Kelida Lead Goggles Review

Kelida Lead Goggles Review

Kelida Lead Goggles are among the best eyewear designed to protect the eyes against radiation. In this article, I am going to list and describe all the features related to this product.

Since most users fail to distinguish between radiation protective and normal glasses, this article is going to indicate the features that make these two different.

Ensure that you read every bit of it to understand the features that are related to this eyewear.


Product Overview

Product: Kelida Lead Goggles

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Durable; Adjustable

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10




Durable vinyl frames

To start with, the frame is designed with durable and quality vinyl frames. It ensures that the users enjoy a longer duration of service.

Durable and high quality frames are essential for radiation protective eyewear. Having durable frames minimizes the chance of having the lenses being damaged and breaking off the glasses.

Impressive coloring

Basically because these types of glasses are made to serve a specific role, having them designed with pristine theme color is not often common.

This product however, despite of being designed and made to protect the eyes against the radiated and scattered rays, they are also designed with a beautiful theme.

The product is normally colored using the beautiful blue and white color, due to this impressive looks, these glasses impressively look good and aesthetically pleasing on users.

Easily fits over other glasses

Having radiation protective eyewear that fits over other normal glasses is the best deal a glass enthusiast would wish for.

This product therefore, is designed to meet this purpose. For this reason, most users prefer this glasses over other radiation protective glasses.

Adjustable elastic lightening belt

For protection and maintenance reasons, the product is provided with elastic belt to ensure that they hang over the user’s shoulders every time the user is not wearing them.

The adjustable elastic belt is also effective and good for fitting purposes.



The lenses of this product are designed with incredible technology features to ensure that they perform their objective efficiently.

In this part I am going to list and describe the features associated with the lenses of this product.

.75 mm Pb lead equivalency

One of the best feature linked up with the lenses is the ability to offer the .75mm Pb lead equivalence. This feature assists the product to effectively protect the eyes against harmful rays.

0.35mm Pb lateral equivalency

This functionality adds on the performance capability of the lenses.

Offers clear vision and effective light transmission

This product is designed and made with this feature that assists it to offer effective light transmission capability.



This product is issued with a quite number of accessories. In this part I am going to list and explain all accessories provided along with it.

To start with, this eyewear is provided with a wipe cloth.

This accessory is used to effectively clean the glasses without really putting them into the risk of damaging them or affecting the quality and performance of these glasses.

The product is also provided with a soft case to ensure that the product is effectively packaged during shipping. Also the hard case is used to put the glasses whenever the user is not wearing them.

Another accessory provided with this product is the elastic belt.

This accessory is used to temporarily hold the glasses on the users’ shoulders every time the user is not wearing them. Moreover, this accessory is used to adjust the size of the glasses to make them fit for different users.



This product is designed with the intent to effectively protect the users’ eyes mainly against the harmful radiation rays. Other than that, these type of eyewear helps in protecting the eyes against reflected and scattered rays.

It assists in offering protected vision on users conducting laboratory services in places with radiation and other rays.

Moreover, the glasses help in offering clear vision by offering high light transmission capability. In this regard, the vision is usually elevated on another level and ensures moderate light transmission as well as protecting the eyes effectively.



This eyewear is practically one of the best radiation protective glasses in the market, however, despite the best design inherited when making this eyewear, the price is ideally reasonable.

Based on my last research, it costs for less than $160.

The price coincides with the features and benefits that the eyewear is offering to the users.


Bottom Line

Kelida Lead Goggles are made with a design like that of diving goggles, however, don’t get deceived by the looks of this eyewear. You should rather bear in mind that this product can protect your eyes. In this case the design and the way the glasses look is not as important as its purpose.


  • Designed with top technology to effectively protect the eyes
  • Impeccable design and color theme
  • Can be worn over other glasses


  • Sometimes gets foggy


Product Summary

Product: Kelida Lead Goggles

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Durable; Adjustable

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Kelida Lead Goggles.

If you have more questions and concerns about this eyewear, feel free to comment it below.

I would also be happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in protecting the eyes against radiation.

Best Regards,

John Rico



By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. It looks like these goggles are for people that work around radiation. Great for people working in the medical field.
    Do they offer other uses as well?

    What about night driving. Well they reduce glare? Are these glasses good for people that go to the beach a lot? What about swimming with the glasses on. You mention they get fogged up.

    You can wear these goggles over your prescription glasses. One size fits all, is what I understand. Multiply users could use these googles. X ray technicians as well as patients could use these.

    1. Actually, these glasses are only used for radiation related activities. Basically, it protects the eyes against these harmful radiation. As for night driving glasses, I suggest that you look into other types of eyewear.

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