Opsales Polarized Bronze Metal Clip-On Sunglasses Review: Flip Up Protection from UV Rays

Opsales Polarized Bronze Metal Clip-On Sunglasses Review

This review is all about the Opsales Polarized Bronze Metal Clip-On Sunglasses. Are you looking for an effective sunglasses that you can use while wearing your own prescription glasses? Do you want to know if this lenses will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays? Well, I suggest that you read this review in order to learn more about it.


Product: Opsales Polarized Bronze Metal Clip-On Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Wide Lenses; Polarized; Flip Up

My Rating: 9.2 out of 10


Product Overview

Opsales Polarized Bronze Metal Clip-On Sunglasses claims to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays that comes from the sun.

They say that it offers convenience because you can just clip it over your own prescription glasses. By the way, it also prevents glare from disturbing your eye sight.

In this review, we will take a closer look into these lenses and determine whether it is worth it or not. We will also tackle about its major specifications and features. I hope that this can clear your doubts about it.




Clip ons are the types of glasses  that you can attach to a primary eyewear. Opsales clipons claim to have all metal alloy construction.

Most metals have high ductility and durability; yet, they can be prone to oxidation and further corrosion brought upon by acidic perspiration. Having metal alloy makes the material lessen the disadvantage of each component metal while utilizing each of their strengths.

Meanwhile, the clips are made of plastic called vinyl.

When attached, a gap could be noticed between the lenses of the clipons and that of the primary eyewear. In spite of this, the clipons attach to the primary eyewear in a stable manner and does not pose any threat to the frame.

In addition, the clipons do not necessarily add weight to the whole assembly weighing only 0.3 ounces. Because of this, the assembly will not fall or slip off of the user’s head.

These clipons have a unique flip-up mechanism in which the user can switch between having the clipons’ anti-radiation lenses or not in a more convenient manner. This mechanism poses as an advantage for different situations.



The size of the lenses also follow that of the frame. The size of the primary eyewear should be considered for choosing the appropriate frame or lens size. But, as a general rule, the larger the lenses are and the more area it covers, the more protected are the eyes.

The lenses of Opsales offer anti-radiation properties. Classified as sunglasses, the lenses mainly blocks off ultraviolet (UV) light.

These are sets of rays found at the left side of the visible spectrum. This poses great risk to the eyes. One of the most fatal diseases the eye could suffer from UV rays is eye cancer. Since the sunlight is one of the major sources of UV rays, these clipons should be worn during 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Opsales Polarized Bronze Metal Clip-On Sunglasses Review

The lenses also come in four colors: brown, yellow, gray, and grey. (The latter two are almost the same but have different hues.) Each of the color have their own advantages.

The brown and yellow glasses may filter blue light effectively. Blue light is a set of rays found at the far left end of the visible spectrum and have the same proportion of wavelength, frequency, and energy as UV rays, but at a lesser degree.

Brown and yellow lenses are beneficial to be used in front of radiation-emitting devices such as laptops, cellphones, desktops, television screens, tablets, and fluorescent lights.  Yet, the tints are not too dark without giving much color distortion.

They also give the illusion of images being sharper due to the change in color contrast. Meanwhile, grey and gray lenses are beneficial to use during times when the sun is up high. The tint makes the scorching glare and brightness tolerable for the eyes.

Moreover, the lenses are scratch-resistant. Mechanical abrasion can make the coating go off the surface of the lenses. The succeeding coatings providing the anti-radiation properties could be worn off as well.

Having scratch-resistant lenses adds to the durability of the product.




These model of clipons from Opsales do not offer magnification.

This is important since having clipons mean having the source of light pass through two different media with different refractive indexes before reaching the eyes.

Greater magnifications could have the eyes lose focus. Anyhow, these are clipons which is made to add additional function to the primary eyewear lenses’ existing ones. If the user has myopia (near-sightedness) or hyperopia (far-sightedness), he or she should not have a problem in visual acuity. Prescription glasses could be used as the base eyewear.



The glasses come in hard case with a platform for the clipons to be attached to. This prevents unnecessary bouncing on the walls of the case, thus avoiding mechanical breakage.



The clipons are stable to use. This makes the glasses applicable for active wear.

The flip-up mechanism is easy to manage. This proves the glasses to be useful especially at night driving. The user could switch between having the tinted lenses on when there is an approaching car to cut the glare of the headlights off or having the tinted lenses off in low light areas.

The lenses do block off 100% of UV light as tested. Moreover, the images viewed through these tinted lenses are greatly enhanced because of the contrast change. It is easy for the user to notice a sudden appearance out of elsewhere.



The eyewear is designed with various sizes and colors. Each is priced according to its specifications. But overall, the price ranges from approximately $6 to $20.

For anti-radiation clipons, these prices are reasonably cheap especially with the services it offer.


Helpful Tips

It is always important to take care of your eyewear so here are some helpful tips that you can follow.

  • Always keep the lenses inside the case when not in use. This will prevent damages and even dirt from happening on the lenses.
  • Don’t use any other rough material when cleaning the lenses. It may scratch and lessen its effectiveness.


Bottom Line

Opsales Polarized Bronze Metal Clip-On Sunglasses definitely remained true to its claims. They offer top notch protection for the eyes against the harmful UV rays.

Another thing that made it better compared to other sunglasses is that you can use it while wearing your own prescription glasses.

This model of Opsales is a must-have. It is recommended by drivers and hunters. Because of the price being reasonably fair, and the quality it displays, it makes this eyewear a perfect gift for family and friends.


  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Different choices for tinting on lenses
  • Affordable


  • Cleaning the lenses may take some time
  • Limited accessories included (cleaning cloth)


Product Summary

Product: Opsales Polarized Bronze Metal Clip-On Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Wide Lenses; Polarized; Flip Up

My Rating: 9.2 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Opsales Polarized Bronze Metal Clip-On Sunglasses.

If you have more questions and concerns about this computer glasses, feel free to comment it below.

I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in preventing eye strain.

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  1. Hi John,

    I never knew that the different colour of the lens has its own advantages. I bought one recently (grey colour) at an optical shop and the salesperson never mentioned this.
    Fortunately, I picked the correct one as I am often out in the afternoon. Am sure your review will help others to make a sound decision.

    Good day,

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