Computer & Gaming Glasses Cyber Monday Deals: Save More Money!


Cyber Monday is a much awaited event after the Black Friday Shopping. Usually, online shops and stores give large amount of discounts on various items. That’s why people don’t mind waiting for this event to get good deals for their purchases including the computer and gaming glasses.


As for the computer glasses, there are also plenty of online stores that give Cyber Monday bonuses that you can take advantage of. So here are the list of online stores that you should take a look in order to save more money.


1. Glasses USA

Computer Glasses Black Friday Deals

GlassesUSA likes to keep it simple and claims to give their customers a fair price and great service.

Based from their official website, they say that they have their own optical experts that make the lenses. They also provide dedicated customer service that gives help to customers’ concerns. It is their goal to give trendy designs for their frames and send it to the buyers on the fastest possible time.

Bonus Deals:

  • On the previous years, they gave 55% OFF on the first frame that you purchase. You just have to enter your email address and they will send the coupon to your email.
  • They offer 100% money back guarantee or store credit within the first 14 days that you receive your glasses. What I like about it, is that they don’t ask questions or anything about the return. So basically it is hassle-free.
  • Free Shipping and Returns for US & Canada Orders
  • They give a One Year Warranty that covers any possible defect in the frame or lens.
  • After the Cyber Monday, you can still look on their daily clearance sales for better deals.


2. Gunnar


Gunnar is the world leader in computer eyewear and blue light lens technology. The computer glasses that they offer blocks blue light and reduces eye strain.

Based on their website, they claim that 96% of Gunnar Wearers reported that they have reduced eye strain. Honestly, among the computer glasses stores, they are the most popular.

Bonus Deals:

  • On the previous years, they gave 25% to 35% discount on variety of glasses.
  • You can also sign up for gunnar emails to get entered into the $50 gunnar gift card drawing.
  • On usual days, they still offer 10% off for the next online purchase that you make.
  • They give a 30-day money back guarantee. But you should remember that they only do refunds for non-Rx orders. By the way, you should secure a return authorization number that can be obtained by calling them or sending an email request.
  • Gunnar warranty is good for one (1) year and covers the defects in the material of the glasses.



readers has a goal to provide each and every one of their customers an easy and customizable glasses shopping experience. You will find a huge variety of brands and glasses.

What I like about them is the convenience on choosing the eyewear that you want. Plus their customer service is top notch. I personally, tried it and they are very friendly.

Bonus Deals:

  • On previous cyber Monday deals, they offered 55% off plus free shipping on your selected glasses. I must say that this is one of the biggest discounts that you can have for glasses.
  • They have hundreds of styles under $20.
  • On usual days, they give 15% off on your purchases if you use the code SAVE15. However, you must remember that your coupon code may not be combined with other discounts.
  • Free Shipping on all US orders that are over 30$. Please take note that this amount does not include the tax. On the other hand, orders over $50 can receive free shipping to Canada and Australia.
  • Their refund period is also the longest. They give you 90 days after the date of purchase to return your unwanted item.


4. 39Dollarglasses


The same with their websites’ name, their glasses’ price start with $39.  

They say the their eye doctors created an inexpensive method for people to receive high-quality glasses. They use the same high-quality materials but can be offered at a high discount because they don’t have any additional overhead costs.

Bonus Deals:

  • On the precious years, they offered 20% off on any purchases of their light and thin prescription lenses.
  • Aside from the 100% UV protection, they also give 100% worry free warranty.
  • Since they are custom crafted in US, they give fast delivery on their products.
  • They give you 30 days for full refund, and 90 days for full exchange. What I like about them is the free return shipping.


5. has a mission to help people find frames that fit their life. They believe that self expression begins with ones’ face. By the way, they claim that they make their own lenses.

Bonus Deals:

  • They offer free shipping and returns
  • They also give 30-day money back guarantee wherein you can return your unwanted glasses.
  • What I like about them is the free frame adjustment that they offer.
  • Plus, they also cater payments using vision insurance plans including EyeMed, Blue View Vision, etc.


Bottom Line

Among the various online stores that offer computer glasses, these 5 are the ones that exceeded my expectations. They offer high quality frames and lenses in an affordable price.

Aside from these online stores, I also love to take advantage of the cyber Monday deals in Here are some of the best computer glasses that you can look into.

Taking care of your eyes is a must because computer vision syndrome is an increasing concern for most of us. Having a pair of computer glasses is an investment that can save your eyes from further damages.

I must say that cyber Monday deals make these glasses more affordable so I recommend that you take advantage of it.

By the way, if you have concerns or questions about these computer glasses online stores, feel free to comment below and share your thoughts about them.


Best Regards,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. I’ve heard a lot about Gunnar optics and I’m sure they would definetely provide the best quality glasses. I’m a gamer myself, not on a constant basis but I’m an enthusiast. When I’m not gaming, many of my time gets involved spending against the computer screen and when I’m not wearing my glasses with special HEV blue ray coating I really get that disturbing eye fatigue..

    That’s why I always recommend people to get a quality glasses with proper coating against screen rays that cause eye-fatigue. I can stare to the computer screen without getting disturbed all day.

  2. I just finished reading your article, while I was here I also checked out a few other pages.
    I have always had perfect vision, however my eye site had started to go blurry at 40. I have been denying it but the truth is I will soon need to suck it up and get some glasses.
    I have added your site to my fav’s because I also have recently started a career working on computers and I see that your site contains a ton of information, I am sure to learn some thing.
    Thank you for point out some great eye wear companies, I will be sure to look into them a little deeper.

    1. No problem. Please let us know on what specific computer glasses you have purchased. It would really help if you could share your personal experience about it.

  3. Great review on your site and good news for cyber Monday deals. I didn’t know that there were such things as gaming glasses. I live in the UK and I’m wondering if I can order from your site? People who live in the US should take advantage of these amazing discounts.

    1. Thanks man! I am not sure if the is also cyber monday in UK. But yes, US residents should take advantage of these deals.

  4. It’s great to see that they offer great discount when it comes to Cyber Monday. it did open my eyes on which website that I should visit when the time comes again. I wear glasses regularly and it’s good to see discount when it is good day to buy. Thanks for sharing the details.

    1. Sure no problem. People should really take advantage of the discounts and deals of these online stores when purchasing their computer glasses. In this way, you can save more money.

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