti-Reflective; Blue light Blocking

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10


The frame is structured in such a manner that they fit every head size and are forged from high-quality material that rivals optical glass. The material used not only provides sturdiness but also helps in maintaining the luster on the frame.

nose pads are made up of flexible rubber that helps them reduce the frame pressure and have a perfect grip for the glasses to sit intact during the increased hours.

Lenses work by filtering the incoming light beam and reflecting back all the dangerous wavelengths from the entire spectrum.

Yellow tinting on the lenses helps in increasing the working hours while decreasing the overall eye stress and other fatigue problems while working in front of electronic devices.

If you have a 20/20 vision, then you would feel some magnification effect wearing these. The magnification property of the lenses helps in reading by making the letters a little bigger and closer.

In the package, you will find a lustrous sleeve of fabric with glasses, a cleaning cloth and a hard zipper case for protecting the glasses. Eyekeepers have also provided a manual for you so that you can get familiar with all the parts of the glasses.


6. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Glasses

best computer glasses for eye strain

Product: J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Low Color Distortion; Anti Blue Light

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Glasses works by removing and blocking all those light radiations that can spell trouble for your eyes. 

These frames are a great fit for all head sizes, for both males and females.

The temples are spring loaded and show an excellent compatibility with massive headgears.

The nose pads attached to the ends of the bridges help in distributing the frame pressure uniformly that helps in reducing the frame marks after an extended usage.

J+S have one of the nicest lenses out there for protecting the eyes against radiations. The lenses are actually metaphorical filters placed in front of the eyes that filter all the high energy spectrums that can cause damage to our eyes.

The lenses have zero magnification in them.

There is a hard J+S shell, and cleaning fabric specially designed for cleaning the lenses and the glasses themselves.


7. AV SuperPak 2 Pack Computer and Gaming Glasses

best computer glasses for eye strain

Product: AV SuperPak 2 Pack Computer and Gaming Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Includes 2 Pairs of Glasses; Anti-Glare

My Rating: 9.3 out of 10


AV SuperPak 2 Pack Computer and Gaming Glasses claims to help those people who seem to have lifeless eyes after working long in front of computer monitors

All the frames are made up of high-quality alloy material that provides the glasses with qualities like being light weight and flexibility.

The fixed nose pads at both ends of the frame bridge help in the even distribution of all the pressure across the face and provide a perfect position of the glasses to sit on your nose.

The lenses are made from a high-end plastic material that is quite flexible and strong. The lenses protect your eyes from all such threats thus, increasing your working hours and lets you use your time with maximum productivity.

 Their is a slight magnification in the lenses. However, if you do not have a perfect 20/20 vision, you’ll not even feel it. The magnification is included to aid you when focusing in the screen.

The package comes with a soft carrying pouch and a cleaning cloth. Although the pouch protects the glasses from being scratched, it is better if you can get any fitting hard case for protection against any physical damage that might happen in the future.


Bottom Line

These glasses are just some of the best computer glasses for eye strain that you can get for under $30. Aside from fact that they are affordable, they also provide valuable protection to prevent eye strain. Later on, I will add more glasses that passes into my standards and share the information with you.

Personally, I prefer the J+S Vision Computer Glasses. I love that it has a low color distortion on the lenses. Plus, I can definitely wear it even if I am not in front of my computers.

On the other hand, I can’t guarantee that these glasses will last longer compared to the expensive ones. What I can assure is that they can certainly relieve your eye issues when used while staring at your digital devices.

By the way, Please share your personal experiences below about these computer glasses. I would be really happy to hear your opinions.


Best Regards,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. Thank you for the useful post on the best computer glasses for eye strain. I like that your selection is reasonably priced. My choice would be Gamma Ray 004 Classis Computer Reading Glasses as I like their design and that they are created for people working long hours at a computer. I usually work at the computer during nights so I think I need an increased protection as eyes are more tired and therefore more vulnerable.

    1. Actually, my very first computer glasses that i used 2 years ago was the gamma ray computer glasses. Although the lenses protected me from eye strain, the frame is not durable. But overall for the price that it offers, it can still be an effective eyewear.

  2. I like this idea. I spend a lot time on the computer everyday, researching, gaming, watching videos and shopping. I never new that spending all that time could ruin your eyes. Can you tell me what kind of warranty is offered with this product? Also what will void it’s warranty?

    1. Most computer glasses have product warranty but they differ on the time frame. The range would be 6 months to 2 years. I suggest that you read its information from the product itself.

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