Kate Spade New York Women’s Akira Sunglasses Review: Read This Before Buying!

Kate Spade New York Women's Akira Sunglasses Review

This review is all about the Kate Spade New York Women’s Akira Sunglasses. Do you want to know if this eyewear can protect your eyes against the harmful UV rays? Are you wondering if it is worth the investment? Well, I suggest that you read this review in order to learn more about it.


Product Overview

Product: Kate Spade New York Women’s Akira Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Polarized; Stylish; 100% UV Protection

My Rating: 8.9 out of 10




Kate Spade glasses have frames that are made of plastic. It employs rectangular rims that have curved edges. The rims are thick enough to provide protection for the lenses.

The nose bridge lies at the middle of the rims. It widens up to 17 mm (0.67 in). There are nose pads lining the nose bridge that are mere extensions of the rims. At both ends of the temples are dura-tight screws that connect the temples from the arms.

Each arm is made of flat and wide plastic with a metal backbone. The plastic conforms to the shape of the metal – straight wire that curves downward toward the ends.

The arms cover a length of 130 mm (5.12 in).

Kate Spade New York Women's Akira Sunglasses Review

There is a unique distinction between the arms and the rims. Basically, there is a metal line separating them. The rims have a simpler design signifying the name of the eyewear. In addition, the left side of the arms has a metal detail carved with Kate Spade brand name.

There are three designs available: 1) black – with newspaper-designed arms, 2) tortoise – with arms having glasses print, and 3) mint tortoise – characterized by clear mint-colored frames.



Meanwhile, the lenses of these Kate Spade glasses is made of composite material. Just like the rims, the lenses are made to be rectangular in shape with curved edges.

The lenses have a width of 54 mm (2.13 in) and a height of 41.9 mm (1.65 in). For black frames, the lenses are grey while tortoise frames possess brown lenses.

All of the lenses are polarized that offers 100% protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Kate Spade New York Women's Akira Sunglasses Review



All of Kate Spade lenses are Rx-able or prescription-ready. The manufacturer adjusts the lenses to the visual acuity of the user. When it comes to innate magnification, Kate Spade didn’t mention about it.

On a positive note, it is good to know that even though Kate Spade is a fashion brand, it aims to include people with varying degrees of visual accuracy.



All of Kate Spade glasses come with a colorful plastic hard case. The case features an orange base and a pink cover with the brand name and logo of Kate Spade printed on top.

This case may protect the glasses from mechanical breakage due to impact as well as staining due to contamination from foreign materials.

Kate Spade New York Women's Akira Sunglasses Review



Kate Spade is a fairly young brand in the fashion industry that started in 1993. Since glasses are not really their forte, these eyewears are not really made for protection and preservation of the eyes.

Rather, these glasses serve as an accessory with an extra function.

Looking at the design of the frames, anyone could tell that Kate Spade has put an effort in making the glasses look chic and modern. The style and colors are simple but the arms of each glasses make them look extraordinary.

The glasses could be worn by anyone. Yet, Kate Spade caters mostly to women.

The frames do not appear to be cheaply made. They are sturdy and does not deform with slight pressure or increase in temperature. One of the major advantage of plastic is its resistance to corrosion and being lightweight.

Kate Spade New York Women's Akira Sunglasses Review

Since the glasses are lightweight, it doesn’t leave any pressure marks on the user’s nose and it still bears weight enough to maintain its position on the nose.

Moreover, since the nose pads can’t be adjusted, the lenses need to be removed and totally changed for a new one if the user’s eyes don’t match the magnification grade provided by the lenses.

This can be problematic for people with diabetes or hypertension since their visual grades often fluctuates.

The size of the glasses fit those with smaller faces. It defies the current fad of oversized sunglasses in the fashion industry.

Anyhow, this is Kate Spade’s entrance to the market. It makes its own trend. Nonetheless, the lenses still cover sufficient area around the eyes.

Kate Spade New York Women's Akira Sunglasses Review

On the other hand, the lenses have an additional function of polarization and UV protection. Polarization allows passage of light at a certain orientation.

Thus, the intensity of light entering the eyes is reduced. This phenomenon cuts glare that distracts the user from their usual activities.

Wearing these glasses help the user see clearly in bright surroundings. The UV protection blocks harmful radiation that is the leading cause of blindness, macular degeneration, cataracts, photokeratitis, and eye cancer. The brown tint provides depth and contrast to the images viewed through the lenses.

These glasses can be worn outdoors especially on bright surroundings and sunny weather.

It can be used mainly in activities like shopping, walking, driving, and sunbathing.

Kate Spade New York Women's Akira Sunglasses Review



Kate Spade offers different prices for various types of glasses. It ranges from $60 – $ 72.

The cheapest option are the Black Kate Spade glasses and tortoise design. The tortoise mint is the most expensive one. The prices of each pair is based on the complexity of the design of the frame.

Honestly, I must say that their prices are reasonable because of the quality of the frame and lenses. Plus it can be assured that it will last for a longer period of time.


Helpful Tips

It is necessary to take care of your sunglasses since it is a health investment. So here are some helpful tips that you can follow.

  • Always keep the eyewear inside the hard case. This will ensure that no damages can be done even if it falls in the ground.
  • Dust and oil may be hard to get rid on the lenses so only use micro fiber cloth in cleaning the lenses. This will also prevent scratches.


Bottom Line

Kate Spade is really a fashion brand. It is new in the eyewear industry so it does not focus on the technical aspects of eyewear.

Kate Spade is concerned on how the glasses would look good to its target market. The glasses provide top quality protection against the UV rays so it is recommendable to family and friends.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Trendy design
  • Hard case provided


  • Cleaning may take some time
  • Maybe too big for some people


Product Summary

Product: Kate Spade New York Women’s Akira Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Polarized; Stylish; 100% UV Protection

My Rating: 8.9 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Kate Spade New York Women’s Akira Sunglasses.

If you have more questions and concerns about this sunglasses, feel free to comment it below.

I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in blocking the UV rays.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great review on Kate Spade New York women’s Akira sunglasses.
    During winter here in Canada I like to wear Sunglasses most of the time when I go outside, I can’t stand the bright whiteness of snow during long period of time.
    As you say on your review these sunglasses are light with good quality and 100% UV protection, I would love to give them a try.

    1. Yes, what I like about these sunglasses is its lightweight. So you won’t feel any uneasiness while wearing it.

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