Review: Are Their Computer Glasses Worth the Price?

What is the Gunnar Optiks

Are you also asking, what is the Gunnar Optiks? Well, has been in the computer glasses business for a long time. They already offered various eyewear that serves their purpose based on the users’ needs. But, are you still curious if their glasses can really prevent eye strain? Do you want to know if their price is totally worth it? Well, here is my in depth review and I hope that this can help you learn more Gunnar Optiks.



Unique Feature: Reduce Digital Eye Strain; High Quality; Up to date Lens Technology

My Rating: 9.2 out of 10


What is the Gunnar Optiks?

what is the gunnar optiks

Gunnar is a renowned computer glasses brand that has been in this business for a long time. Their glasses help in protecting the eyes against a vast array of eye problems that you might get because of using your computers too much. We can’t deny the fact that computers are now an unavoidable entity for anyone,  thus having a protection against their side-effects is a must.

Gunnar has been playing a vital role in providing health care facilities by aiding their customers with extremely affordable and adjustable protective glasses. 

In this review, we will look at some of the major features of the company. We will also be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the products that they offer.



Here are some of the major specifications that you should look into when choosing an eyewear. This includes the frames, lenses, magnification and also the accessories included. So let us start.



Gunnar provides a huge list of frames. They literally have a frame for every head size. You’ll find professional frames, casual frames, work frames, sporty frames, outdoor frame, indoor frames, club frames, pub frames and even non-working frames.

They also have frames that may cover up all the above categories into one. Actually, Gunnar has one of the most vivid color combinations on their frames which make them attractive as hell.

Almost all the frames are manufactured with high-quality plastic or alloy material. Some of their frames are also made from stainless steel which makes them really tough and extremely flexible.

what is the gunnar optiks



The lenses are all quality controlled and verified. You will get the most genuine lenses with every glasses that you may buy. The lenses are produced by the manufacturers, and no further adjustments are made to them while in their journey to you, which ensures that you can use the lenses to their fullest.

There is also a variety of tinting available on the lenses. Some may have slight yellow tinting and some may be transparent. This usually depends on the manufacturers and the glasses that you are selecting. Some of the options that you would be given for short listing your suited lenses include Bi-Focal lenses, Non-Bi Focal Lenses, Clear Lenses, Reading Sunglasses Lenses and many more.



At, you are the master of your own customization. You can select whatever the custom adjustments you want to your lenses. If you need your Gunnar glasses to be prescribed then you can simply select your prescribed power from the order options. And all of this wouldn’t cost you much. supports all kinds of magnification powers, ranging from 1.0 to 7.0 Diopter.

Sometimes, buying glasses in stores can be a hassle most especially if you want to have your own prescribed lenses. You would have to order them explicitly. However on, you make your own order while fulfilling all your other needs thus saves both time and money.  

what is the gunnar optiks



Even if I like the glasses because of its features, I am somehow disappointed because they don’t provide any other accessories like protective cases. I guess Gunnar is a little conservative about providing extra accessories to their customers.

Nevertheless, your order will arrive in a perfectly taped package. Inside the package, you’ll find a thin fabric sleeve enveloping your glasses and a small booklet which serves as a walkthrough to your Gunnar glasses parts.

However, on the bright side, you get a free one or two year manufacturers’ warranty on the glasses which makes them repair free for the entire warranty period.



The present condition of the web portal and customer satisfaction levels, make it clear that is serving its purpose to the fullest. Searching for specific glasses or choosing from a collection is easy and less time-consuming.

The site also features various filters that help in releasing a lot of load for the users while searching. also has a wonderfully responsive customer happiness team that is always ready to help whenever you need any help regarding any issue you face with them.

The sites’ colors are also easy on eyes, so you can explore as many glasses as you want, before selecting a single or maybe multiple eyewear.

By the way, like any other computer glasses, they also provide relative results and increased productivity in anything that you do in front of the computer. So this is suitable for gamers, graphic artists, cad drafters, architects, accountants, doctors, or anyone who always stare at digital screens.

what is the gunnar optiks

Best Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses

To give you an overview on how their computer looks like, here are some of the best gunnar optiks computer glasses.

1. Gunnar Optiks PPK

what is the gunnar optiks


Instant Eye Strain Relief; Adjustable and Sturdy; Reasonable Price


Tint Maybe Unusual at First; No Other Accessories Included



2. Gunnar Optiks Vinyl Crystalline Computer Glasses

what is the gunnar optiks Pros

Clear Tinted Lenses; Instant Eye Strain Relief; Stylish Frame; Increase Productivity at Work


Case and Cleaning Cloth is not Included; Take some time to get used to the lens


3. Gunnar Optiks G0005-C00103 SheaDog Computer Glasses

what is the gunnar optiks


Lightweight; Instant Relief for Eye Strain; Transparent Tint Becomes Useful for Most People


Somehow Costly; Doesn’t Include Case/Cleaning Cloth


4. Gunnar Optiks VAY-00101 Vayper Gaming Glasses

what is the gunnar optiks


Instant Eye Strain Relief; Durable and Lasts Long; Leads to better Productivity in Work


Somehow Costly; Doesn’t Include Case and Cleaning Cloth



There is a price range for every category you might pick. The ranges start from $30 – $50 glasses and some goes up to $300 – $500. You can sort the glasses in many different styles like for example, according to the price, frame material, size, shape, frame style etc.

All the glasses displayed in your search results are 100% certified, tested and widely used which actually helps as a protection against your eye problems. So, you need not to worry about their genuineness.

There are also various offers going on all the time. So, you might get lucky in securing your dream glasses at much lower rates.

Helpful Tips

Protecting your glasses should be your top priority so here are some helpful tips that might help you in the long run.

  • The use of the protective covering case and proper cleaning fabrics is a must. Using some other old material for cleaning purposes will make the lens’ surface rough and less effective.
  • The glasses can attract dust. So, I recommend that you clean them up regularly.
  • Keeping the glasses safe is important. Use a hard case to secure them. You can buy a fitting hard case from anywhere you want. However, Gunnar cases would fit best. 


Bottom Line

Now that online shopping became a trend, it is no doubt that using Gunnar Optiks glasses is in any way good for anyone. As a matter of fact, they are saving us a lot of time and money when choosing for an eyewear online. has provided an efficient way of shopping while sitting in our homes and offices. As they provide top quality frames and lenses, I must say that they are worth it and also highly recommendable to anyone who needs some help on their eye strain and other related issues caused by digital devices.


  • Variety of Frames and Lenses
  • Instant Eye Strain Reliever Glasses
  • User-Friendly Website
  • Prescribes Lenses Availability


  • Some Glasses are Costly
  • Protective Case and Cleaning Cloth is Sold Separately


Company Summary


Unique Feature: Reduce Digital Eye Strain; High Quality; Up to date Lens Technology

My Rating: 9.2 out of 10


If you have more questions and concerns about there computer glasses, feel free to comment it below.
I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of their product in preventing eye strain.


Best Regards,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. Firstly, thank you for bringing these glasses to my attention, as I didn’t know you could buy specific computer glasses. The styles look great and although some are expensive, there are more affordable glasses available. Are these glasses recommended for someone who already experiences eye strain, or are they advisable for any computer user to prevent the risk of eye strain in the future.

    1. Actually these gunnar computer glasses are advisable for those people who constantly use computer or other related digital devices. So if you don’t have eye strain or you are already suffering from it, you should take advantage of it.

  2. Hi John

    This is very good to know. I have to check this out some more. My eyes start to bother me after an hour in front of my laptop. That is with my reading glasses on. Aside from the eye strain, I also get frequent headaches after long hours of computer usage. Do you think that these gunnar glasses can help me with my problem?


    1. I strongly believe that these gunnar glasses can be a solution to your eye problems caused by too much staring at digital screens. But I suggest that you look first into your budget because some of their eyewear is above average in terms of the price. Nevertheless, the help that they provide is still commendable.

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