How Do Digital Devices Affect the Eyes? 5 Effects That You Should Be Aware Of

How Do Digital Devices Affect the Eyes


Most people tend to have a close connection to digital devices like computer and mobile phones. It seems like they can’t live without these gadgets. But, because of the various symptoms they are experiencing in their eyes, one question bugs their mind, How do digital devices affect the eyes?


Digital devices have become a part of every human’s day to day life. From school to office and even at home, people already can’t live without it. It is therefore quite normal to find any person spending their time staring at the computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

This however comes with its sets of problems. Continuous or long term staring at these devices negatively affects the human eye.

Digital screens project images by using lighting. Most of the applications and programs involve objects with changing light shades. This often means that the eye of an individual needs to adjust a lot of times to keep up with the images and the changing lighting.

This prolonged time therefore leads to several issues to the eye as it is not working in the right manner it was made to.

This is also compounded with the fact that most of these screens have very low contrast and poor pixilation.

To give clearer information on how digital screens affect our eyes, here are some of the effects that you might be experiencing right now.




How Do Digital Devices Affect the Eyes

Most people who are spending much time in front of digital screens often have dry eyes at the end of the day. This happens because during the activity, the individual doesn’t blink as much as is required.

Eyes function best when lubricated and this is usually done when the individual blinks. The lack of blinking therefore leads to the eyes being dry. This can lead to bigger problems later on if it isn’t addressed at the proper time.




When the eye looks continuously at an object or as in this case a digital screen, the pupils often have to adjust and become smaller.

This is done through the adjusting of the muscles in the eye. When an individual looks at a screen for a long while, it then causes the eyes to strain and this often leads to headaches. This is because the eyes have to stay converged all that time. This ends up causing stress to the eye muscles which isn’t favorable for the human eye.



Whenever a person looks at a screen for a long time, it tends to involve a meticulous process for the eye. The eye has to change focus and shift the size of the pupils several times to adjust to the light changes, the characters on the screen, the movement of characters on the screen and adjust to the lighting of the screen. This causes the eyes to be fatigued after a while of watching since they have to work a lot.



How Do Digital Devices Affect the Eyes

People who use digital devices tend to spend a lot of time glaring at the screen. The eyes of these individuals eventually adjust to these conditions and adapt to a field of view that is often very narrow.

The normal field of view for the human eye is usually wide and extended. Looking at a narrow field of view therefore needs a lot of focusing for the eye. This eventually leads to blurred vision since the eyes have not been focusing on any other thing except the field of view of the screen



A person that spends a long period of time looking at a screen often suffers from eye irritation at the day. Due to the straining of the eyes to see details that is often not very clear and the dryness of the eyes due to lack of blinking during the watching, the eyes end up irritated.

This causes an itch that could make the eye uncomfortable when it isn’t touched and rubbed.


Bottom Line

Digital devices are a vital part of the human life nowadays. However, we should remember to not abuse our eyes. It may seem to be tolerable at this early time, but sooner or later, you will realize that you should’ve taken care of your vision.

If you are already experiencing something weird in your eyes due to the often use of these devices, try to see an eye specialist. Or you can also check some helpful eye remedies that you can do to relieve that strain in your eyes.


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John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. I’ve been suffering a lot of eye problems from way too much time spent in front of a computer. I’m a writer so I’m on the computer writing for hours every day, plus all my internet browsing.

    I suffer from every eye issue on your list. For one I know I don’t blink often enough when looking at a computer screen. I definitely need to do some things to fix this or my eyes are going to get really bad.

    1. Having constant breaks while using the computer is an important thing. Most especially if you use it for long period of time. And most people are just ignoring these issues because they feel that this is just normal, which is not.Aside from eye strain, do you also encounter headaches?

  2. Hi John, I am definitely with you on this one. The fastest deterioration in my eyesight happened after I started programming as a part of my Computer Science degree. Before I knew it, I was in glasses! There’s a very serious fact that most of us miss when using devices, and it is that our eyes are made to be exercised, and rested just like our muscles. By abusing devices we accelerate the wear and tear that should otherwise be occurring slowly and naturally as a part of aging. I do hope that those who read your article take this to heart!

    1. You are right man. Having bad vision is a huge disadvantage when doing work either at home, school or work right? So people should be keen and cautious on what they are doing with their eyes. I agree with you that there are plenty of eye exercises that we should practice. It also better if we add some precautionary measures while using computer or tablets such as computer glasses, or computer screen protector. Nevertheless, I also hope that everyone will find a way to protect their eyes.

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