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Best Golf Sunglasses 2018


Green plains in contrast to a bright and sunny sky with a white and small ball to hit and land on tiny holes on earth is what characterizes golf. A golf player uses a club to hit the ball.

Their aim is to fly the ball and shoot into series of holes with minimum number of strokes as possible. The factors to consider in golf are the air drag, course outline, the angle and force of the swing, and the sunlight. These factors could affect the gameplay, so these need to be watched out.

With this reason, we decided to discuss a buyer’s guide with regards to the best golf sunglasses that you can use while playing.


Types of Golf Glasses

There are not much variations for golf. Generally, there is always a green grass terrain that serves as the playing field. The clubs and golf balls are all the same in any golf play.

The only changing factors are the gameplays involving the rules and mechanics of how the game should be conducted.

As such, there are also not much type of glasses for golf. There may be differences in terms of the form and shape of the frame as well as the coatings layered onto the lenses. Basically, there are glasses that offer polarization, or those that have interchangeable lenses.


How Does it Work?

Golf glasses don’t have to have much concern for its shape and form. Yet, the comfort and lightness of the product could provide better gameplay for the athlete.

Of the three basic materials, the polymer displays the property of being the lightest. Although made of chains or blocks of large molecules, the polymer material is filled with interstitial spaces that account for its lightness. Thus, the groups of molecules are not closely packed making the material less dense than metals and ceramics.

Golf glasses could also protect the user from dust and wind by having the proper design.

The wind could carry fine particles into the eyes. An eyewear that provides almost no space for the dust to enter shall do the trick.

There are materials that could answer for added flexibility to allow the frame to be shaped according to the contours of the face.

Best Golf Sunglasses 2018

In terms of lenses, dust couldn’t block the user’s view by having the material of the lenses packed closely together. With this, the dust could not be trapped in microscopic nicks and gaps on its surface.

To protect the user’s eyes from sunlight, the lenses may be tinted or polarized. Tinted lenses are also called “colored” lenses. The color perceived by the naked eye is due to the reflected wavelengths of light as it hits the lenses’ surface.

Polarization, on the other hand, have only areas in which a certain orientation of light allowed to pass.

In addition, there is an ultraviolet (UV) property in which the more harmful UV light is blocked. Inorganic oxides have extra electrons that could absorb the energy contained by UV light. Thus, this electron would be excited rather than the energetic UV ray passing through the medium. All reduce the amount of light that could enter the eyes.


Tips on What to Look For

Polycarbonates (PCs) are the most used polymer material for sports glasses for it displays lightness and great impact-resistance.

For the added comfort in frame, PCs could be modified to extend its flexibility. For this matter, nylon and other flexible polymers could be infused with PCs. There are breakthrough materials namely TR90 and O-matter that answer this. Yet, for the lenses, PCs still fair well.

The frame should fit the player’s head well. Adjustable temples, nose pads, and ear grips could work well.

This is to prevent the glasses from being abruptly removed from the user’s head whenever the player does a full-blow swing. A wide wrap-around form is preferred for it also protects the user’s eyes from fine dust particles.

Best Golf Sunglasses 2018

With respect to the lenses, the preferred tints for golf are brown, copper, and amber for it enhances contrast of the ball versus the green background.

Grey lenses could also work for it cuts down maximum glare and light. However, this tint does not work well in a hazy setting. Also, grey is not preferred as the tint for it makes the surrounding too dark.

Polarized lenses provide superior glare protection, but it may be harder to notice the subtle differences in the contrast of colors of the same hue.

In golf, it is very important to be aware of the differences in hues as it may represent the angle of the terrain. Polarized lenses are not recommended for people who have problems in differentiating hues. Instead, an anti-reflective (AR) coating could be added to the back of the lenses to reduce glare. Interchangeable lenses could be used.

Anyhow, golf is not a fast-paced sport. Lenses could be changed during the breaks.



Wearing proper golf glasses could optimize the gameplay of the athlete.

Moreover, various eye diseases could be avoided with the proper use of glasses. Some include various forms of cataracts, macular degeneration, blurred vision, blindness, photokeratitis, and even eye cancer.


Best Golf Sunglasses

Here are some of the best golf sunglasses that you can use while outdoors.

  • J+S Active Plus Outdoor Sports Sunglasses
  • RIVBOS 805 Polarized Sports Sunglasses
  • COSVER Men’s Sports Sunglasses
  • Duduma Tr62 Polarized Sports Sunglasses
  • ATTCL Men’s Polarized Sunglasses


 J+S Active Plus Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

Best Golf Sunglasses 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Polycarbonate Lenses; Variety of Color


They are very comfortable and do not hurt at all. Their arms are also flexible and this makes them easy to fit on different head sizes. The nosepieces are made of silicone and do not have many ridges. This gives them a firm grip around your nose.

One of the most outstanding features of these sunglasses is their ability to block Ultra Violet rays through their polarized lenses. They have a rating of 400 UV protection.

This means that they are able to block both UVB and UVA harmful radiation. Ultra Violet rays come from the sun and contain a wavelength of 400nm-100nm. Using these sunglasses ensures that your eyes are always protected from long-term UV damage and this helps to keep your eyes healthy.

The lenses are tough, scratch resistant, lightweight and have a high optical clarity. They are 10 times resistant to impact as compared to glass or plastic lens. This makes them to be a perfect choice for outdoor activities and makes them to last longer.

These glasses come with a molding and encompassing frame which contains ant-slip legs to ensure that they stick well behind your ears.


RIVBOS 805 Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Best Golf Sunglasses 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Interchangeable Lenses; Superlight


Rivbos 805 are sports sunglasses. Most of the frame is made of lightweight metal or advanced TR90 polymer material that is extremely flexible.

The wrap-around arms of the frame keep the sunglasses to be in place even though the user requires a lot of motion. Its metal or TR90 material is made to be lightweight to avoid putting too much pressure on the nose and the ears.

Meanwhile, the TR90 is a breakthrough material that could be bended easily without breaking. It could also retain the shape or be reformed into another without showing any strain. The dura-tight screws prevent the arms from detaching from the rims.

The metal or TR90 part could be colored in white, reddish-black, yellow, smoky grey, or black while the rubber part could vary from black, blue, yellow, red, and pink. The frame is accompanied by a lifetime breakage warranty.

When it comes to the lenses, there is a variety that a user could choose from. The choice could be based on what activity he/she focuses on.

These sunglasses have lens that is wide enough to cover both eyes. The lens is narrow at the middle where only the nose is covered. They are all made of high-quality, shatterproof polycarbonate (PC) lenses.


COSVER Men’s Sports Sunglasses

Best Golf Sunglasses 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Plenty of Color Choices; Lightweight; Soft nose pads


Cosver men’s sports style polarized sunglasses are designed to prevent extreme sun rays and other harmful UV rays from reaching our eyes. They are practically designed to enhance protection and at the same time maintain the beautiful facial aesthetic looks.

They are designed with an advanced high-quality material made of aluminum –magnesium alloy. The material’s hardness is several times better compared to the traditional plastic material. It weighs only 25 g that makes it even lighter. The frame is moreover, resistant to scratch, durable, adjustable and unbreakable.

These sunglasses are equipped with a soft rubber nose pad that rests on the user’s nose with utmost comfort.

These lenses are TAC polarized and offer a 100% UV400 protection coating. They block harmful UVA and UVB rays on 100% effectiveness. Moreover, they restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light and protect the user against any form of harm.

With this design, the Cosver polarized sunglasses offer the best and quality protection. It also enhances the durability making the user enjoy the services for a longer duration.

The lens and frames are designed with an unbreakable and durable material that gives them their long lasting capability.

The eyewear is also provided with soft rubber nose pads that make them ideal to be worn by children too, since the nose pads offer a comfortable feeling while wearing them.


Duduma Tr62 Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Best Golf Sunglasses 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Polarized; Stylish; Plenty of Color Choices


The lightweight feature of the duduma polarized sunglass makes it ideal for all sportsmen to avoid slipping off while undergoing their activities.

The frame is made up of a polycarbonate material that gives the eyewear its stylish design. It also offers an aesthetically pleasing look on the user.

It is designed with an unbreakable material hence, eliminating the worries that the eyewear might get damaged at any time. Another feature is its rimless jacket design to enable clear lower visual field.

The design of the frame enables full clinch, giving an assurance that activities will be done without necessarily worrying about them slipping and falling off.

The makers of the duduma polarized sunglasses assures the users that they get the very best and quality products and even giving them an option of choosing between various colors.

These lenses moreover, are TAC polarized and offer 100% UV400 protection. More so, they protect the user against UVA and UVB rays on a 100% efficiency. They restore true color making them cool for outdoor activities. They also eliminate reflected light and avoids all scattered light from reaching the user’s sight by protecting the eyes perfectly.

The rimless jacket frame design moreover enables the user a clear lower vision. Unlike other eyewear, the duduma users are not troubled by unclear lower vision because most of the lenses are curved in such a way that the view from any point is clear and pleasant.


ATTCL Men’s Polarized Sunglasses

Best Golf Sunglasses 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: For Outdoors; Stylish; Ultra Light


The overall frame has an ergonomic design with rubbery-textured material covering the ends of the arms, the nose bridge and some part of the frame holding the lenses. The nose pads are also made of the same material.

The frame is made of an alloy or mixture of two metals: aluminum and magnesium. The available colors for the frames are black, grey, and copper.

With the addition of rubbery-textured materials on the ends of the arms and the nose pads, there is little to no pressure at all felt by the ears and nose. As a result, longer durations of usage can be attained with these glasses.

For the lenses, the polarization cuts off horizontal rays that travel directly to the eyes. Hence, the eyes don’t experience much glare.

High intensity light caused by the photoelectric effect of metallic surfaces and other bright light sources can be made bearable to the eyes. Snow blindness can be eliminated and the user could enjoy more vivid colors. In addition, the 100% UV protection can maximize the usage of these glasses during times where the sun is out and bright.


Bottom Line

Golf glasses are just the same as any other sports glasses. Anyhow, the preferred form, design, and features of these glasses are still under the jurisdiction of the player.

The guidelines here could only serve as an outlined description of the function and effects of each parameter. Yet, the player may have conditions that he or she prefers, so the recommendations for golf glasses could not be generalized.

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    My husband often plays petanque and golf with his friends, and he really needs a good pair of polarized sunglasses to protect his eyes. So now I am looking for sunglasses that he can wear for outdoor activities as well as for driving. Which of these sunglasses do you think would be best for these purposes?

    Thank you for this useful post!

    1. Actually, all of these sunglasses can help protect the eyes against the UV rays of the sun. You can take a look at Duduma Glasses. It is just simple and design and is offered at a reasonable cost.

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