How to Avoid Bad Posture When Using Mobile Phones & Tablets?

 How to Avoid Bad Posture When Using Mobile Phones & Tablets

Most of us own a mobile phone, a tablet or even both. But it is undeniable that we are not aware of the proper posture when using these devices. It is important for you to understand ergonomics for tablet devices and mobile phones.

Every day the technology changes and so we should learn to keep up with these changes. In order to give a better emphasis, this article will guide you on how you can improve your posture while using such devices.



Just like sitting, the best ergonomic posture when using your mobile phone is to change your grip posture to ensure load rotation. Additionally, always remember and be aware of the various different areas of your phone. Take it easy and try to use the area within your range especially during a heavy mobile phone usage.

In this way, you will minimize the problems of having head ache or neck strain.



The best ergonomic posture while using your tablet is just the same as using a mobile phone.

Always ensure you change your grip to ensure a load rotation. Also ensure that you use the most possible and easy range accessible to you while using your tablet.

This will minimize fingers fatigue and discomfort. Always hold your tablet at a 30 degrees angle when you are typing and if you reading, position it in a more perpendicular position for it to be easy to see.

I know that all of these should be done through initiative but mind you, not everyone does the correct way.



1. You should avoid excessive gripping on your mobile phones and tablets in order to reduce strain on your thumb, wrist and fingers while holding the device. One good advice is to make sure that you can touch your middle finger and thumb around the mobile phone.

2. Maintain a good posture while using your mobile phone. Make sure that the font and browser settings be enlarged per your preference. The screen resolution, brightness and contrast should also be adjusted for your comfort. The devices should be held at a comfortable distance from your eyes. Additionally, the viewing angle should be below your eye level.

How to Avoid Bad Posture When Using Mobile Phones & Tablets

3. Always take 1-2 minutes stretch break for every 30 minutes of usage of your mobile phone or tablet.

4. When it comes to your mobile phone, always find one that your thumb can reach the opposite corner comfortably.

5. Alternatively, use your other fingers instead of just using your thumb so as to avoid thumb pain or awkward thumb movements.



Damages your spine

When using these devices, you tend to pile pressure on your spine which may result to degenerative disk diseases or even herniated disks diseases. When it comes to children, it affects the spine and leads to chronic pain.

Shoulder and back pain

Over time use of mobile phones and tablets will develop shoulder and upper back pain. Most users are affected by this but they choose to ignore. Shoulder muscles are extremely stressed when one uses the posture of facing down when using your device. This is the first official warning for a bad posture.


Sitting improperly for many hours while using your mobile phones or tablets will cause fatigue to your upper body part. Slouching constricts blood vessels and also prevents your heart, lungs and other body organs from working properly.

Digestive problems and headaches

Digestive organs are usually compressed when one sits down for long hours while using their mobile phones and tablets. It can result into abdominal discomforts and constipation in your digestive system. Tension from your neck and shoulders can cause your facial muscles to strain which will lead to reoccurring tension headaches.


Bottom Line

As a user of these devices, be mindful of your posture and always be cautious to make necessary changes.

This will ensure a better protection for the health of your body. Avoid bad posture because we can’t run away from using our mobile phones or tablets. Focus on the helpful tips, be happy and healthier.


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