Review: Can Duco Clip-On Computer Glasses 8010 Cure Myopia?

Duco Clip-On Computer Glasses 8010 for Myopia Review

This review is all about the Duco Optiks Clip-On Computer Glasses 8010. I know that you are eager to know if it can help you relieve eye strain. So, we will be talking about its major specifications and features. I hope that this review can help you learn more about it.


Product: DUCO Optiks Clip-On Computer Glasses (Yellow Tint)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Darker Tint; Rimless; Blocks Blue Light

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


Product Overview

Duco Clip-On Computer Glasses 8010 for Myopia ReviewDuco Clip-on Computer Glasses help in protecting the eyes from all the harmful radiations that enter your eyes while working or playing in front of digital screens.

The glasses reduce the percentage of harsh wavelengths entering the eye by blocking them at the lens surface. Most of the harmful wavelengths are deflected back to the atmosphere while other safe rays are allowed to pass. Deflecting these dangerous radiations result in significant reduction of all eye problems like dry, red eyes, watery eyes or mild headaches.

This is the review for Duco Clip-on Computer Glasses. Reading further will enable you to understand all the basic features of the glasses and will help you in forming an unbiased opinion about it.



Like I always say on my reviews, it is important to learn the basic information about the eyewear that you want to have. In this way, you will be able to get the best from your investment.

We will be discussing about its major specifications and features including the frames, lenses, magnification and accessories. So let us start.



Since it is a clip on lens, it doesn’t need any type of frame as a supporting structure. These lenses are specially designed for those people who already have prescribed lenses which do not allow them to use any other protective glasses.

These lenses can be safely mounted on top of your prescribed lenses with the clip attached to them. The bridge between the lenses is about 17-mm, total width 127-mm and a height of 16-mm.

By the way, it may add some weight into your own glasses but it is just tolerable.



The lenses are made from high fiber optical glass. There is also a yellow tinting covering them. It is responsible for protecting the eyes from all kinds of harmful radiation.

These lenses claim to effectively disable about 90% of blue light and 100% of UV radiations. These light components are responsible for causing symptoms like mild headaches and blood red eyes after prolonged working hours.

The lenses deflect the blue spectrum along with all the other harmful radiations efficiently, keeping the eye safe from their effects.

Duco Clip-On Computer Glasses 8010 for Myopia Review



The lenses have zero magnification. This means that there is no predefined magnification present in them.

It helps that these lenses only purify the light incident on them and do not apply a magnifying effect to the image formed. The lenses only play their part at the first step of forming an image specifically when the light is about to enter your eyes. Once the light enters, it is up to the eye lens to adjust it according to the distance.



What I liked the most about this eyewear are the accessories included within the package. These glasses come packed with a nice and hard case, a carrying pouch and one piece of microfiber specially made for cleaning the lenses surface and all other similar surfaces.

The case helps in protecting the glasses from all the physical damage while the cleaning cloth ensures that you get a crystal clear vision after each wipe.

If your glasses breaks, you do not have to panic. The glasses have a lifetime breakage warranty on them, which means you can get them repaired any time you want. Duco also has a 30-day money back policy under which if you do not like the product in under the given time limit you can get a full refund for the glasses.

Duco Clip-On Computer Glasses 8010 for Myopia Review



These glasses have proven their worth by helping plenty of customers. The lenses block almost all the blue and high energy light from reaching the eyes.

When energy efficient light is received by the eyes, the eye muscles can work seamlessly and no extra pressure exerted on the muscles. This causes a significant increase in your productivity and your working capacity.

Your concentration power also increases and you are able to work for long duration without taking frequent breaks or naps.

Those people who constantly face in front of digital screens can definitely benefit from these one. This includes computer programmers, architects, graphic designers, accountants, bankers and even gamers.

Duco Clip-On Computer Glasses 8010 for Myopia Review


Actually, Duco Clip-on computer glasses doesn’t cost that much. It is better that you check the recent price of this eyewear because it constantly changes.

It is certain that if nothing is done for the deteriorating conditions of our eyes, you will end up getting serious problems. Precaution is always better than cure. Similarly, taking supportive steps for safeguarding your eyes from all the damaging light components is important.

These glasses have provided a perfect opportunity on saving our eyes and increasing our productivity.


Helpful Tips

It is important to take care of your glasses so here are some helpful tips that might come in handy while handling the eyewear.

  • The glasses attract dust. If you leave it alone and uncovered, they will leave you in distress. Cleaning the lenses can also be a hassle sometimes. The dust just won’t go easily. Try cleaning them with some wet soft fabric.
  • Clean the lenses only with the piece of cloth that comes along with the pack or use some similar material for cleaning purposes.
  • If not in use, never leave the lenses without their cover. It is always better to keep them under proper protection to prevent damages or scratches.


Bottom Line

It is certain that we need to take steps in order to save our eyes however it is difficult to avoid the screens that cause the damage.

Duco Clip-on Computer Glasses provide a perfect solution to all your questions. Looking at all the major features that it offers, it is not wrong to say that it is one of the most preferable pair of glasses out there.

These glasses have helped a lot of people, fighting dry and red eyes after long working hours. So, all such characteristics make them a recommendable product to all your friends, family, peers as well as colleagues who can use some help regarding their eye issues.


  • Affordable
  • Durable and High Quality Lenses
  • Includes Plenty of Accessories
  • Prevents eye strain and other similar eye issues


  • Cleaning the Lenses may take some time
  • Tint may be unusual at first

Product Summary

Product: DUCO Optiks Clip-On Computer Glasses (Yellow Tint)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Darker Tint; Rimless; Blocks Blue Light

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about DUCO Optiks Clip-On Computer Glasses (Yellow Tint).

If you have more questions and concerns about this computer glasses, feel free to comment it below.

I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in preventing eye strain.


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