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Venn Computer Glasses Review: Is This Eyewear Worth It?

Venn Computer Glasses Review

VENN computer glasses will enable you to use digital devices with a lot of comforts. With these glasses, you won’t have to worry about red or sore eyes, blurry vision or any other side effect of blue light. These lenses will help you maximize your time on the computer every day.

In this Venn Computer Glasses review, we will get to learn the features of the glasses that make them better than other glasses from other brands.

We will also look at the performance of the lenses and the price range as well. After going through the pros and cons of the glasses, you’ll be better placed to decide on whether to buy a pair or not. Continue reading

Quayaustralia Computer Glasses Review: Can It Help Block Blue Light?

Quayaustralia Computer Glasses Review

Quayaustralia Computer Glasses claim to use the blue light technology to prevent your eyes from suffering from eye strain. A pair of these glasses will enable you to sleep well at night, keep you safe from headaches and also allow you to work for long.

In this Quayaustralia Computer Glasses review, we will get to know the features of the glasses, how they function and also how you can handle the pair correctly for extended use. We will even get to see the price range of the lenses and whether they come with free accessories or not. Continue reading


Computer Glasses Gave Me Extra $1000 Per Month! My Personal Experience While Wearing This Eyewear

Computer Glasses Gave Me Extra $1000 Per Month

There have been plenty of computer glasses stories that you already heard. I know that you have read various reviews about them. So now, I decided to impart my personal experience about it and I want to share to you on how computer glasses gave me an extra $1000 per month and changed my life. Continue reading

Are Computer Glasses Really Worth It?

are computer glasses worth it


Most people work in front of the computer. Accountant, Banker, Cad drafters, Graphic Designers, Gamers, Teachers, Nurse and even Doctors are just some of the people who are exposed to digital screens for 6-8 hours a day. This results to health issues especially to their eyes and vision. The question is, can computer glasses be an instant solution? Continue reading


Computer Glasses: A Blogger-Friendly Eyewear?

bloggers can benefit in computer glasses

Bloggers are the people who write blogs and post them online for people to read. In order for one to be a blogger, he or she must be conversant with computer skills because blogging entails editing and formatting. The total time spent by bloggers in the computer is like ninety nine percent because when they write their blogs they do use the computer. Continue reading