Best Computer Screen Protector of 2019: Reduce Eye Strain That Comes From Blue Light


Best Computer Screen Protector of 2019

A lot of individuals think that having a strong password or solid encryptions is the solution to keeping their private work in their computers protected. To some extent, this might be true, but one thing you need to know is that, even with these passwords, private information can still leak through visual hacking.

To ensure that your work is 100% safe, you need to get a privacy computer screen protector. Such a screen will prevent curious onlookers from gaining access to your data by just peering over your shoulders or taking snapshots on your display as the filter makes everything appear dark if one is viewing from the sides.

There are a lot of computer screen protectors in the market today making it a little challenging to get the right one for your monitor. Even if you have an idea of the brand you want to purchase from, there are still some important aspects you have to consider first before paying for the filter.


The following are some of the things you need to consider before purchasing a computer screen protector.

Determine Your Screen Type

Different computers have different types of screens. You, therefore, have to ascertain the type of your screen before going for one. Confirming the screen type will help you to get the right measurements which will in return help you to get the right filter for your monitor with ease.

There are two types of screens;

  1. The raised bezel – The screen has a raised frame around the edges
  2. The flat bezel – The screen has an edge to edge glass and lacks a raised frame


Measure Your Screen

After determining the type of your screen, you need to get its measurements to get a filter that fits well. When measuring, you need to do it according to the type of your screen.

For the raised bezel screen, ensure that you measure the length and width of the viewing area. For a flat bezel, you need to measure the full length and width from edge to edge. Getting the correct measurements is very crucial since it’s the only way to getting the right filter for your computer.

Should you find that the selected filter fails to match with your measurements, go for a smaller screen but ensure that it’s close to your values.


Image Clarity

A good filter should not obstruct you from reading the contents on your computer. A filter that blocks you from getting access to your work is useless, and you thus have to get a protector that enables you to see everything with ease.

Privacy filters block some light from computer screens making them dimmer. Go for a protector that even after blocking the light enables you to read from your display with ease.


Reversible Filter

A reversible screen protector enables you to choose a matte or gloss side before installing it.

Going for such a screen is advantageous because, with it, you can select the finish you prefer. The matte one blocks distraction reflections but can also make colors to appear dull.



The way to install a filter screen varies from model to model. You, therefore, need to go for a protector that you can install and remove with ease.

Ask for installation instructions when purchasing as the guidelines make the process less tiresome and fast. If you can get a screen with multiple attachment options, the better.



Screen filters come in different colors, the dominant being black. You can use the black filter both outdoors and indoors without suffering from eye strain.

Filters that give off a gold sheen tend to be more reflective than the black ones and thus not advisable to use outdoors. Whichever color you choose to go for, ensure that it blocks viewers from seeing whatever is on your display from the sides.



Before you go for a screen protector, you have to decide on the amount you are willing to spend on it. Even though you can get privacy filters at as low as $20, always consider the functionality of the screen in question first.

Do not just purchase one because it comes at a low price. Always remember that cheap can sometimes become expensive.

However, if on a tight budget you can consider going for one that comes at a price favorable to you. You should also consider going for screens that come with a warranty so that if you get dissatisfied with the functionality, all you’ll have to is return it and get a full refund.



Always go for screens that have an anti-scratch coating. The coating helps in keeping scratches from your screen enabling you to read with ease. Ensure that you get a micro-fiber cleaning cloth to clean the screen as well.


Micro-Louvre Technology

Micro-louvre technology helps in making everything on your screen only accessible to you when sitting directly in front of your computer.

Anybody else sitting from the sides gets blocked away and no matter how hard they try to crane their necks; they can’t see anything. Always get a screen that uses this technology if you want to use your computer without fear even in crowded areas.


Best Computer Screen Protector

Here is the list of the best computer screen protector that you can use to prevent eye strain.

  • Adaptix Monitor Privacy Screen Protector
  • Air Mat Privacy Screen Filter
  • 3M Privacy Filter
  • Forito Anti Glare Screen Protector
  • EYES PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel
  • VINTEZ Computer Screen Filter


Adaptix Monitor Privacy Screen Protector

Best Computer Screen Protector of 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Easy to install
  • Touch screen compatible
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with installation instructions


  • Doesn’t block persons directly behind you
  • Dark blue color at the beginning not easy to see through

This screen uses the micro-louvre technology to keep every detail on your computer private. One can only see whatever is on the display of your laptop if sitting directly in front of it.

The screen has an anti-glare coating that helps your eyes to relax enabling you to work for long hours.

You will never suffer from eye strain since the filter minimizes reflections and thus eases the strain. With it, you’ll never complain of headaches, insomnia or a stiff neck.

The anti-Scratch coating that comes with this screen helps to keep it in good shape.

Should the screen get scratches, it becomes less effective making it more difficult to read from your computer and to conceal the contents on your display as well. The filter reduces blue light exposure and minimizes UV radiations up to 96%. As a result, your eyes get protection from the dangerous effects of blue light as well as the UV light.

Adaptix complies with the ITAR and GDPR privacy standards meaning that with this screen, you will have the best protection ever. With this screen, you will always have an option on where to work from when bored. If you are a student, you can choose to study your notes from your room, in the library or anywhere else.


Air Mat Privacy Screen Filter

Best Computer Screen Protector of 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with installation instructions
  • Free microfiber cleaning cloth


  • Not touch compatible

This technology makes your screen to appear dark when one looks at it from an angle. You, on the other hand, get a clear view of the contents on your computer at all times when sitting directly in front of it. To make the screen darker, all you have to do is adjust the brightness of your monitor.

With this technology, you do not have to keep on stealing glances to people around you for thinking that they might be peeping on your work. You will always remain confident when working even in areas with high traffic.

Scratches on any screen make it difficult for the user to see its contents with ease. In this case, the screen comes with an anti-scratch coating that keeps it safe at all times.

The filter will not only keep your data private but also keep your eyes safe from UV light and harmful blue light. The anti-UV coating filters 96% of the UV light while the anti-blue light coating blocks away 65% of the blue light.

The filter comes with a free microfiber cleaning cloth and extra installation kits. The cleaning cloth makes the cleaning process easy while protecting the screen from scratches at the same time. The extra installation kits will always have your back if the first option fails to work.


3M Privacy Filter

Best Computer Screen Protector of 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Reduces reflections enabling one to see clearly
  • Comes with a free cleaning cloth
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • A bit darker
  • Not touch compatible

The screen features the micro louver technology that is designed, optimized and pioneered by 3M. The technology blocks side views so that people from either side of your computer get a ‘blackout’ while you see the contents. With this filter, no one will gain access to your private data.

The filter has an anti-scratch coating that keeps it free from scratches. Should your screen get the scratches, it becomes difficult to see the contents clearly without distractions.

The screen has a reversible, glossy, glare-reducing matte that keeps your eyes safe from strain, redness and irritation as well.

With this filter, you will never suffer from a stiff neck that comes as a result of straining to see the contents on your computer. Get the filter, and you will always have healthy eyes at all times.

The filter will keep the details on your computer private and block the harmful blue light as well. The screen reduces 35% of blue light from your computer enabling you to work for long hours without any problem.

The screen will help you to keep your sensitive and private information, business plans and even trade secrets to yourself at all times. With it, you’ll always feel secure even when working in public places knowing that no one can see whatever is on display.

This filter will enable you to work for long hours since it blocks blue light that strains the eyes.


Forito Anti Glare Screen Protector

Best Computer Screen Protector of 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Very affordable
  • Durable coating
  • Comes with a free cleaning cloth
  • Fits well


  • A bit difficult to install
  • Not good for laptops
  • Complicated instructions

The screen protector has a matte surface that helps in reducing the glare and thus protects you from suffering from intense fatigue. With this surface, you will never have a stiff neck after long hours of work. Instead, you will work or have fun for the longest time possible.

The protector has a durable anti-scratch that prevents it from getting scratches. This feature helps to maintain the clarity of the content on your screen by ensuring that there are no distortions.

What you need to know however is that even with this coating, you still have to take great care when handling the panel if you want to use it for long.

This screen protector has an anti-glare filter that helps in reducing UV rays and reflecting the harmful blue light. With this protector panel, you can watch or play computer games with your windows open. You won’t have to draw the curtains for you to work with comfort.

This product comes with a large cleaning cloth that enables you to clean it with ease. The fabric helps in removing fingerprints from the screen, smudges, and even dust from your computer. To achieve the clean look, you only need a minimal amount of water and the cleaning cloth.

With the help of this screen, you’ll be able to work for long hours, something that will enable you to increase your productivity. The increased productivity will foster good relations between you and your boss; something that might even earn you a promotion. You will also never have problems with your lecturer due to late submission of assignments.


EYES PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel

Best Computer Screen Protector of 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • Reasonably priced
  • Doesn’t block colors


  • Causes glare if there’s a window or mirror behind

To prevent suffering from eye dryness, redness among other blue light related problems, the screen comes with a blue light reduction coating. The coating filters all the harmful light enabling you to work, watch your favorite movies and even play games on your computer for long hours.

This coating helps to block the blue light between 380nm-495nm, and thus offers a wide range of HEV blue light protection.

Light flickers from digital screens like the TV and computer may lead to severe headaches, eye strain and other general eye discomforts. This screen protector comes with an anti-flicker that shields your eyes from this flicker.

The anti-scratch coating makes it difficult for the screen to get scratches but you also have to handle the protector with a lot of care if you if you want it to be scratch free.

The screen protector has an anti-UV coating that blocks 100% of harmful UV light. With this coating, your eyes will never suffer from strain or any other eye discomforts. Get this screen protector, and you won’t have to worry about the health of your eyes anymore.

The panel comes with a cleaning cloth that enables you to clean it with ease. You should never try to use any other fabric or pieces of paper to clean the protector since even with the anti-scratch coating, you still have to take great care for it.


VINTEZ Computer Screen Filter

Best Computer Screen Protector of 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:


  • Reasonably priced
  • Prevents visual theft or hacking
  • Easy to install


  • Incompatible with touch screens

The filter enables you to choose the color you want on your screen, matte or glossy. Whichever you decide to go with, no one will get access to the contents on your screen. While others get a dark view of your screen, you’ll have a clear view at all times. All you have to ensure is that no one sits behind you facing the screen directly.

This technology blocks curious onlookers from your screen without diminishing your view. With it, you will have peace of mind even when using your device in busy areas. The technology makes on-screen data visible only when positioned directly in front of your screen.

The screen has an anti-scratch coating that shields it from getting scratches. You are therefore assured of a clear view while using it. What you have to keep in mind, however, is that even with the coating, you have to handle the screen with great care if you want to keep it free of scratches.

The screen filters out 96% of UV light and curbs 65% of blue light protecting your eyes from damage. Get this screen, and you’ll always have healthy eyes even after spending long hours on your computer.

The screen comes with a free microfiber cleaning cloth and extra installation tools. The fabric makes the cleaning process easy and also ensures that the screen doesn’t get scratches. The installation tools on the other hand act as a backup to the option one installation tools.


Bottom Line

The best privacy screen filter will enable you to work from anywhere without exposing confidential data to visual hackers.

Get the right protector for your computer, and you’ll never have to suffer from boredom for working indoors all day long. With a privacy filter on your screen, you can work in public places like a library or even when travelling.


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