Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 Video/Computer Glasses Review: Is It One of the Best Computer Glasses Available?

Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 Video/Computer Glasses Review

Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 is a computer eyewear that claims to minimize eye strain. There have been plenty of products saying that they can relieve the problem and this is also one of them. Actually, I am here to give you an in depth understanding about these glasses and I hope that you could learn more with the help of this review.


Product: Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 Video/Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Micron Onyx Frame; Amber Tint

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Product Overview

Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 Video/Computer Glasses Review

GUNNAR Optiks MIC-00101 Advanced Video/Computer Eyewear is one of the best computer glasses available out there. The glasses have maintained an optimum balance between the cost and quality. The lenses featured in the glasses protect your eyes from all the high energy radiations that are the soul reason for eye health issues like, red dry eyes, watery eyes and mild headaches after certain intervals.

The glasses also protect you from the harmful blue light that causes sleeping disorders if you leave your eyes exposed to the fluorescent light for long hours without any breaks.

Here in this review, we will look at some of the major specifications of the glasses so that after reading this article, you can make a proper view about the product as a whole.



Before you purchase something, it is important to learn more about it, in order to have a better grasp if it can cater your needs. You should make sure that the glasses is made up of quality materials so that it can last for a longer period of time.

So right now,  I will be talking about the frames, lenses, magnification and even the accessories included.



The frames of this glasses is made up of high-quality injection polymers that provide the lenses with a sturdy and attractive look. Injection polymers make the frame so light that they only weight 35-grams and apply next to zero pressure on the face.

In this series,  there are 5 frame colors that you can select from.  For this frame, the temples are 130-mm long and fully headgear compatible. These frames resemble that of the sunglasses, so you can most probably make a guess about their comfort and structure yourselves.



Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 Video/Computer Glasses ReviewThe lenses are made from high-quality optical fiber which has special properties of deflecting high energy radiations. The lenses deflect all the high energy radiations along with blue light spectrum and only allows pure and safe light rays to pass through. Discouraging these deflected light rays, your eyes are able to function smooth and long for hours straight.

The lens surface is marked with a light Amber tinting which cuts off the excess light that can make the eyes feel fatigued. You would be able to spot the difference between your eyes, before and after you use the glasses.




The glasses pose a slight magnification of 0.2 diopters. This is the default magnification and you’ll find this in almost all the Gunnar glasses. But don’t worry because it is not that much to make you feel dizzy. This magnification is only noticeable if and only if you have a perfect 20/20 vision.

People below this would not be able to spot the difference, however, you will certainly feel a sense of clarity because you will see a better picture. This magnification is only for making readers read without any major exertion on the eyes. As the magnification is only applied to nearby objects, you can still carry out things like driving while wearing the glasses.



Gunnar have never provided any extra accessory items to their customers. All you get inside the package is a soft fiber sleeve enveloping your glasses and a small book about the Gunnar glasses. The soft sleeve may protect the glasses against dust and dirt but it will not protect them from any physical damage.

Although your Gunnar glasses have a full one-year warranty on them, it would be bad and a waste to have your glasses not available to your aid. Hence, it is better if you can secure it in a hard protective case for safeguarding purposes.

Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 Video/Computer Glasses Review



GUNNAR Optiks MIC-00101 Advanced computer glasses has a humongous satisfied audience support. People have really felt the difference in their eye conditions, even after a single use.

The blue light which is said to be the most dangerous among all the other incident radiations get blocked and not allowed to enter the eyes. This leads to a better light processing and focusing in the eyes. Even after continuous working, your eyes feel fresh and natural due to improved quality of light that is incident on the eyes.

Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 Video/Computer Glasses Review



As per my last research, its price is reasonable considering all the features that it offer. It would be better if you check the recent price of this eyewear from Amazon because it constantly changes.

As the glasses have already proved its worth by helping a lot of people, their price seems reasonable. Most of the fancy protective computer glasses available out there may look attractive but never work as they claim. Furthermore, they are so costly that a normal person would think twice before purchasing them.

These Gunnar glasses successfully provided a way of protecting your eyes at a reasonable cost with trending fashion sense which makes them one of the best choices available in the market.


Helpful Tips

It is important to take care of your glasses so that it will last for a longer period of time. So here are some helpful tips that might come in handy while using the glasses.

  • The glasses are a dust magnet, which means they attract dust like crazy and need to be cleaned daily. You should always try to clean them before using and after using them.
  • Cleaning the lenses from any rough cloth can cause damage to the lens surface. You must always use a microfiber fabric for cleaning purposes.
  • There is a light tinting effect that might disturb you in the beginning. Worry not because the uneasiness will wear off after using them for a while.


Bottom Line

After considering all the facts and analysis about the GUNNAR Optiks MIC-00101 Advanced Video/Computer Eyewear , I must say that they seem to be a great option. The glasses have designer frames and are also comfortable to use. The lenses work like a charm since they block almost all the dangerous light radiation that can affect our eyes in a bad way.

Even more, the price for these glasses is quite reasonable, a quality most of the other protective glasses lack. I would definitely recommend these glasses to all my friends and co-workers as they would greatly benefit from these.


  • Instant Eye Strain Reliever
  • Sturdy Frames
  • Reasonable Price
  • Increase Work Productivity


  • Tinting Maybe Unusual at First
  • Doesn’t Include Any case or cleaning cloth


Product Summary

Product: Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 Video/Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Micron Onyx Frame; Amber Tint

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Gunnar Optiks MIC-00101 Video/Computer Glasses.

If you have more questions and concerns about this computer glasses, feel free to comment it below.

I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in preventing eye strain.


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