Pencil Exercise: How to Properly Relieve Eye Strain?

 pencil exercise

Are you suffering from eye strain after long hours of using the computer? Do you wonder if there is a way to cope up with this even if you are just sitting on your work station? Well, pencil exercise can somehow relieve or minimize your eye problem.

The human eye is exposed to a lot of harmful effects and issues nowadays. From ultraviolet light to shiny objects to poorly lit screens, the eye may eventually be harmed by this exposure. There are several conditions that eventually occur due to this exposure. One of these is computer vision syndrome that occurs due to exposure to digital screens such as computers and tablets over a long period of time.

The effects of this exposure can however be controlled by eye exercises. These are simple exercises that can be done anywhere at any time which can help improve eyesight and eliminate the harmful effects that a person encounters on a daily basis.

To avert the problems that come with conditions such as computer vision syndrome, these simple eye exercises are recommended to be done each day by the individual.  Some of these exercises involve using a simple pencil.

A pencil is a small object that can be found in any house. It is used for writing drawing and many other exercises. However a pencil can be a very important tool for strengthening eyes.




This eye exercise is done by first holding the pencil away from the face at arm’s length. The eye is to be focused directly at the tip of the pencil while the pencil is at that point. The pencil is then brought close gradually towards the eyes until it touches the nose.

As this occurs, the eyes will be turned in focus to the pencil. Then the pencil is slowly moved away to arm’s length again like a person is doing a push up. The eyes are then focused away from the pencil and then back to the pencil tip.

This process when repeated improves the focusing of the eyes and strengthens the eyes.

Pencil Exercise: How to Properly Relieve Eye Strain 


This exercise is mainly aimed at improving the eye accommodation skills. This is the ability to focus from an object that is close to the eye to an object that is far away. And also shifting an object that is far to one that is nearer.

It is done in a place where there is an object that is approximately six meters away from the eye. The pencil is then held at a close range to the eye and the eye concentrates on the pencil tip. The eye is then shifted to the object that is 6 meters away then back to the pencil. This is repeated often and it improves the focus of the eye.



This exercise is aimed at improving the peripheral vision of the eye. This is the vision range around the eye that assists the person to see what is around them when focusing on an object that is central to their vision.

This involves holding two pencils in each hand about a foot from the eyes while looking between them. Then move the pencils from the chest forward out of the range of vision of the eyes. This is then repeated while focusing straight ahead.

This exercise helps improve the peripheral vision of the eyes which strengthens the eyes.



This exercise is meant to improve the peripheral vision further. It is done by holding two pencils in front of the eyes about a foot away. Then the right pencil is moved down while the left pencil is moved up. The pencils are shifted at an angle of about 45 degrees for the best effect.

They can also be moved in the opposite directions to improve the exercise more. This when repeated around five times will improve the peripheral vision of the eyes.


Bottom Line

The problems that are associated with the eyes can easily be corrected by simple pencil eye exercises. These will help improve your eye sight as well as minimize the effects of eye strain. On the other hand, some people can’t get enough benefits from these activity so they prefer other precautionary measures like seeing a doctor or wearing computer glasses.

Nevertheless these exercises will help the eye and also alter the effects that come with such cons.

Feel free to share your personal experiences about specific exercises that you do to your eyes!

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