Kate Spade New York Women’s Annika Sunglasses Review: Stylish Protection From the Sun

Kate Spade New York Women's Annika Sunglasses Review

This review is all about the Kate Spade New York Women’s Annika Sunglasses. Do you want to know if this eyewear can protect your eyes against the UV rays of the sun? Are you curious if it is worth the investment? Well, I suggest that you read this review in order to learn more about it.


Product Overview

Product: Kate Spade New York Women’s Annika Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: 100% UV Protection; Durable Frame

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10




Sunglasses by Kate Spade follows the current trend or sets it. For Annika, the frames are made of acetate that features three colors: brown horn, tortoise, and navy.

The frames are translucent especially at the inner surface. It enables anyone to see the metal wire shaping the arms. The arms of these sunglasses are skull in style. This means that from the joint, the arms are straight until it reaches a bend curving downwards.

The inner surface of the arms displays the manufacturer’s information, model and brand information. Near the joint, there is a metal plaque bearing the brand name of Kate Spade.

Kate Spade New York Women's Annika Sunglasses Review

This plaque is secured on the arms via metal screws. The total length of the arms is 130 mm (5.12 in). And the arms are joined with the rims via dura-tight metal screws. The rims are rectangular in shape with rounded edges. They are quite oversized and curves in such a way that it slightly hugs the head.

The rims are separated by a single nose bridge having a width of 15 mm (0.59 in). The nose bridge is lined with two non-adjustable nose pads.



The lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC), an example of a polymer material. These lenses have a tint which could go in grey gradient or brown.

The lenses are 56 to 57 mm (2.20 to 2.24 in) in width and 40 mm (1.58 in) in height. The special feature of the lens is its 100% protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. They could also be polarized or non-polarized.

Kate Spade New York Women's Annika Sunglasses Review



Kate Spade includes a hard case in their glasses package. The cases may be rectangular or oval in shape that has a clasping mechanism.

Being a trend-setter in the fashion industry, Kate Spade glasses have cases that comes in fun mix of colors. The cases are made of hard plastic that has a glossy finish.

These cases protect the glasses from possible contamination and staining as well as mechanical breakage, wear, or tear, and chemical deterioration.

Kate Spade New York Women's Annika Sunglasses Review



Annika sunglasses are quite oversized. They have big rims that may overwhelm the user with small faces. Since Kate Spade is based in New York, it is typical for them to base the design and size of the frames to the reigning population.

Anyhow, oversized glasses are not so much peculiar nowadays. In fact, these glasses are on trend. Moreover, the large surface area of the glasses would also mean a larger area around the eyes being covered and protected.

The frames being made of acetate allows it to have properties similar to plastic frames. Acetate frames are known for its lightweight property, flexibility, durability and ability to be made and dyed into complicated designs and patters.

Kate Spade New York Women's Annika Sunglasses Review

Generally, acetate material is not a carcinogen nor toxin. It is not known to cause allergies. Yet, its additives and dyes must also be free from harmful substances. Fortunately, the CE symbol printed on the inner surface of the arms speaks for the safety of the product.

The lenses being made of PC makes them ten times more impact- or shatter-resistant than normal glass lenses. PC lenses are also lightweight so the probability of the glasses falling from the nose bridge would be reduced.

Compared to glass, the optical property of a PC material is relatively low. Glass lenses offer 100% transmission of light but PC lenses can’t do that since the material does not have an orderly arrangement of atoms. With this, there is less light that could efficiently pass through.

Kate Spade New York Women's Annika Sunglasses Review

These PC lenses can still be polarized and allows light of a specific orientation or direction to pass through. In addition, these lenses could be tinted with brown or grey. With tints, there are certain wavelengths of light that is reflected off the surface leading to further reduction of light that meets the eyes.

Brown tint also blocks blue light allowing the user to be protected from eye strain and its symptoms as well as insomnia due to the irregularity of melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone in the human body) levels.

This tint also improves the contrast of the surrounding involving the natural colors of blue and green. Hence, lenses with brown tint are best used for hiking, fishing, golfing, baseball, hunting, cycling, and water sports.

On the other hand, grey is one of the neutral tint that allows the user to perceive colors in their purest form. It is commonly used for driving and outdoor sports.

Both tints reduce glare and brightness. In addition, both lenses offer 100% protection from UV rays, thus protecting the user’s eyes from various forms of cataracts, macular degeneration, photokeratitis, blindness, or even eye cancer.

Kate Spade New York Women's Annika Sunglasses Review



Annika glasses by Kate Spade costs for $80.00 to $93.00 depending on the style and features set for the frame. This price is normal for fashion sunglasses. Yet, Kate Spade could use cheaper materials if these glasses are only marketed for their fashion value.


Helpful Tips

It is always important to take care of your glasses, so here are some helpful tips that you can follow.

  • Don’t use any other material in cleaning the lenses. Only use a micro fiber cloth in order to prevent scratches.
  • Always keep the eyewear inside the hard case. This will protect the glasses from any damage from sudden fall. Dust and other substances can also be prevented from ruining the quality of the lens.


Bottom Line

Kate Spade’s efforts in getting into the fashion industry is well-appreciated. Accessories, such as glasses, made by these young brand sells at a rapid rate in the market, especially that the styles and designs of Kate Spade fuels the hunger of today’s generation.

Yet, the main point of these glasses is to make a fashion statement and not entirely promote safety and visual health. If they want to expand boundaries, they should also apply high-end technology and extensive research to be in par with the quality brought by the leading brands.


  • Stylish and Durable
  • Hard case is provided
  • Various Color Choices


  • Cleaning the lenses may take some time


Product Summary

Product: Kate Spade New York Women’s Annika Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: 100% UV Protection; Durable Frame

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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  1. Thanks for the great Kate Spade New York Women’s Annika Sunglasses Review. I checked out Amazon and found a couple I like. Price is okay, and luckily shipment fees to Europe and Latvia are low and no customs at all. I hope sunglasses arrives before Valentines Day as the good present for my wife.

    1. I am glad that I have helped you. Kate Spade really offers high quality eyewear. Let me know if you already received the glasses and how it looks like.

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