Ray-Ban Women’s 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses Review: Stylish Protection Against the Sun

Ray-Ban Women's 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses Review

This review is all about the Ray-Ban Women’s 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses. Are you looking for the best eyewear that can protect your eyes while you are under the sun? Do you want to know if this sunglasses is worth it? Well, I suggest that you read this review in order to learn more about it.


Product Overview

Product: Ray-Ban Women’s 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Acetate Frame; Lightweight; Plenty of Color choices

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10




Although it may not look like it, Jackie Ohh glasses by Ray-Ban have cat eye rims. The rims are almost rectangular with the upper, outer edges slightly swept upwards. The rims fully cover the perimeter of the lenses in apt thickness.

The two rims are separated by a single nose bridge with a width of 17 mm (0.67 in) or 19 mm (0.75 in). The nose bridge gives way to an inverted-V shape separating the rims. At the sides of the nose bridge, two steady and non-adjustable nose pads are attached.

These nose pads are just mere extensions of the frame surrounding the lenses.


Ray-Ban Women's 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses Review

At front view, the temples of the rims appear farther from the user’s eyes. On the temples, dura-tight metal screws secure the joint with the arms. Each arm is thick and flat with a metallic oval accent near its joint.

Beside the accent, lies the brand name of Ray-Ban also done in metal. The arms lengthen up to 135 mm (5.31 in) as it slightly curves downwards before it reaches the ends. Only the bottom perimeter of the arms is slightly chipped at the bend.

Speaking of material, the frame of Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh glasses is made of plastic, particularly a material called acetate. The available colors for the frames are black, havana grey, light havana, and brown.



The lenses of these glasses are rectangular with slightly rounded edges. The alignment of the lenses is slightly tipped outwards with the middle at the lowest point. The lenses curve in accordance with the frame.

The width of the lenses is 58 mm (2.28 in) with a height of 40 mm (1.57 in). By the way, it may be made of crystal, glass, or polycarbonate.

The lenses come in various tints such as grey, green, and brown. These tints may be in gradient or not. Anyhow, all of the lenses of Jackie Ohh glasses are non-polarized and offers 100% protection against ultraviolet (UV) light.

Ray-Ban Women's 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses Review



Included in the package of Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh glasses is an envelope-styled case. This case is enough to protect the glasses from mechanical breakage due to applied force or impact and even contamination or staining from moisture, dust, dirt, oil, grease, etc.

In contrast with the classic cases, these envelope-styled case are less likely to self-destruct the glasses since the glasses fit snugly inside the case. In addition, a lint-free cleaning cloth that effectively removes contaminants from the glasses’ surface is present in the box.

Ray-Ban Women's 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses Review



Normally, cat-eye glasses have prominent outer edges displayed by its frames but these Jackie Ohh glasses have outer edges that are not so noticeable swept upwards. It may be because the rims are already thick.

Anyhow, the frames being thick is not a problem for it does not only protect the lenses from breakage but also makes a bold statement for the glasses as an accessory.

The thick lenses make the user a head-turner and may compromise for the not so angular edges.

The colors chosen for Jackie Ohh glasses are classical and suits any gender, skin color, age group, worn with any color of outfit for any given occasion. Yet, with the cat-eye style, these glasses are mostly worn by women to give them a fiercer or more vixen look.

It adds a level of sophistication and maturity to their aura. Hence, soft-featured faces highly benefit from cat-eyes. Heart-shaped faces are also at an advantage for cat-eye and makes such faces appear to be in perfect proportions.

Ray-Ban Women's 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses Review

When it comes to the lenses, there are various options that you can choose from. Crystal or glass lenses exhibit much better optical qualities like clarity and homogeneity.

The material is consistent throughout the lenses because of the perfect arrangement of the atoms in a crystal allowing light to pass through at the same intensity and orientation throughout the lenses.

Plastic or polycarbonate (PC) lenses are transparent enough for users to not experience blurry vision but is not so clear as the crystal lenses do. Yet, PC lenses are impact resistant so these are preferred by athletes and fitness junkies.

Fortunately, both materials offer 100% UV protection. UV-A and -B rays could both be prevented from entering the eyes protecting the user from cataracts, photokeratitis, macular degeneration, blindness, and other eye ailments.

Ray-Ban Women's 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses Review

Although the lenses are non-polarized, the tints help in reducing the intensity of the light striking the eyes. Thus, glares are also diminished. In addition to the UV protection, the tints could also prevent blue light from damaging the eyes.

Blue light transmission is reduced to 4% most effectively by brown tints. Brown-colored lenses are most effective to use in front of radiation-emitting devices to protect the user from eye strain and its symptoms.

It also helps to maintain the balance of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. With gradients, the blue light transmission is only 10% but the visible light is transmitted at approximately 20%. The user could still see clearly through gradient-tinted glasses.

Anyhow, it protects the eyes mostly from radiation coming above the level of the user’s head. Gradient-tinted glasses are effective to use when walking under direct sunlight.

Ray-Ban Women's 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses Review



The price of Jackie Ohh glasses by Ray-Ban ranges from $153.00 to $188.00 depending on the design and features. The price is quite expensive but this is just reasonable because of the durability and quality of the eyewear.


Helpful Tips

Since it is an investment, it is important to take care of the glasses. This will ensure that it will last for a longer period of time.

  • Always keep the glasses inside hard case. It will protect the glasses from any damage.
  • Don’t use other material on cleaning the lenses. Only use the provided micro fiber cloth to prevent scratches.


Bottom Line

Ray-Ban is known in the glasses industry and has long been experimenting on the uses and technology that they could offer and apply to the glasses. It incorporates technology to fashion statements.

The branding also keeps the glasses marketable. In addition, the glasses are also customizable to be adjusted according to the user’s lifestyle.


  • Stylish
  • Durable and Long lasting
  • Includes case and cleaning cloth


  • Cleaning the lenses may take some time


Product Summary

Product: Ray-Ban Women’s 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Acetate Frame; Lightweight; Plenty of Color choices

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10


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I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in blocking the UV rays.

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  1. Hey John! These are some nice looking glasses! If you have read my last comment a style like this with bigger lenses and thinner frame would be perfect! I was wondering about polarized lenses. Does the strength of the polarization have to do with the darkness of the tint? For instance, does darker tint protect your eyes better than lighter tint?

    1. Actually the darkness of the tint only contributes to the visibility through the lenses. So it doesn’t dictate the polarization of the glasses.

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