J+S Vision Computer Glasses VS Gunnar Optiks PPK Computer Glasses

J+S Vision Computer Glasses VS Gunnar Optiks PPK Computer Glasses

Working or gaming on computer for a long time may be the reason as to why you are having sleeping problems. You also expose your eyes to short term and long term eye complications like permanent blindness.

The good news is that both J+S and Gunnar Optiks computer glasses aim at shielding your eyes from the harmful blue light associated with all digital devices.

We are going to compare the two pairs by looking at the features, magnification, pricing and even the pros and cons of individual glasses. After that, you’ll be in an excellent position to decide on the pair you should purchase to protect your eyes from the high energy blue light.


J+S computer glasses have a matte black frame and is made of plastic. This feature makes the pair lightweight enabling you to wear it for an extended period. Even after wearing the lenses for the whole day, you’ll never feel any pressure on your face, imprints or remarks.

The frame has a classic design, one that gives you a stunning look. With this pair, you’ll never look silly and thus feel comfortable to wear it anywhere. The rectangular frame fits both men and women. The lenses also have spring loaded temples for comfort.


On the other hand, Gunnar PPk has an onyx/mercury metal frame with interchangeable temples. The frame is ergonomically designed to fit your head and face comfortably. This feature makes it possible for you wear the glasses for the whole day without suffering from any pressure on your face.

The frame of this pair is lightweight and durable which means that you’ll use the lenses for a long time once you purchase it.

The frame fits comfortably making it possible for you to use your headset while wearing the glasses.



The lens of J+S glasses has an anti UV coating that helps in filtering away the high energy blue light. The coating blocks 90% of the harmful blue light and thus provides maximum protection to your eyes. With the glasses, headaches, eyestrain, cataracts among other problems will be a thing of the past.

The lenses of this pair are not heavily tinted and therefore low cases of color distortions. With this pair, you’ll read from the screen with ease and also differentiate colors.

The lens has a width of 51mm and a nose bridge of 18mm, wide enough to fit almost all nose sizes without sliding down.


On the other hand, the Gunnar glasses have clear non-polarized lenses with amber tint. The tint helps in shielding your eyes from the harmful blue light at all times. The lenses block 65% of harmful blue light and 100% of UV light reducing the risk of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other eye complications.

The lenses of the glasses also have an anti-reflective coating that reflects away the harmful blue light. The lens of this pair has a width of 52mm and has adjustable nose pads for comfort.

The lenses of the glasses are clear enabling you to read the contents on the screen with a lot of ease.


Comfort and Protection

J+S glasses are very lightweight enabling you to wear them for a long time. In return, you get to work for long hours and thus increase your performance and productivity. The glasses will protect your eyes from all short-term, and long-term eye disorders brought about by the harmful blue light.


Gunnar glasses has a comfortable frame that fits ergonomically on your head and face. With this pair, you’ll never complain of pain behind your ears. With the adjustable nose pads, you’ll never complain of glasses slipping down your nose. The lenses will shield your eyes from macular degeneration, sleep disorders, headaches, eyestrain, cataracts among others.

The glasses are also FDA approved.



J+S glasses doesn’t have any magnification so if you can’t read from a screen without magnification glasses, you’ll have to get yourself a pair from another brand that has magnification. On the other hand, if magnification strains your eyes, this is the best pair for you.


On the other hand, the gunnar glasses have a magnification starting from 0.20 and will that makes everything to pop up the screen enabling you to read its contents with so much ease. To those who suffer from using magnification glasses, you might consider going after the J+S computer glasses.



J+S glasses comes with two accessories, a hard case and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The casing helps you to safely store your glasses and also enables you to carry your lenses from one place to another without subjecting them to the risk of breakage. The cleaning cloth makes the process of cleaning the pair easy.


On the other hand, gunnar does not come with any accessory and you, therefore, have to purchase them if you want to use the pair for a long time. You can buy the case and the cleaning cloth from the same manufacturer or a local store.



J+S are relatively cheap as with less than $30; you can get yourself a pair. The pair also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty. Should you get disappointed by the functionality, all you need to do is ask for a refund.

Gunnar pair is a bit expensive although you can get it with less than $50.The fact that most doctors recommend this pair means that it’s worth going for irrespective of the high price.


Bottom Line

Both pairs will help you to keep your eyes safe from high energy blue light. However, if you have a small nose, the J+S glasses may not fit you well. Go for that pair if you get eye strain from magnification glasses.

On the other hand, the gunnar glasses are a bit expensive but perfect for you if money isn’t such a big problem.

J+S computer glasses


  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Headphone compatible


  • Fogs up easily
  • No magnification
  • Big for people with small noses


Gunnar Optiks PPK computer glasses


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Headphone compatible
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • Interchangeable temples


  • Expensive
  • Small for people with big heads


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