Eyekepper Titanium Computer Glasses Review: Rimless Round Eyewear

Eyekepper Titanium Computer Glasses Review

This review is all about the pros and cons of Eyekepper Titanium Computer Glasses. I believe that you are here to know if this eyewear can ease your eye problems caused by too much exposure to digital screens. So, I hope that my review can help you answer your questions about it.


Product: Eyekepper Titanium Rimless Round Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Super Lightweight; Attractive Look

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Product Overview

Eyekepper Titanium Computer Glasses Review

If you work in front of digital screens and suffer from problems like red dry eyes with mild headache then Eyekepper Titanium Computers glasses are made for you. These glasses protect your eyes from all the damages that high energy radiation can cause to your eyes. 

Among all the spectrums that fall on the eyes, blue region is considered to be of most danger. The blue light, entering your eye is capable of causing various sleeping disorders and other serious eyes issues, if not treated properly. The EyeKeppers help by blocking these radiations and thus, preventing them from reaching your eyes.

This is the review for EyeKepper Titanium Rimless Round Computer Reading Glasses. Getting on with this review will inform you about all the general specifications and features these glasses have to offer. After reading through, you would be able to make an unbiased opinion about the glasses as a whole.




Although the glasses are rimless, there are connections joining the lenses together. Mostly all the frame parts are made of metal, which makes them quite strong and shiny. The total frame width is 125 mm. The lenses are 45 mm each and cover most part in front of the eyes. The temples are 130 mm and are really thin.

They seem like just wires running towards your ears, which makes them really lightweight, flexible and screw reluctant. On both ends of the lens bridge, there are spring supported node pads. They ensure that all the pressure applied on your face gets distributed evenly. The nose pads also help the glasses to sit upright, by providing a crisp grip on the face. You can even select your preferred color from their color collection.



Eyekepper Titanium Computer Glasses ReviewThe lenses are round and nice. Actually, they look cool when you put them on. They have the ability to block about 97% of the blue spectrum and other high energy radiations that spell trouble for your eyes.

The lenses work by acting as a filter in front of the eyes, allowing only safe light rays to pass while blocking all the others. The lens surface is tinted with a light orange color which helps in reducing the extra brightness in the light. Reducing this extra brightness helps in comforting the eyes and increases your concentration by many times.



The lenses have a slight magnification by default. This default magnification is included for enabling readers to read smoothly. The letters on the screen appear slightly larger and popped up, which helps in producing a 3D effect for the text and helps readers in seamless reading.

EyeKeppers give their audience a full opportunity for choosing a right magnification for them. There is a wide range available if you want to select your own magnification style. The default magnification present in the models only work for near objects, hence you can freely use the glasses while driving and doing other similar stuff daily.

Eyekepper Titanium Computer Glasses Review



The glasses come with anti-fog and anti-UV coating on the lenses. The anti-fog coating helps the lenses in preventing any moisture from settling and blurring your vision. Any moisture that might fall on the lenses would automatically slide off of them because of the anti-fog coating.

The anti-UV coating makes the lenses protective against the Ultra-Violet radiations. The coating present on the lenses prevent the UV rays from penetrating the lens and entering into your eyes directly. EyeKeppers traditionally come in a soft fabric sleeve with no extra accessories present in the bag. So, all that is present in the bag are your glasses.


The lenses have already proved themselves by serving thousands of proud owners. As claimed, the lenses do work for your eyes and protect them from the fluorescent rays. You can even feel their effect from the first use.

What the lenses do is, they cut off the excess brightness from the light making it slightly dimmer than the usual. This helps the eye muscles from exerting excess strength in maintaining balance. Now that the light has been optimized after its filtration through the lens, the eye muscles do not have to work extra hard for maintaining the balance. Hence, this results in a significant increase your working time before experiencing any fatigue conditions.

Eyekepper Titanium Computer Glasses Review



As per my last research, its price is reasonable considering all the features that it offer. It would be better if you check the recent price of this eyewear from Amazon because it constantly changes.

They offer a great price considering all the features that it offers.

The glasses are completely affordable for everyone which makes them an ideal choice. Normally, round lens computer glasses cost way more than this and do not guarantee any results. However, EyeKepper glasses are exactly opposite of them. They provide light efficiency for blocking harmful light and cost so low at the same time.



Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips that might help in better handling the glasses.

  • The lenses attract dust like crazy, they’ll accumulate dust if you leave them outside for long and cleaning them can sometimes a hassle. So, it is better to keep them packed inside their safety container to protect them.
  • The glasses are lightweight and somewhat fragile. It is not that they would break if you get reckless with them, but some extra force might just bend the temples or the frame structure. However, as the structures is made of metal they can be bent back into their original shape by applying proper pressure on them.
  • It is recommended that you get some hard shell for their better protection, rather than relying on the soft package in which they originally came.


Bottom Line

After considering all the features that these glasses have to offer, they seem like worth bidding. The glasses seem genuinely helpful, affordable and attractive at the same time. They provide a wide range protection against all types of high energy radiations and help to avoid all the problems that one might face after working continuously on the computers.

The glasses also provide an elegant way of increasing our work productivity by prolonging the working time and decreasing the fatigue limit for your eyes. Hence, they help in increasing our productivity which is much needed by everyone. All these qualities make these lenses a must buy-and-recommend product.


  • Instant Eye Strain Reliever
  • Affordable
  • Bendable and Attractive


  • Cleaning the Lenses May Take Time
  • Tint on the Lenses Maybe Unusual at First


Product Summary

Product: Eyekepper Titanium Rimless Round Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Super Lightweight; Attractive Look

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


If you have more questions and concerns about this computer glasses, feel free to comment it below.
I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in preventing eye strain.


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