Do I Need Computer Glasses? 3 Major Reasons To Have Them

Do I Need Computer Glasses

With the rise in cases of Computer Vision Syndrome, most people ask themselves, do I need computer glasses? This article is meant to explain to you in detail on why wearing computer glasses is considered an important factor especially to those who find themselves glued for many hours at digital screens.

Computer glasses are designed to reduce glare or eyestrain. These glasses are meant to increase contrast and also maximize your vision coverage enabling you to easily look at the digital screens for longer periods of time.

The benefit brought by computer glasses does not only help to improve eye health but also helps in the productivity at workplace. We all know that no one enjoys eyestrains, constant computer-related headaches or even blurred vision so here is an instant relief for most of us.




Digital screens allows light to bounce off which creates a glaring obstacle to proper vision. When this happens, you are forced to strain your eyes in order to see what exactly being displayed. This happens when the reflected light increases the differences between the dark and light areas of the digital screen. This will cause a struggle in our eyes.

By the use of computer glasses which has a special coating design, it ensures a minimum fatigue screen glare. This is a clear point to why the computer glasses are so much beneficial to any person who uses and spends long hours on the digital screens.

Do I Need Computer Glasses


Most eyewear come with different purpose from correcting either the far or near vision, to those that have been designed for reading purposes. Reading glasses are meant for people in close work.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget that we spend most of our time in our computer screens. These screens are usually just about two feet in front of us thus creating a problem that we don’t take into consideration as it must be.

Considering that our eyes aren’t young and stronger as they used to be, we find ourselves in a difficult position where our vision gets blurry which comes with lots of headaches. Having a good pair of computer glasses can help you stay focus in that intermediate zone which gives your eyes an easy time.



Having a pair of computer glasses will ease your leaning forward in your chair which hurts your back and also to those who tend to lean their neck backwards in order for them to see the tops of their computer screens.

This happens when one sees through the bottom of their reader bifocals or their other prescription. The pain both back and neck are always unbearable especially if you working for long hours. The only solution that’s comes handy and ensures that you still continue with your work is just get a pair of you computer glasses and you will enjoy your working office day.

Do I Need Computer Glasses



We always here a debate on which is the best computer vision syndrome protection gadget, but to tell you the truth, computer glasses work much effective than the others. There are different kinds off gadgets ranging from use of contact lenses, software for eye protection to computer screen protector.

Let’s start by comparing computer glasses with the contact lenses. Most of the time contact lenses are prone to being dry out from the fact that frequent usage of smartphones and computer screens will lead to less blinking.

Till this point you probably understand why you should go for computer glasses and not for the lenses. Computer glasses won’t make you feel uncomfortable compared to the contact lenses that you have to remain so cautious while wearing them.

Do I Need Computer Glasses

The use of software has also being considered as a way to prevent computer vision syndrome (CVS).To protect yourself from screen radiation, there are two kinds of software for eye protection which are divided in two:

  • The Flux for computers
  • The Blue light Filter App for Android smartphone.

These two however can not be compared in direct perspectives as the computer glasses but can be considered as an added advantage or as a supporting way to prevent computer vision syndrome.

You need to have these two software and rest be assured, you will be good when you combine it with a pair of computer glasses.

When you consider the computer screen protector, its other name is the screen guard. They protect both your precious eyes as well as the screen. It is most important to you. Its anti-glare features stand out and not forgetting that it has a low price in the market.

Do I Need Computer Glasses

In conclusion, computer glasses are important for your eyes. Heavy users of any digital device are recommended to buy a pair of this eyewear. They come in different preferences so everyone will find what design or color fits a person.

Feel free to comment your experiences on these instant solutions to computer vision syndrome.


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