DEWALT DPG82-11 Anti-Fog Safety Goggles Review

DEWALT DPG82-11 Anti-Fog Safety Goggles Review



DEWALT DPG82-11 Anti-Fog Safety Goggles claim to protect your eyes from dust and debris enabling you to work with ease especially if working on dusty conditions. Wearing the goggle on a foggy day will allow you to see clearly. The goggle meets the ANSI Z87.1+ standards and therefore best suited to protect your eyes.

In this review, we will see the features that would make you go for the goggle. We will also get to know the pricing of the product for you to know if you can afford to get one for your eyes or not. Going through the pros and cons of the goggle will help you to decide on whether to purchase them or not.


Product Overview

Product: DEWALT DPG82-11 Anti-Fog Safety Goggles

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Clear; Dual Mold

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10



To get the best goggle to protect your eyes from dust, debris and fog, you need to evaluate first your workplace. You also need to know the features of the goggle in order to avoid purchasing a product that fails to meet your expectations.

With that being said, these are the features of the Dewalt Goggles.


The goggles have clear lenses enabling you to see everything with ease. The lens has a hard coating that provides adequate protection from scratches. Therefore, you will get assured of quality protection.

The lens has a clear anti-fog lens coating that provides robust protection from fogging. It enables you to carry out your daily errands even on a foggy day. However, you have to keep on cleaning them with a cloth for an unobstructed view.

The goggle has a tough polycarbonate lens which provides impact resistance. The lens also protects your eyes from harmful UV light keeping them safe at all times. The lens is wide enough, giving you a wide range of vision. This feature also makes it possible for them to fit over your prescription glasses.

For easy lens replacement, the goggle has a clip attachment.

DEWALT DPG82-11 Anti-Fog Safety Goggles Review

Ventilation Channels

The goggle has ventilation channels that allow breathability. The built-in channels provide extra fog control enabling you to carry out your daily activities with ease. You can therefore not compare the goggle with safety glasses since they keep your eyes less vulnerable to a foggy climatic condition.

The goggle also has a dual-injected rubber that provides extra fog control and ventilation. The dual rubber also helps in providing a high level of protection of your eyes from dust and debris.


Head Strap

The goggle has an elastic cloth headband that makes it possible for almost every person to use them irrespective of whether they have a small or big head. The head strap also provides a comfortable fit enabling you to wear the goggle for an extended period.

DEWALT DPG82-11 Anti-Fog Safety Goggles Review


The goggle comes with no accessory. To ensure that you use it for long, you need to purchase a hard case for storing it when not in use.

The casing will also make it easy for you to carry the goggle to your place of work without exposing it to risks. You also need to get yourself a soft cleaning cloth for the product to keep it safe from scratches.



The goggle helps in keeping your eyes safe from dust particles and debris in the air. With the goggles, your eyes will never experience the problems that come along when one gets exposed to chemicals and even metal grinding. Imagine what would happen if some pieces of metal got into your eyes.

With the goggle, you’ll find yourself working for an extended period of time because of its lightweight and comfortable fit. The more the working hours, the more you increase your productivity and the higher the chances of getting promoted.

The most important thing about the goggle is that it fits very well over prescription glasses. You shouldn’t worry about that. The goggle also fits on most faces making it an excellent choice.

DEWALT DPG82-11 Anti-Fog Safety Goggles Review



DEWALT DPG82-11 Anti-Fog Safety Goggles is very affordable. It is offered for less than $10.

The best thing is that even at that price, the goggle will provide you with the best protection ever, something that many high priced ones may not offer. You should not continue exposing your eyes to all the suffering that comes from contact with dust and debris from the air.


Helpful Tips

These are some of the tips that may help you to handle your goggles carefully.

  • Always store the goggles away from the reach of children. You should keep it in a locked place if you intend to use it for long.
  • Get yourself a hard case for storing the goggles. You also need to buy a soft cloth for cleaning. Avoid using a rough fabric at all costs as this may scratch your goggle making it less useful.
  • Do not use chemicals while cleaning the goggle as this may disintegrate the coating. Only use clean water to carry out the process.


Bottom Line

Wearing the goggle may not make a perfect fashion impression but will help you keep your eyes safe at all times. Using the goggle while working will shield your eyes from eye problems and even permanent vision loss.

Work for long hours and improve your relationship with your boss due to an increased productivity level. Going for the goggle might be the best decision you ever made. Your eyes will always be glad.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy to adjust
  • The lens does not distort vision
  • Very affordable


  • Fogs up quickly
  • Lens scratch easily


Product Summary

Product: DEWALT DPG82-11 Anti-Fog Safety Goggles

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Clear; Dual Mold

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


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If you have more questions and concerns about this safety goggles, feel free to comment it below.

I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product.

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