Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses Review

Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses Review

Talking of uniqueness, Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses is designed with ideal premium features. That’s why in this article, I am going to list and discuss all the related features regarding this eyewear.

To start with, it is made with a compatible design to fit almost every user with medium and small faces. Ensure that you read every bit of this review in order to get to know more about this product.


Product Overview

Product: Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Fashionable; Durable

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10




Since most radiation protective glasses are designed with very complex and a little bit advanced lenses, they require advanced and high quality frames to ensure that they are always protected. This will also lessen the chances of having them destroyed.


Despite of being designed and made to support and hold complex radiation protective lenses, the frames is designed to ensure that they do not bother the users every time they are wearing them.

Since radiation glasses are usually worn and used by health practitioners mostly in radio activity procedures, the frames needs to be comfortable and lightweight.

Remember that heavy glasses might occasionally disturb and affect the users’ performance. Due to this, the frames of this product are made to be light and designed with the best material to also provide durability.

Designed to fit medium faces

Since most of these glasses are made with slightly large lenses, they sometimes appear a little bigger than most of the small and medium faces.

But for the Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses, they are designed with frames that are ideal and perfect for medium faced users.

Frames designed with the retention straps

For protection and durability, the glasses are provided with retention straps to ensure that they are always attached and close to the user. The retention straps also acts as a way of maintaining the glasses within the users’ reach every time they are temporarily not wearing them.

The straps moreover enhances the durability since the chances of having the glasses slip of the users face and falling off are reduced to zero. This accessory therefore, enhances this product.

Stylish design

These frames are designed and made with an impressive design to ensure that they aesthetically look good despite achieving their objective of protecting the users against harmful radiation rays.

Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses Review



Since these are not ordinary glasses, aside from performing a great role of protecting the eyes against harmful rays, they are designed and made with the most advanced lenses ever.

Lenses use ultra-refined lead oxide

This is a very important feature that ensures that it performs on its best level. The ultra-refined lead oxide lenses secure that they provide optimum protection for the eyes.

Offers a 20% more light transmission

The lenses of Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses are designed with a capability to transmit light on a 20% efficiency more compared to other products.

Lenses standardized with a .75Pb Lead equivalence

Despite the fact that these lenses use ultra-refined lead oxide, they are also designed with the standard of .75Pb lead equivalence to enhance the performance and fully protect the users against harmful rays.

Capability of blocking scattered and any other form of radiation on a 99.9% efficiency

Since not all lenses are designed for this purpose, this feature makes this product stand out on its own and offer the best protection.

Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses Review



As mentioned earlier, this product is provided with various important accessories.

Retention strap

The retention straps are issued and made as a part of this product to ensure that the glasses don’t fall off the users face.

Hard case

The hard case is normally issued as a part of packaging procedure. Moreover, the hard case is usually used to store the glasses each time the user is not wearing them.

Cleaning cloth

Basically, cleaning cloth is usually issued on most of glasses. It is important to guarantee that the lenses are always cleaned and made free of the dirt and other harmful objects.

This accessory is usually issued as a part of the product to ensure users don’t use objects that might destroy the layers of the lenses or that might lower the quality of the lenses.



Precisely without mentioning too much details, this Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses is capable of giving premier protection and offering crucial performance in keeping the users eyes safe against harmful radiated rays.

To start with, one important performance of this eyewear, is the fact that they can effectively protect the eyes against scattered rays during fluoroscopic procedures.

Moreover, another crucial performance of this product, is it is capable of providing up to 20% more light transmission than any other product.

Lastly, it is designed to block 99.9% of scattered and reflected radiated rays that might reach users eyes.



Based on my last research, this eyewear costs for less than $300. I must say that it is somehow expensive compared to other radiation glasses. But, you will definitely get what you paid for.

This value is reasonable compared to all the features and performance that it can bring.


Bottom Line

Oakley Two Face Radiation Eyewear is a little bit different from other radiation glasses since it is designed and made with advanced technology. The glasses are also manufactured by skilled opticians in the U.S.A. With this regard, maintaining the product is crucial to ensure that it always perform as required.


  • Weight distributed evenly to ensure comfort
  • Durable and effectively protect the eyes against harmful rays
  • Stylish design


  • The size sometimes gets uneven for various faces


Product Summary

Product: Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Fashionable; Durable

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses.

If you have more questions and concerns about this eyewear, feel free to comment it below.

I would also be happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in protecting the eyes against radiation.

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John Rico


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  1. This is amazing!!! Technology is really at work.
    I which I could get one now.

    You explained every bit of components that makes up a “Oakley Two Face Radiation Glasses” but I’m not seeing information about effects it brings and a way to control it or, is there no side effect with this amazing product?

    1. Actually, there is no side effect for this product. Basically, it just protects your eyes against the radiation while you are doing laboratory works.

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