Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 Desmo Video Gaming Glasses Review: Semi Rimless Eyewear

Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 Desmo Semi-Rimless Video Gaming Glasses Review

This review is all about the Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 SteelSeries Desmo Computer Glasses. I know that you are eager to know if it can help you in your vision problems due to long hours of computer usage. I hope that this review can help answer your questions about it.


Product: Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 SteelSeries Desmo Semi-Rimless Advanced Video Gaming Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Semi Rimless; Video Gaming Glasses; Amber Lens

My Rating: 8.6 out of 10


Product Overview

Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 Desmo Semi-Rimless Video Gaming Glasses Review

Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 SteelSeries Desmo computer glasses claims to protect you from those harmful radiations that can damage your eyes while you are busy working on computers or playing that awesome graphic game.

The glasses are said to cover a wide area of your eyes and block all the high radiation light from entering your eyes.  In return, you will be able to keep your eyes safe for a longer period of time. These emissions actually are quite harmful to the eyes and can cause dry red eyes and headaches if not taken care of properly.

In this review of Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 SteelSeries Desmo, we will look at the specifications of the glasses and user experience. At the end, you would be able to make a valid opinion about the eyewear.




One thing that I like about these glasses is its rimless and strong frames. The lower end of the frames is made of steel alloy which is adjustable, letting you increase and decrease the temple length according to your choice.

The steel provides their sturdiness while those 15-millimeter separated nose pads see to it that you do not feel uncomfortable wearing the glasses all day. The temples are in a rounded shape that wraps around your head, giving the glasses the perfect grip on your head.

There are several choices on the color of the frames. One is called the Onyx/Orange with orange frame color and the other is Onyx/Snow that has all white in it.  Both the frames are headphone compatible which gives them an edge over your other choices.



Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 Desmo Semi-Rimless Video Gaming Glasses Review

The lenses use the famous i-AMP Technology that helps these glasses protect you. With this, the Amber tinted lenses become perfectly capable of reflecting the harmful rays that you can get from digital devices such as computers.

By the way, the amber tint is the yellowish color that you see in the lenses.

One of the impressive features that you can find peculiar to these glasses is that they have a wide range. This wide range helps the lenses to protect your eyes perfectly by filtering all light falling at any angle. Other glasses may filter the blue light. However, their range is comparatively small, and the light can leak through the gaps and edges.



The lenses in the glasses have slight magnification that is majorly used for making images or texts clearer. People with 20/20 vision may feel uncomfortable at first by this magnification. However, at the end of the day, this magnification can be their best partner.

It helps in creating a much more focused image which generates a pop off effect on the text on the screen. The magnification properties of the glasses do not interfere with your long distant vision hence you can still easily work with glasses on.

The magnification also helps in relaxing the eye muscles. They assist the eye in making a better image of short distance object thus gives time to our eye muscles to relax a bit. 



Just like any other Gunnar glasses, there are no other accessories included in this eyewear. I think that it would have been better if they added a case and cleaning cloth that can maintain the quality of the glasses.

The case will help prevent any damage if it happens that you drop it on the floor. The cloth will also help you minimize scratches when cleaning the lenses.

Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 Desmo Semi-Rimless Video Gaming Glasses Review



Most of the people are happy with this eyewear. However, some people have been complaining about the frame compatibility. A significant portion of these people complained about how the frames leave marks on their face, and due to their large size, they always have a feeling that something is on their face all the time.

Some other person stated the exact situation, but in a positive way, i.e., for him, it is helping that the glasses have such massive size. So, one can not entirely say on which side you would belong. However, the lenses work and have helped everyone in reducing the stress on their eyes significantly.



As per my last research, its price is reasonable considering all the features that it offer. It would be better if you check the recent price of this eyewear from Amazon because it constantly changes.

As what I have stated earlier, there are two versions of the glasses that have different frame colors. Gunnars have priced both of these glasses at the same level, and there is nothing extra for getting the other flavor.

With all the features that gunners have to offer, the prices seem to be quite reasonable. There are tons of high-end glasses in the market that do not do what they say they do, so based on my perception, this choice seems like a  much better deal compared to others.

Helpful Tips

In order to maintain the quality of the product it is important to take note of some helpful tips on how you can better handle the glasses.

  • The lenses attract dust like nothing else. You have to clean them for them to shine like new regularly.
  • The magnification can be irritating in the start. For a 20/20 vision user, you’ll have to bear with it for some time until your eyes get used to them.
  • It would be better if you get a good hard and big shell for the glasses, that would protect it from all the falls that they’ll be having while with you. The glasses are massive so, you would want to get a much bigger box or case for them.


Bottom Line

Looking at all the features of the Gunnar Optiks DES-05101, I am certain that they do what they say. The i-AMP Technology that helps in the filtering of the white incident light is just awesome. It is well known that blue light is really dangerous for the eyes and can also produce significant irregularities in our sleep pattern and these lenses are providing such a clear solution to this epidemic at such a reasonable price.

With all these features packed into a single package, delivered to your doorstep would indeed make this one recommendable and a wanted piece of eyewear.


  • Instant Eye Strain Relief
  • Reasonable Price
  • Rimless
  • Ear phone compatible


  • May Take Time to Get Used to the Tint
  • No Other Accessories Included


Product Summary

Product: Gunnar Optiks DES-05101 SteelSeries Desmo Semi-Rimless Advanced Video Gaming Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Semi Rimless; Video Gaming Glasses; Amber Lens

My Rating: 8.6 out of 10


If you have more questions and concerns about this computer glasses, feel free to comment it below.
I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in preventing eye strain.


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John Rico


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  1. I spend a great deal of time in front of my computer working or gaming, for hours! Just glued to the screen. This is really a great product for me ,I didn’t even know these existed. The price is reasonable, it would have been nice if they came with a case though. They look amazing and the frames solid. Thanks for sharing this

    1. Most of us really spend so much time in front of the computer. Whatever purpose you may have like office works or gaming, it is important to have protection do your eyes.

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