Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops Review

Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops Review

Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops claim to cool and relief your eyes from any burning and stinging sensation instantly. With it, your eyes will get clear, and you won’t have to worry about that stubborn redness anymore. The product will soothe and moisturize your eyes providing maximum eye comfort.

This product from Clear Eyes contains the maximum strength eye redness reliever for an OTC eye drop. It also contains Occuthal, an ophthalmic eye cooling solution that will give your eyes the desired cooling sensation.

In this review, you will learn the best ways to use the product to get the desired result. We will also learn of the benefits of using the product and even the side effects that will come your way, if you fail to follow the given instructions.

Product Overview

Product: Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Rating: 8.6 out of 10


Proper Usage

Use the lubricant as directed by your doctor if you want to get your clear eyes back. Failure to do so will only subject to suffering and endlessly complain that the product doesn’t work as described. Do the right thing, and you’ll smile after getting clear eyes.

Here are the ways of using the product for excellent results:

  • Read the label, direction of use and even the warning before you start using the lubricant. In this way, you’ll get to learn how to use it correctly.
  • You should never ingest the lubricant but only use it externally. Should that happen, seek medical help immediately or contact a poison control center with immediate effect.
  • Use the lubricant as instructed. In this case, you should instill one to two drops in the affected eye(s) and never exceed four times a day.
  • Never use the product if the solution changes color or becomes cloudy.
  • To avoid contamination when using the product, do not touch the tip of the bottle to any surface. You should also replace the cap every time after use.

Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops Review

  • Avoid overusing the product as it can lead to severe complications.
  • Should you experience pain in your eyes when using the lubricant, stop using it and consult your health provider.
  • You also need to consult your doctor in case of continued redness, irritation, or if the condition of your eyes worsens or persists for more than 72 hours.
  • Always store the product at room temperature.
  • If wearing contact lenses, remove them before using the lubricant.
  • Do not use the product if it comes with the neckband missing or broken.
  • Keep the lubricant far away from the reach of children.



There’s nothing as disturbing as having red eyes since you’ll have to keep on explaining to everyone the reasons as to why your eyes look that way.

Dry eyes, on the other hand, will make it difficult to work for long hours meaning that you might find it difficult to complete assignments on time. This lubricant will save you from all this misery by giving you clear eyes and getting rid of the dryness.

The product will temporarily soothe your burning and stinging eyes making it possible for you to enjoy watching a movie from your computer again. The lubricant’s cooling effect lasts for up to 12 hours meaning that you won’t have to keep on instilling it on your eyes from time to time as compared to other products.

The lubricant will instantly relieve your eyes of any discomfort and protect you against any further irritation and burning and dryness in your eyes.

Some of the problems the product can help to prevent temporarily are;

  • Eye redness
  • Eye burning and irritation
  • Eye dryness
  • Itchy eyes


Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, failure to use the lubricant as directed by your doctor might bring about severe side effects. What makes the situation worse is the fact that you will not only suffer physically but also financially. So why subject yourself to all this misery while you can avoid it altogether?

The side effects may include;

  • Increased redness of the eyes
  • Enlarged pupils
  • Severe headaches

One important thing that you need to know is that if suffering from narrow-angle glaucoma, you should not start using the product before consulting a doctor. The reason for this is that the side effects may be severe or worsen the condition of your eyes.

As long as you use the lubricant as instructed, you’ve got nothing to worry about at all times.



The lubricant comes at an affordable price since, with less than $5, you can get yourself this eye drop. At such low price, your eyes will never go through the nasty experience anymore. A few minutes after instilling the product, you’ll have your clear eyes back, free from dryness and irritation.

Therefore, you do not have to go for the higher priced lubricants while you can still get relieved at a low cost. You might also get surprised to find that it performs better than most expensive products in the market today.


Bottom Line

Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops will temporarily relieve your eyes of that stubborn redness and cool them instantly.

You won’t have to look for an alternative anywhere since all problems related to eye dryness will cease from disturbing your eyes as long as you use the product as instructed by your ophthalmologist. Should you decide to purchase the lubricant, your eyes will never suffer from irritation again.


  • Very affordable
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Easy to use
  • Has no preservatives


  • Burns the eye for about a minute when used


Product Summary

Product: Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Rating: 8.6 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops.

If you have more questions and concerns about this product, feel free to comment it below. I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product.


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