How Can Gamers Benefit From Computer Glasses? 3 Major Reasons to Take Advantage of

How Can Gamers Benefit From Computer Glasses

Are you one of those gamers who experience eye redness and itchiness? Do you also feel some headache and shoulder pain? Well, you maybe suffering from computer vision syndrome.

Probably for you as a gamer, you are asking  questions such as what are gaming glasses? Do gaming glasses work? This article is going to shed some light on this topic and also answer your questions.

This article will also cover the benefits of gaming glasses and its features especially when you are choosing one. These glasses have the benefit of eye protection and improved visual performance that can help both the gamers and even an office worker.


So What Are Gaming Glasses?

These are glasses used to protect your eyes from computer glare or any digital device like tablets, smartphones when undertaking gaming activities. These glasses protect you from headaches usually caused from continuous light reaching your eyes.

The frames of these glasses is composed of an amber colored tint so as to increase the contrast of the colors from the digital screens. Apart from all that, these glasses also are rust and water repellent, scratch resistant and also anti-reflective that creates more protection for your eyes.



The basic and major function of the gaming glasses is to protect your eyes from strain whenever your playing your video games for extended time. These glasses perform the following:

  • It is close-fitting so as to prevent air from drying your eyes.
  • Makes visuals appear larger so that they are easily visible.
  • The glasses create more contrast of the colors on the screen.



  • Should be resistant to smudges and scratches.
  • It has several multi-functions layers that have extra features such as protection from both water and dust.
  • The amber tinted lens is meant to increase the contract of images on the digital screen.
  • Its Anti-reflective materials protect the eyes from overexposure to light.


3 Major Benefits of Gaming Glasses

There are three major benefits of the gaming glasses which include:

  1. Protects your eyes from damages

This is the first big advantage of gaming glasses. These glasses are good for your health! Your eyes are meant for your natural lighting that is found in nature but not for artificial lighting that is found in digital screens like computers and smartphones.

Your eyes get damaged from this artificial lighting. Gaming for long periods of time is associated with issues like insomnia, dry eyes or headaches. So by using the glasses, you will be able to prevent the said symptoms because these glasses have tinted lenses that are meant to filter the artificial blue light from our digital screens.


  1. Increases the game’s performance

The glasses have a distinct yellow tint in the lenses that increases the contrast of your sight while playing your favourite computer and video games. Increased contrast enables you to have a clear and more detailed view of the game especially the virtual fields.

This enables you to increase your reaction speed when playing. These lenses increase your view of your character while playing by magnifying your view to 0.20. For those gamers who like playing in rooms with windows open, these glasses help in reducing the screen glare, reflections and reduction of distractions.


  1. The lenses also allow better focus on the digital screens which leads to relaxed eye muscles.

Over the years, the gaming glasses have been manufactured to prevent the gamer from eye illness especially the eye strain and also to increase the gamer’s performance. Try it! Once you try using these glasses, you will notice the huge beneficial difference. Why wait? Get your gaming glasses today!


Bottom Line

Gamer glasses are helpful for your gaming adventures and they are useful in doing their intended job. With these glasses as a proper tool to protect your eyes, let’s use them because prevention is better that cure.


Best Regard,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. Hey John. Your article sparkerd my interest.I play a lot of video games and my eyes often dry up. I thought that was somehting I will have to live with, but now that I know that these types of glasses exist, I see a hope for my eye problems. Hm… it got me thinking. I wear regular glasses for eyesight, will they be a problem for me?

    1. Prescribed lenses is not a problem. Actually, there are several computer glasses that offers magnification on their lenses so you can choose the right magnification power for you. But if you prefer to keep your prescribed glasses, there are also clip-on computer glasses. These means that you can just clip it on your pre owned glasses.

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