The Best Baseball Sunglasses of 2019: Check This Out!

The Best Baseball Sunglasses of 2018


Baseball is a very popular sport especially in the United States. It is played by having a team of batters and runners versus pitchers and fielders.

There is a white ball that is pitched then batted. Once the ball is hit, the batters run until they reach the first base. The pitchers and the fielders’ goal is to catch the ball and make the batters out of the game. Basically, it is focused on the ball and is done on open fields.

With these reason, impact and exposure to glare and radiation are some of the enemies of the player’s eyes. If not prevented, it may affect the users game play.


Types of Baseball Glasses

There are not a lot of types of baseball glasses. Baseball factors that could harm the eyes are constant and specific. Based on my research, only two types of glasses could be attributed to baseball.

Ordinary baseball glasses

These glasses could be used by the team of batters and/or pitchers. These glasses aim to protect the eyes from impact and/or radiation.

Prescription baseball glasses

These glasses perform the same as the ordinary baseball glasses, only that it includes magnification to correct visual acuity.


How Does it Work?

Basically, baseball includes a solid and heavy ball travelling on high velocities, exposure to intense sunlight and heat, irritating dust particles, and pressure to win the game.

Hence, baseball glasses should be ready for impact, shield the player’s eyes from the sun, repel dust particles, and do not add more stress to the user.

When it comes to the frames, there are a lot of materials that could be appropriate for baseball.  The material made for the lenses and the frame should absorb as much energy as it could without shooting past its threshold capacity by either deformation or distribution of the force absorbed.

If the material tends to deform, it should also be elastic enough to go back to its original shape.

If the force is distributed, the dispersal should be even throughout the material and the places where the material touches the user’s skin should have a soft padding.

Since baseball is a sport that needs an open field with a great ball of sun overhead, the user’s eyes are exposed to various types and intensities of radiation. There are lenses with a coat of tint on its surface. The tints display a color that the naked eye perceives from the wavelengths that bounce off its surface.

Since not all wavelengths pass through the medium, the light is technically decreased in the number of photons, as well as energy. There are also lenses modified in the structure itself.

Polarized lenses have areas that could block or absorb certain amount of light. This feature only allows light of certain orientation to pass through, further reducing the radiation that could enter the eyes.

The Best Baseball Sunglasses of 2018


Tips on What to Look For?


Wraparound glasses are the top shape for the frames. The roundness of the frame as it hugs the face distributes the force that could be applied to it.

The arms of the frame are much better if the ends do not curve downwards. The curvature of arms is not necessary to keep the glasses in place.

Wrap-around glasses with single lenses are okay to let the user have a panoramic vision of its surroundings. Rubber paddings on key facial features like the nose pads are important to keep the glasses fit snuggly. Slipping from the nose is prevented.

The materials that could provide the best experience for a baseball player are polycarbonates (PC) and NXT made from Trivex. PCs, in general, are a great shock absorber. Yet, it is not the best material for optical clarity with NBS #28.

NXT has an optical transparency of NBS #45. Aside from this, it is also a much better shock absorber than PCs. It is important that the glasses have a Conformité Européene (CE) marking or an accreditation from the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). For hardcore players, branded sunglasses are sure to provide the needed safety for the eyes.



Baseball glasses should be polarized and tinted. Grey-colored lenses are good since it blocks most of the light versus other tints. Brown and amber are the colors next to grey.

These colors enhance perception of depth as it gives contrast to the images formed. Gradient is not that important since the player already have his own cap to protect from the sunlight directly above his head. Ultraviolet-resistance is also important.

The last thing to consider is the fashion sense brought by the glasses. Baseball is a very popular sport and the players are the stars of the game. To appear presentable to audience, the players should also have a star appeal.



With proper baseball glasses, the player’s eyes could be protected from impact, injury, and diseases. Especially in the open sun, ultraviolet and other harmful forms of radiation are very prominent.

Protective glasses could prevent photokeratitis, macular degeneration, blindness, and even eye cancer. A great bonus could be the winning of the team.


Best Baseball Sunglasses

Siren Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Siren Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Variety of Choices; Flexible; Super lightweight


The frame is made of plastic material. This material is durable and therefore offers long time of service

The frame moreover, is designed with an effective ideal size. The dimensions are as follows: frame length of 140mm and a temple arm length of 140mm.

The makers of this sunglass ensure that the sunglasses effectively fit the user and eliminates the chances of slipping off and falling down. People prefer durability, so this eyewear is designed with a wide design to prevent breakage even if they fall.

This sunglasses is super light and effectively rest on the user’s face without causing much or any discomforts. The frame is made of flexible TR90 nylon material which is effective for outdoor sports activities such as baseball.

These lenses are capable of withstanding the slight force making them durable and resistance to breakage. They are wide and allow a huge span of area for vision.

These lenses enable the improvement of contrast and a depth perception whether outdoors or indoors. It also have versatile applications such as biking on a foggy day, hunting and targeting target shooting.

As if this is not enough, the siren polarized sunglasses are made to arm you against wilds of nature by being effective on high a note.

The black lens is polarized to protect unwanted light at all angles. This lens is perfect for any bright day.


RIVBOS Rb831 Polarized Sports Sunglasses

The Best Baseball Sunglasses of 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Unisex; Mirror Coating Lenses; Plenty of Color Choices


The frame of RIVBOS (Rb831) is made up of Switzerland tr90 material. It is super light and has a stylish design. This pair of active eyewear features has an unbreakable frame that has the ability to bend under pressure without breaking.

It sits snugly and comfortably around the face and ensures that they stay at all times.

They come with an elastic sport belt in which you can interchange. Basically, you can strap or bow the eyewear. There is also a soft rubber pad that gives a comfortable feeling to the user as they undergo through their sports activities.

The fact that this sunglasses has a rubber nose pad, it is effective for sport activities. It reduces and prevents skin tension hence offering a desirable feeling when using it. It also has a unique spring design for effective and extreme flexibility.

These lenses eliminate scattered light and effectively protect the eyes. The most remarkable property of this eyewear is its resistance to impact and scratch. This also leads to higher durability.

This eyewear is made of the same material as that of the frame, which is the polycarbonate material. They come in different colors and materials; most of them being are black colored, coating, mirror, yellow, transparent and blue colored glasses.

The blue transparent lens cuts glare at all angles thus, maximizing visual clarity. The usage of this lens is optimized for outdoor activities involving bright light and snow. Basically, it is super cool for all sports enthusiast.


WOLFBIKE Polarized Sports Sunglasses

The Best Baseball Sunglasses of 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Variety of Choices; Super lightweight; Shatterproof material


The frame is super comfortable and durable compared to other eyewear. It bears the size of the user’s face and makes the frame fit perfectly.

Other than being super cool and comfortable, it has the capability of being worn together with your own sunglasses.

The frame is made from a more safe material that is durable and less prone to damages. So you don’t have to worry about the durability of the eyewear. This eyewear is provided with an elastic sport belt which you can interchange when you like it to be strap or bow.

These lenses moreover, are made of high quality shatterproof pc material that is durable enough for long time use. Users of this eyewear can confirm that the lenses are more than durable.

The wolfbike sunglasses is equipped with different type of lenses. It is polarized and protects the eyes against sunlight.

The other four lenses are colored and performs according to the color and properties of each lens. This eyewear is one of the best and every sportsman should possess. This is because it offers protection without necessarily disturbing the comfort of the user.


J+S Active Plus Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

The Best Baseball Sunglasses of 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Polycarbonate Lenses; Variety of Color


They are very comfortable and do not hurt at all. Their arms are also flexible and this makes them easy to fit on different head sizes. The nosepieces are made of silicone and do not have many ridges. This gives them a firm grip around your nose.

One of the most outstanding features of these sunglasses is their ability to block Ultra Violet rays through their polarized lenses. They have a rating of 400 UV protection.

The lenses are tough, scratch resistant, lightweight and have a high optical clarity. They are 10 times resistant to impact as compared to glass or plastic lens. This makes them to be a perfect choice for outdoor activities and makes them to last longer.

These glasses come with a molding and encompassing frame which contains ant-slip legs to ensure that they stick well behind your ears.


Bottom Line

Baseball glasses aim to optimize the user’s experience in playing baseball by providing utmost comfort and protection. Wearing glasses in the field should not be a hindrance from playing. Rather, it should be taken as a proper personal protective equipment.

I hope that you find this buyer’s guide helpful in terms of providing information about baseball sunglasses. If ever you have more questions or concerns about these types of sunglasses, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to help you.


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  1. Hey John,
    Great information regarding baseball glasses. It’s funny, I never really thought about the fact there would be sunglasses specifically for baseball but it makes total sense.
    I just joined my works baseball team and we will begin practicing next month. After reading your reviews I think I am going to purchase the Wolf Bike polarized glasses. Besides looking really cool they also seem to offer the best all around value.
    Thanks for the great reviews!
    Mat A.

    1. Actually, there are different kinds of sunglasses depending on the sports that you are playing. So for baseball, you need snugly fitted eyewear in order to keep it in your face while moving.

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