Computer Glasses: A Blogger-Friendly Eyewear?

bloggers can benefit in computer glasses

Bloggers are the people who write blogs and post them online for people to read. In order for one to be a blogger, he or she must be conversant with computer skills because blogging entails editing and formatting. The total time spent by bloggers in the computer is like ninety nine percent because when they write their blogs they do use the computer.

Bloggers also use the computer to upload their blogs and also follow the trending news so that they can get ideas on what to write. Staying in front of a computer has many effects as the computer screen light affect the eyes. Bloggers therefore do use computer glasses when they are working with the computer to avoid the damage of their eyes and this benefits them a great deal.

Computer glasses do have much benefit to bloggers. This glasses are different from the normal glasses because the normal eye glasses are used to solve vision problems, but this eyewear helps to reduce the eye strain associated with working with computers. It is designed with anti-reflecting coating on this glasses that reduces the glare that bounces off the screen and the light coming from the device.

Tinting the glass helps to increase the contrast of the screen without making it harmful to the eyes. Putting it on help them to avoid eyestrain. Since bloggers operate in the computer for longer hours, the eyes tend to strain after a certain period of time, and the this serves the purpose of solving this.

The computer glasses help the bloggers to avoid blurred vision. When the bloggers are at work and their eyes are exposed to too much light of the screen, there is a likelihood of having a blurred vision. Blurred vision will affect bloggers in such a way that they cannot be able to work comfortably as the things displayed on the screen for them will not be clear. This help them to reduce the light intensity that their eyes are exposed to and therefore the risk of blurred vision is avoided.

Another benefit of this eyewear to bloggers is that it enables them to avoid computer related headaches. When the eyes are strained, it causes headache as the eyes are directly linked to the brain. When bloggers put on this glasses they are able to avoid this strain and therefore headache is avoided.

With this preventive measure they can now enjoy their work as they can stay in the computer for long hours without the risk of having eye problems. When the bloggers are comfortable with their eyes they can be able to write quality blogs as they can do research and observe different trending news to add unto their writing.


Bottom Line

In conclusion, we have seen that most of the time of the bloggers is spent in the computer and they are at the risk of exposure to eye related problems. Some of the eye related problems that bloggers are exposed to include; Blurred vision, eye strain and headache. All this problems that bloggers face can be solved by their decision of putting on the computer glasses. They are designed to prevent excessive light from penetrating the eyes and therefore increasing the contrast which improves the vision while working with a computer.

Computer glasses also enable bloggers to avoid eye strain when they work on their blogs. It indirectly improves the quality of blogs as the bloggers get conducive and sufficient time to work on their blogs. When bloggers have the opportunity to spend much time on the computer they are able to create so many blogs over a short period of time and this improves their income greatly.

In general, this eyewear is so beneficial to bloggers and all the bloggers are recommended to put on this glasses so as to make their work easier.


Best regards,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. Hi John,

    Great article, I work in front of a screen with my day job and then also blog in the evening so I spend quite a bit of time on various computers. These glasses area great idea and I am definitely going to try them out. You mention that they help with headaches do they also off any benefits against fatigue?



    1. Actually, we do the same thing every day. I work eight hours as CAD drafter and I work three hours on my blog every night. Before I can take the ice cream but as time passes by I can’t tolerate it anymore. Yes they can help in preventing head aches due too long hours of computer usage. It can also help in minimizing fatigue that you might be experiencing after a long day in front of digital screens

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