Phillips Model RG-703 Radiation Protective Glasses Review

Phillips Model RG-703 Radiation Protective Glasses Review

As the name suggests, Phillips Model RG-703 Radiation Protective Glasses is one of the ideal eyewear ever available. This radiation glasses have various advantages that I am going to discuss in this article.

Basically, it is designed with very modern and desirable technology features. In this content, I am going to list and discuss all the features related to this specific eyewear.

Since most people can’t really differentiate the difference between radiation glasses and the normal sunglasses, this content is going to assist all the people to understand the difference and to know which glasses to use on different instances.

Therefore, I kindly request that you read this review to the very last bit. I really do hope that this brings a difference and remain to be informing.


Product Overview

Product: Phillips Model RG-703 Radiation Protective Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Lightweight; Rubber Nose Pads

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10




To start with, it is very important to always understand the frames of your radiation glasses. This is paramount because sometimes you might want to replace or purchase a product of a particular specification.

Once you understand the features of this product, it will really help you understand if this is the best eyewear that you would aspire to have.

RG-703 radiation glasses are designed and made according to specific features. Below are some of those features.


The frames of the RG-703 radiation glasses are designed with a super light nylon material.

This is a super feature that any of the users look up to. Having a lightweight eyewear is the best feeling because most of the users are people who are always engaged with handy activities. Lightweight glasses therefore offer comfort every time they are undertaking their activities.

Moreover, the chances of the glasses slipping off and falling are minimized to zero and therefore, safety is enhanced.

Sturdy unifit comfortable frames

Well, this is the naked truth about these frames. The frames  are designed with a sturdy unifit comfortable design to make them not only fit the users, but also enhance comfort.

Basically, you can barely feel anything when wearing them.

Phillips Model RG-703 Radiation Protective Glasses Review


Rubber nose pads

Talking of comfort, rubber nose pads are provided along to enhance the comfort of these glasses. Not many radiation glasses are designed with this rubber nose pads. For this reason, this specific product wins the luck and ensures that the users are contented with it.

Stylish wrap-around design

Despite this product being a radiation protective glass, it is designed with a pristine wrap-around design to ensure that it adopts a desirable fantastic look, as well as making sure that the lenses protect the eyes from every angle.

This design ensures that no rays are getting access to the eyes. In this case, the users are ensured of a full protection without necessarily worrying about anything.

Moreover, the frames of this specific product are colored with the so called universal black color. This means that the glasses can effectively be worn by any one, no matter of the gender.



These lenses, as indicated before, are designed with a very super impressive technological feature. To cut the long story short, below are the features of this product lenses.

Schott SF6HT Glass Lenses

Lenses designed and made with this type of technology are suitable for use in all surroundings with high radioactivity. This feature therefore, is best and a top advantage made for this product.

Research shows that these types of lenses can be stabilized against transmittance loss caused by ionizing radiation.

High transmission lenses with 20% more visible light.

Well, up to this point we have witnessed that most of the radiation protective glasses are made with particular feature. The lenses of the Phillips model RG-703 radiation glasses, however are not left behind, they are designed with this feature to ensure that the lenses retain the vision capability.

This feature is among the very best and paramount one in all radiation protective glasses.

Standardized with .75Pb Lead equivalence

This feature enhances the level of protection. Remember that these are radiation protective glasses, so the lenses must be designed to meet the glasses objectives.

Unlike the normal sunglasses which doesn’t really require higher eye protection against radiated lights, this product is designed with the standard .75Pb lead equivalence to make sure that none of the radiated lights reaches the users’ eyes.



Most of the glasses are usually shipped and provided with a couple of important accessories while delivering.

The accessories provided when purchasing this specific product are therefore listed and described in this article.

To start with, the glasses are issued a long with the protective hard case. For this matter, the hard case is used to store the glasses every time the user is not wearing them.

Another accessory included is the head strap. This item is issued to ensure that the glasses really fit and remain attached to the users face. The head strap can also be used to occasionally hold the glasses when the user is not wearing them.



Talking of performance, this is one of the most suitable radiation protective glasses in the market. Users are fully contented by the features and their capability to protect the eyes against radiated lights.

Mentioning a few features like the .75Pb lead equivalence standardization and the high-transmission rate offering 20% more visible light, the RG-703 radiation protective glasses are evidently the best.

Moreover, the eyewear is capable of protecting the eyes fully against X-rays.

Nevertheless, other than protecting the eyes against the radiation, these glasses are designed with a desirable stylish design to make them even suitable to be worn and still retain the beautiful aesthetic looks of the users.



I must say that these eyewear is offered at a reasonable price. Baring in mind the performance and the features provided for this glasses, a couple of dollars is a good and fine deal.

Based on my last research, these glasses cost for approximately $120.

Other than being favorable, the dealer offers a great customer service deal. Most of the users have enjoyed after sale services which is equally reasonable for such amount of money.


Bottom Line

Phillips Model RG-703 Radiation Protective Glasses is evidently a real deal for the users. Therefore, the need to always maintain and ensure that they perform to their best level is equally paramount.

Always ensure that your glasses are not exposed to things that can corrupt their capability of effectively protecting the eyes.


  • Made with the super technology feature and designed with 1.80 high indexed lenses to perform efficiently
  • Comfortable and affordable
  • High transmission lenses to offer clear vision


  • They fogs up easily


Product Summary

Product: Phillips Model RG-703 Radiation Protective Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Lightweight; Rubber Nose Pads

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Phillips Model RG-703 Radiation Protective Glasses.

If you have more questions and concerns about this eyewear, feel free to comment it below.

I would also be happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in protecting the eyes against radiation.

Best Regards,

John Rico


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  1. These glasses seem like a great choice when it comes to protect against radiation. They look really nice and I love the fact that they are lightweight.

    You’ll have to forgive me, but I don’t really understand all of the uses for these glasses. Are they just for situations where you’ll be exposed to a lot of radiation? What are some situations that these are most practical for? Thanks!

    1. Yes, these radiation glasses is beneficial for those people who are always under the influence of radiation. One example is in laboratories or xray rooms where radiation is constant.

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