Best Computer Glasses for Kids: Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Computer Glasses for Kids

Are you also looking for the best computer glasses for kids? Do you want to know if this eyewear can help in preventing harmful radiation and blue light from entering the eyes? Well, I suggest that you give time in reading this article to learn more about them.

In today’s world, technology is already a part of our daily lives. Whatever we do, it involves digital devices because it makes the job easier.

However, with this rising trend, we can’t deny the fact that even the young ones are already exposed to these devices even at their early age.  Children are already computer literate and most of the time they always use their smart phones, laptop and even tablets.

This can be beneficial for the kids because they already learned on how to use these stuff in a young age. But if they are already exposed to the screens for a long period of time, then problems may occur.

Some of these issues are red eyes, dry eyes, headache and even shoulder pain.

So I decided to share to you the best computer glasses that you can give to your kids. This list is based on the quality, durability and affordability of the eyewear.


Mind Bridge Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses (Model 508)

Computer Glasses for Kids

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Gaming Glasses; Clear Tint; Detachable Temples


Mind Bridge Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses claims to filter out blue light and lessen its presence when exposed to the eyes.

The material is made of a composite of TR90 and silicone. Its plasticity makes the frame easy to reshape accordingly to the user’s preference making the glasses more suited for their preference and ease.

This material can also withstand high temperatures and deformation. In contrast with TR90’s glossy appearance, the carbon-based polymer, silicone, gives some part of the frame a rubbery feel.

The lenses appear to have no noticeable yellowish tint on its surface unlike other anti-radiation glasses. Hence, for children who are on the developmental stage, color recognition will not be a problem.

The anti-reflective coating of the lenses minimizes glare. Hence, children are less distracted and visual acuity is not compromised but optimized.

The package comes with one hard case and one soft cleaning cloth. The case prevents the product from foreign material such as moisture, dust, etc. and lessens the tendency to have mechanical damage.


Little Eagle Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses for Kids

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Eye Strain; Clear Tint on Lenses; Affordable; Blue Frames


Little Eagle Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses is designed to give protection for kids who are always in front of their digital devices.

The wayfarer design will make kids look nerdy yet cute especially with the variety of pastel colors they could put on the frame.

The frame is made with polycarbonate material which makes the frame light and comfortable to use. It is also durable and can withstand enough shock and heat.

The lenses of wayfarer glasses are like the common sunglasses. They are big and covers the eyes efficiently. This style is perfect for children to ensure that the harmful rays will be less likely to reach the eyes.

Unlike any other computer glasses, its lenses have clear tint coating.

What I like the most about these glasses are the extra accessories included. This pair of Little Eagle glasses comes with one split leather case and one cleaning soft cloth.


Spektrum Kids Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses for Kids

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Blue Light for Children; Scratch Resistant


Spektrum Kids Computer Glasses provide a perfect solution for protecting the eyes of your little ones. These glasses come with a super advanced radiation protection technology that deflects almost all the harmful radiations present in the incoming light rays.

What I like about these glasses is its frames. Honestly, the frame has a unique look. They are designed in such a way that they fit perfectly on all head sizes.

The lenses are made from high-quality optical fiber that helps in filtering all the light falling on them. These transparent lenses act by filtering all the light and then reflecting back the unwanted light rays.

By the way, the lenses don’t have any colored tinting on them. Since it is transparent, you can clearly see the true color of the digital screen.

Spektrum kids computer glasses come with a lot of awesome accessories. There is hard protector case, cleaning cloth, interchangeable over-ear pieces and even a head strap to fix the glasses tightly.

The hard case present inside your package will protect the glasses from all kinds of damage. It is recommended that you use the cleaning cloth properly and clean it before using.


True Gear iShield Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses for Kids

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti UV; Rectangle Frame; Anti Glare


True Gear iShield Computer Glasses claim to be a protective eyewear that prevents the harmful radiations from entering the eyes.

The frame of this eyewear is designed in a classical way. Since the glasses are made for kids and teens, the universal design being employed is on point.

This design suits any face shape and is commonly used by beginners to give them ample time to assess what they like and in what do they look the best.

The whole frame is made of plastic. However, the material is brittle and breaks off easily at minimal pressure or effort.

The lenses also have anti-radiation coating. But instead of a yellowish tint, a very light blue tint could be noticed at its surface. Nonetheless, the lenses are doing its job to protect the eyes from sets of harmful radiation.

The package includes a box, a microfiber drawstring bag, and a stylus. The microfiber drawstring bag is soft to touch and can also be used as a wiper for the lenses.


Bottom Line

These are just some of the best computer glasses for kids.

Personally, I prefer the Mind Bridge Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses. Since it has a strap at the back, your kids will not have a problem while wearing it.

If you prefer a simple design then you can look into True Gear iShield Computer Glasses.

Nevertheless, all of this eyewear does its job which is to protect the eyes from the harmful blue light and radiation.


Best Regards,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. I feel like this is a hazard for Children that no one really knows about. I’m glad that you provided a variety of glasses to choose from and gave more information then just a price and where to buy them from.
    Is this something that is only for kids or should adults also look into getting some of these?

    1. The glasses that I have presented in here are specially designed for  kids and teens. So as for the adults, there are separate list that you can look into. Check out the best picks of computer glasses on the right side of this page.

  2. Good article. I’d think that most people take it for granted the effect that all this radiation has on our eyes, but who doesn’t want to protect their children’s vision? I do think that most young kids would enjoy wearing their special ‘computer glasses’, especially if it gives the parents an opportunity to teach the kids about how light and radiation works.

    The older kids might be a bit harder sell, but if they get to choose the ones they want to wear, it might go down better for them. Fashion, you know.

    1. We should already protect our eyes at the early age of our life. We shouldn’t wait for the time that we will regret on not taking care of our vision.

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