Top 20 Best Computer Glasses Of 2019: Read This Before Investing Your Money!

Best Computer Glasses

Are you working all day in front of digital devices such as computer, laptop or even your cellphone? Are you suffering from eye strain and other related issues because of too much exposure to blue light?  Do you want to know if there is a way to prevent this problem? Well, I suggest that you read this article in order to learn more about this issue and how computer glasses can help you solve your concern.


If you spend most hours of your day exposed to blue light, you must have experienced difficulty at night trying to get some sleep. The truth is that you can’t spend a day without getting exposed to this light since you have to use digital devices which emit the blue light. If you were to avoid the use of electronic devices then, your life would just come to a standstill. You’ll get disconnected from the world.

Most individuals that suffer from lack of sleep don’t know that using their computers, tablets or smartphones during the night contribute to that.

Instead, they blame themselves for overworking during the day and getting too tired to even fall asleep. Others can’t just understand why they take too long before falling asleep.

Sleep is an optimal pillar of health meaning that if you fail to sleep well, you’ll be exposing your body to serious health risks.

Sleep restores the brain and thus not getting enough sleep can damage a lot of systems in your body which can then lead to a lot of health problems.


Blue Light and Its Sources

Blue light is simply a short light wavelength with the highest amount of energy. We get our daily doses of blue light from the sun. This blue light alerts our minds that it’s day time and thus very useful as it improves our performance and mood.

We also get blue light from artificial light. Blue light illuminates our homes, streets and even offices. The digital devices that we own for example computers, TV’s, tablets and smartphones emit large amounts of this blue light meaning a day can’t pass without you getting exposed to this light.

Blue light disturbs the circadian rhythms and interferes with the 24-hour biological clock that controls our sleep and wake cycle. In addition to that, this light exposes us to serious diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, depression, and even cancer.

Best Computer Glasses

If you get exposed to blue light in the evening, the hormone melatonin that alerts your body that it’s time to sleep gets suppressed. As a result, you end up taking a long time before falling asleep and in some cases not sleeping at all.

If you fail to sleep well at night, the next day will be one hell of a day for you. Fatigue, bad foods, sleeping episodes at your place of work will follow you all day long.

Your productivity will inevitably decrease.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Not for Eye Strain?

Most people believe that blue light blocking glasses help in reducing eye strain only. The truth is that these glasses have a lot of benefits.

With them, you won’t suffer from eye irritation, blurriness, eye redness, glare, age-related macular degeneration and most importantly, the glasses will keep your eyes safe from permanent vision loss.

Best Computer Glasses

Blue light glasses will also help you to sleep better. These glasses limit exposure from digital devices keeping your eyes safe at all times.

Most of these glasses use blue light blocking technologies that block the harmful blue light from reaching your eyes and only lets through the less harmful light.

These blue light blocking glasses also have blue light filters that filter all the harmful blue light. Some even come with tints that help keep the wearer’s eyes safe from blue light.

Some of these tints have a lulling effect and wearing them at night will help you fall asleep within a short time.

The good thing about these blue light blocking glasses is that you do not have to wear them all day long for you to sleep faster and longer. Just wear them at least for three hours before bedtime, and you’ll see the magic they’ll work on you.

You can use that time to watch a movie or read a book.


Other Blocking Methods

If you don’t want to use blue light blocking glasses every other day, some other options exist that can help to block the blue light enabling you to sleep better;

You can install apps on your computer, smartphone or tablet that automatically adjust the color and level of brightness on your screen. When it’s dark, the screen color changes to an orange hue that keeps your eyes safe. The orange color will have a lulling effect, and you’ll start feeling sleepy within no time.

Limit your exposure to blue light by turning off lights one to two hours before retiring to bed.

Getting yourself an orange or red reading lamp that doesn’t emit blue light.
If you have to access light at the middle of the night, avoid switching on the lights. Instead, use a small night light.

Limit the level of brightness on your smartphone or computer. Some computers even have the night mode setting that helps to minimize your exposure to blue light.


Type of Computer Glasses

Basically, computer glasses are just simple eyeglasses. The only difference is that each type of computer glasses has is its lenses. Listed below are the types of computer glasses.

Book Computer Glasses

As suggested by its name, these computer glasses are purposely tailored for reading. The lenses have a strong focus on a maximum distance of 3 feet (0.91 m). This type provides a large field of vision.

This type of glasses is commonly used by students who are always reviewing and for professionals who are constantly on their laptops for their work.

Desk Computer Glasses

This type of glasses has lenses that could provide the user a clear vision of up to 6.5 feet (1.98 m). The user is oriented in near to intermediate distance from the screen to see clearly. These glasses are used to get high-quality, natural vision.


These glasses provide a clear vision of up to 13 feet (3.96 m), the size of the typical room. These glasses are useful for presenters.

When wearing these glasses, it is as comfortable as nothing is worn at all. Yet, these glasses provide the protection computer glasses should have.

Best Computer Glasses of 2018


How Does It Work?

The magic of computer glasses is ingrained in its lenses. As mentioned previously, radiation emitted by light-emitting diode (LED) devices are filtered by the lenses of computer glasses.

The harmful radiation could be characterized by blue light and ultraviolet (UV) light. Blue light is just a part of the visible light spectrum. It brings eye strain and its symptoms like headache, dizziness, fatigue, dryness, redness, and even melatonin imbalance that further causes inability to sleep quickly.

As the color wheel suggests, blue is complimentary to yellow. Many traditional computer glasses have stark yellow lenses to counter blue light. In this situation, almost all the blue light is reflected off the surface, even the beneficial ones.

The beneficial blue light could treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and boosts alertness, cognitive function, and memory. There are more advanced blue light filters nowadays that remain clear while protecting the eyes from harmful blue light and allowing the beneficial blue light to pass through.

Some of this technology is acquired by incorporating a blue-light absorbing monomer to the matrix of the lenses. Through this, the blue-light filter would not chip off or deteriorate over time in quality.

Best Computer Glasses of 2018

On the other hand, UVs are more harmful rays than blue light. It sits at the farther right of the spectrum, has shorter wavelengths yet travels in high frequencies, and is more energetic. Yet, the harm brought by these nasty waves of radiation are almost negligible for LED devices.

Yes, digital devices emit a small amount of UV, but it is converted into white light by the phosphors present inside the diode. Anyhow, there are UV blockers in the form of metallic oxides or organic compounds that could be coated or incorporated in the lenses.

Sometimes, blue light blocking glasses has blue light reflecting on its surface. This glare creates a blue to green metallic sheen on the surface of the lenses. Anti-reflective (AR) coatings are also called anti-glare coatings for glares and the metallic sheen are almost the same in principle.

AR coatings virtually eliminate the reflection of light from the lenses by allowing 99.5% of available light to pass through the lenses. AR coatings are made of “multiple microscopic layers of metallic oxides of alternating high and low index of refraction.” Each oxide has a different reaction to a specific wavelength of light.

Therefore, the more layers of different oxides there is, the more reflections are neutralized.

Best Computer Glasses of 2018


Tips on What To Look For

First and foremost, the consumer should know the distance of his or her eyes to the source of radiation most of the time. This is to help him or her decide which type of computer glasses should he or she buy.

Simple yellow tinted glasses could easily counter blue light. Yet, the yellow coating could chip off the lenses’ surface; thus, deteriorating the quality of the product.

Much better computer glasses are those that contain blue light blocking material incorporated in the lenses. The only thing that is a disadvantage at this point is the high cost of producing the latter. Yet, the latter is more durable and more effective in filtering blue light.

There is no need in having UV filters since the amount of UV light is almost negligible to bring harm to the user’s eyes.

Finally, the AR coating is important in helping the user to be less distracted by the reflections generated on the lenses’ surface. Also, having AR coating makes the glasses more aesthetically appealing. Audience could appreciate looking at a presenter’s face for there is no metallic sheen forming on the outer surface.

Best Computer Glasses of 2018



Computer glasses reduce the chances of the user getting eye strain and its symptoms.

With this, he or she could concentrate on his or her work for longer periods of time. Also, the correct computer glasses could diminish distraction to the user and to the people that sees him or her.

  • Reduce Eyestrain

Using computer glasses will help to ease eye strain which comes as a result of working or maybe playing video game on your computer for long hours. Consistent eye strain gives eye problems such as cataracts and eye lesions.

To avoid getting this eye complication, ensure that you take regular breaks to help the muscles of your eyes to relax. Also, get yourself a pair of computer glasses.


  • Reduce Eye Redness

Have you ever stepped from your house and the first person you came across asked you whether you’ve been crying the whole night, and you wondered the reason for that question? Red eyes will always make you feel uncomfortable. You have to answer a lot of nagging questions.

Computer glasses come in handy in keeping your eyes clear at all times. Eye redness will remain to be a thing of the past thanks to these glasses.


  • Reduce Eye Fatigue

Staring at a computer or any other digital device will make your eyes get tired easily if you do it for long hours. While working on a laptop, one tends to blink less, and this leads to dry, itchy and burning eyes.

Using computer glasses will help your eyes to overcome these problems. You should also try to take regular breaks from your laptop while working for better results.


  • Controls Age-related Macular Degeneration

Prolonged exposure to blue light from digital devices exposes you to the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration. This eye disorder may lead to permanent vision loss and is the leading cause of blindness to people over 55 in the world. Using computer glasses while working will help in controlling and preventing this situation.


  • Treats Computer Vision Syndromes

Should you stare at a computer for a long time, there is a very high chance of you contracting computer vision syndromes. The syndromes range from pain in the eyes, eyesores, dizziness and lack of sleep. These problems may prevent you from carrying out your daily activities, and the worst thing is that you may fail to know the cause of the sufferings.

Using a pair of computer glasses will enable you to sleep soundly and relieve you of the pain from your eyes.


  • Reduce Eye Blurriness

Using a digital device for an extended period may lead to blurriness in your eyes. The situation makes it very difficult for an individual to carry out tasks alone as they may even encounter dangerous accidents especially when driving. With a good pair of computer glasses, the condition is reversible, and within days of using them, you’ll have your healthy eyes back.


  • Help to Increase Productivity

When suffering from eye strain among other disorders, you can never run your errands in the same way you used to before. You can even lose your job for reduced productivity. When suffering from blurriness, you can’t drive your car!

To better your position, consider going for a pair of computer glasses. You will surprise many with the outcome. You will avoid confrontations from your lecturer due to late submission of assignments and even wow your boss with excellent results.


Other benefits are as follows:

  • Prevents eye related issues such as red, dry eyes and eye strain.
  • Increased work productivity.
  • Gives proper focus on the digital screen.
  • Reduces glare and brightness of the screen.


Helpful Tips on Using the Computer Glasses

Before we proceed with the list, I suggest that you give time in reading these helpful tips that can aid you in better handling of the glasses. This will ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your eyewear.

  • Some of the glasses are prone to dust so it is important to keep them inside their cases to keep the dust from forming.
  • It is also important to keep that glasses on the protective case when not in use to prevent damages from sudden fall.
  • When cleaning the lenses, you should use the given microfiber cloth in order to keep the lenses from scratches or damages.


The Importance of Computer Glasses

If your work demands you to use a computer for long hours in a day, more than 5 to be precise, you need to equip yourself with a pair of computer glasses. The glasses will help in keeping your eyes safe from disorders related to the harmful blue light from this digital device.

Today, you can never enter an office and fail to see a computer. The reason for this is because digital devices have become part of our lives and we almost can’t do anything without them. The more we use them, the more we become exposed to eye dryness, fatigue among other problems

Computer glasses are different from regular glasses since they are specifically designed to ease eye strain. At a computer distance of 20-26 inches, the lenses will address all your needs without exposing you to risks. You will be in a position to focus more accurately and with minimal effort.


Features That Make Computer Glasses Very Useful

  • Anti-reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coatings help to reduce the glare that bounces off your computer screen or any other digital device that you may be using. The coating is applied on the surface of the lens and allows more light to pass into your eyes giving you a sharper and clearer vision.

The coating enables your vision to remain clear by keeping dust and fingerprints from lingering on the lens. However, since some of the coatings may be susceptible to scratches, you have to be very careful when handling them.

Use a soft cloth to clean them.

  • Glass Color Tinting

The glass color tinting helps in increasing the screen’s contrast making it easier for your eyes to focus on the screen. Some glasses have tinting that enhances the contrast without making it harsh for your eyes.


Best Computer Glasses

I have listed some of the important pros and cons of these glasses and I hope that you will find this useful. This list is based on performance, aesthetic appearance and especially affordability. By the way, this is not in chronological order.

After giving you some helpful tips on handling the glasses, Let us now discuss about the best computer glasses that you can have.

Here is the list of best computer glasses that you can take advantage of.

  • J+S Vision Blue Light Computer Glasses
  • Gamma Ray 003
  • Cyxus Unisex Computer Glasses
  • Spektrum Premium Computer Glasses
  • Gamma Ray 010 Slim Vintage Computer Glasses
  • LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • Klim Optics Computer Glasses
  • Spektrum Prospek Computer Glasses
  • Eyekepper Vintage Computer Glasses
  • Eyekepper Readers Spring Hinges Computer Eyeglasses
  • Gamma Ray 801 Classic Computer Reading Glasses
  • EyeYee Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • DUCO Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses
  • ElementsActive Fitover Anti-Blue Blocking Computer Glasses
  • Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses
  • Bukos Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses
  • GAMEKING Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Computer Glasses
  • Swanwick Sleep Computer and Gaming Glasses
  • Gunnar Optiks PPK Unisex Gaming Glasses
  • DUCO Optiks Clip-On Computer Glasses


J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Glasses

Best Computer Glasses of 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Low Color Distortion; Anti Blue Light


  • Low Color Distortion
  • Cheaper
  • Includes Accessories


  • No Magnification can be disadvantage for some People

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Glasses is a protective eyewear that claims to offer help in fighting the most regular present day eye issues.

What I like about these glasses is the beautiful black polished frame that increases their luster and shine. These frames are a great fit for all head sizes, for both males and females.

The nose pads attached to the ends of the bridges help in distributing the frame pressure uniformly that helps in reducing the frame marks after an extended usage. The frame material is a high-quality hybrid plastic that provides tensile strength as well as great looks to the lenses.

The lenses can block about 90% of the high-energy blue light and about 70% of the low-energy blue light. 

Inside your package, you will find several things. There is a protective hard J+S shell, and cleaning fabric specially designed for cleaning the lenses and the glasses themselves.


Gamma Ray 003 Comfortable Computer Readers Glasses

Best Computer Glasses of 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Light weight; Affordable

  • Helps prevent Eye Strain / Head Ache
  • Made of Light Material
  • Includes a Case that will help to Protect the Lenses
  • Not that Strong Yellow Tint
  • Cheap
  • Wide variety to choose from Including those with Magnification


  • Possibility of Spots in the Frames
  • Some may find the light yellow tint not enough
  • Takes some time to be used to it

Gamma Ray 003 Glasses is specifically designed to reduce the eye strain that is caused by long hours of using digital devices such as computer, laptop, cell phones and even tablet.

The frame is made up of ultra light weight and flexible TR90 material (plastic like material). It is designed for long term use and increased durability.

Like what the they say about the frame, it is light and it feels like nothing when you wear it. But for those who have just started using glasses, it may feel uncomfortable at first. But later on, you will just get used to it.

The lenses used in Gamma Ray 003 is amber tinted.

It is used to minimize the digital eye strain caused by the blue light from the digital screens you are using.

Another thing that I like about this pair of glasses is it includes a frame carrying case and also a cleaning cloth.


Cyxus Unisex Computer Glasses

Cyxus Unisex Computer Glasses Review

Product: Cyxus Unisex Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Transparent Lens; Simple Frame; Affordable


  • Affordable
  • Simple frames
  • Transparent Lenses
  • Lightweight


  • Cleaning the lenses may take some time
  • Durability can be improved

Cyxus glasses are designed in a classic and wayfarer style. This is the style commonly employed in sunglasses. In reading or anti-radiation glasses, this style is the current trend. It gives the user a chic, nerdy look.

The nose bridge is spaced at 15 mm. This gap is a bit narrow and may create more space between the lenses and the eyes. This creates more opportunity for harmful rays to pass through. Hence, less protection. But it is not enough to give you a hard time.

The frame is colored black. Having a neutral and universal color, these glasses may be paired with any outfit for different occasions. The frame also contains a metal strip on the edge of the eyes, adding to the overall elegance exuded by the frame.

The material of the frame is plastic. Compared to metals, plastic is lighter in weight and is resistant to corrosion. However, a common complaint on the frames is its joint and its inelasticity. Because the arms may be too tight for some heads, if the user forced the eyewear to fit, the arms may break in half or it could be detached from the joint.

The lenses go with the shape and size of the frame. The lenses may overwhelm the user’s face but there would be no issue in protection.

The larger the lenses, the greater the surface area covered; thus, more harmful rays are filtered or blocked suggesting better protection for the eyes. Its dimensions are 53 mm x 47 mm.

n fact, Cyxus lenses passed the blue ray tester. This confirms that almost 90% of blue light is blocked. Blue light is found at the far left end of the visible spectrum. It travels at 400 to 450 nm wavelengths.

Included in the package is an envelope-styled case which protects the glasses from foreign materials such as moisture, oil, grease, dust, and the like.

It may as well protect from mechanical breakage and impact at certain extent. A microfiber cleaning cloth may also come as well.


Spektrum Premium Computer Glasses

Best Computer Glasses of 2018

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Blue Light and Glare Blocking


  • Not that Costly
  • Instant Eye Strain Relief
  • Durable and Stylish


  • No Other Accessories Included
  • Tinting may be Unusual at First

The temples of this Spektrum glasses should be headgear compatible. This means that you should not face any problem when using your headphones while the glasses are still on.  

They use modern technologies that help them in filtering the blue spectrum from the light and enhance the image quality for the eyes.

The lenses also have a special Amber tinting on them. This tinting helps the user in increasing the number of hours in front of the monitors. While wearing these lenses, you can work all day long without having any headaches and dry red eyes at the end of your day.

Spektrum does not offer any other special accessories with the glasses. On opening the package, you would find the glasses, wrapped in a lustrous sheet of fabric, a small cleaning cloth with a small manual and a card.


TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

Product: TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Plenty of Choices; Plastic Lens


  • Very affordable
  • Great fit
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Great quality and design


  • Big for smaller faces
  • Nose pads irritate the nose

The glasses have a metal gold plated frame and oval in shape, a feature that gives them a very classic look. Whether you are wearing the glasses to the office or to match with your favorite outfit, you’ll still rock.

he frame of the glasses is very light enabling you to wear them for the longest time possible.

You might even forget that you have the lenses on your face. Due to the excellent weight and comfortable fit, you will never get imprints on your face.

The glasses have a plastic lens, clear enough to enable adequate light to pass through to your eyes. The lens has a width of 52mm, wide enough to give you a large field of vision at all times. The plastic demo lenses provide the glasses with a very stunning look and wearing them will make you the center of attention.

The glasses come with a cleaning cloth and a soft bag. The fabric makes it easy for you to clean the lenses ensuring that they do not get scratches.

The soft bag, on the other hand, is for storing the lenses when not in use. The pouch may not offer a 100% safety to your glasses, and you should, therefore, consider getting a better accessory for that purpose.


Gamma Ray 010 Vintage Computer Glasses

Gamma Ray 010 Slim Vintage Computer Glasses Review

Product: Gamma Ray 010 Slim Vintage Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Reflective; Anti Glare; Affordable


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Stylish Frames
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t provide hard case
  • Cleaning the lenses may take some time

The frames are patterned from the classical era. It is vintage in style and color sporting a classical black and tortoise color. Both colors are neutral so the glasses can be paired with any kind of outfit. Because of the colors and style, the glasses add a flavor of sophistication to the user especially with the metal strips placed on its temples.

The frame is perfectly sculpted in such a way that it rests easily on the key facial features such as the nose and the ears.

The material is made from TR90 – a polymer perfected by Swiss technology to adjust for the user’s facial features. Because of this, the material is flexible and can conform to any face shape and size and is resistant to mechanical breakage and corrosion.

It also absorbs impacts and shocks so it is also durable and long-lasting. Another advantage of this material is its lightness in weight with an actual weight of 1.6 ounces.

The lenses are amber in color but this doesn’t show when the user is wearing the glasses. The user’s eyes can still be seen by other individuals so facial expression through the eyes do not need to be compromised.

This tint is important because it helps in blocking and reflecting off harmful high-frequency blue light emitted by cellular devices, laptops, computers, television screens, and even fluorescent lights.

The amber tint may cause color distortion on the images viewed through the lenses but it is quite insignificant. Nevertheless, the tint improves the contrast of the images thus making an illusion that it appears sharper and clearer. Thus, the tint also reduces glare and is important in office setting.

In addition to the great features brought by the Gamma Ray Optics Eyewear, it also comes with a complimentary frame carrying case and a cleaning cloth that follows the style and color of the eyewear itself.


LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

Product: LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Scratch; Transparent Lens


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Cheap
  • Comfortable fit


  • Makes everything to appear yellow at the beginning.

The lenses have a frame made from the Germany Bayer material that makes the pair very light. You will wear the glasses for the whole day and still feel like you never had them on your face at all.

Made by an innovative design by the manufacturer, the frame will make you look great in the glasses. No one will giggle or joke behind your back, something that usually happens when you wear lenses that make you look funny. With this pair, you’ll have the confidence to use it even in public.

The glasses have a precision engineered blue light filter that helps in filtering away 39% of high energy blue light from digital devices. With this pair, you will never suffer from eye fatigue, eye redness, and even eye strain.

The lenses will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun if you step out with them since they have a UV filter that filters 100% of the hazardous ultraviolet rays. The lenses also have a special coating that helps in minimizing reflections.

The glasses come with a microfiber pouch, a hard protective case that stores the pair safely, one pair of silicon hair hooks and a screwdriver. The microfiber bag will help you to carry or clean the lenses while the screwdriver will help when you need to fix them.

The glasses will help you to keep your eyes safe at all times when working on your computer. You will also read from your tablet without exposing your eyes to disorders like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration among others.


Klim Optics Computer Glasses

Klim Optics Computer Glasses Review

Product: Klim Optics Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Affordable; High Quality


  • Very affordable
  • Protects one from eye diseases
  • Super light
  • Very durable


  • Gives you a yellow tint at the beginning
  • It has no magnification.
  • Not appropriate to persons with big heads.

TR90, a very robust but light material, partly makes the frame of the glasses. They are light weight that you can’t even feel them on your nose. Remember that it is better to have lesser weight on the frame as you’ll be in a position to use them for more extended hours.

If you have a smaller head, the glasses will fit appropriately since the frames are more modest and adequate for such persons.

The glasses are German made. Basically, it is made of high quality materials so the eyewear is perceived to be very durable. The lenses for these particular glasses are clear helping you to see the contents of your screen.

The glasses come with a hard case that helps you store them and keep them safe. This way, you can leave them on your desk or carry them to work without the fear that they might get destroyed.

The two bright nose pads that come along with the purchase helps the glasses to sit comfortably on your nose.

The lenses help by protecting you from eye disorders such as cataracts and also ensure that you get a peaceful rest at night. You’ll, therefore, have enough energy to continue with your escapades on the following day now that you’ve relaxed.


Spektrum Prospek Computer Glasses

Spektrum Prospek Computer Glasses Review

Product: Spektrum Prospek Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Stylish Design; Light Tint on Lenses


  • Cleaning the lenses is not a problem
  • Includes protective case
  • Reasonable Price
  • Anti Blue light and UV


  • Stylish Design may not be appreciated by some people 

Under the Prospek name, Spektrum uses a thin polycarbonate frame that has a black and yellow gem-like design.

The frame employs a modified wayfarer design. It spans a total of 137 mm (5.38 in) from temple to temple. The nose bridge extends to nose pads. Each temple is connected to an arm by classic metal screws acting as hinges.

These are primarily anti-radiation glasses blocking 50% of blue light emanating from radiation-emitting devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, cellular phones, television screens, and even fluorescent lights.

Harmful blue light could make the eyes sore, itch, dry, redden, irritated, and get tired and blurred. It also leads to dizziness, headache, and insomnia for blue light could disrupt the normal levels of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.

Prospek by Spektrum comes in a rectangular hard case that is enough to protect the glasses from foreign agents that may cause staining and/or corrosion, as well as external factors that could lead to mechanical breakage.


Eyekepper Vintage Computer Glasses

Eyekepper Vintage Computer Glasses Review

Product: Eyekepper Vintage Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti-Reflective; Blue light Blocking


  • Cheap
  • Instant Eye Strain Relief
  • Includes Accessories


  • Tint May be Unusual at First

The frame is structured in such a manner that they fit every head size and are forged from high-quality material that rivals optical glass. The material used not only provides sturdiness but also helps in maintaining the luster on the frame. You can also choose your perfect fit from a collection of fourteen sizes.

Till now these computer glasses are made available in three different colors that are; Black, Tortoise, and 15023Gold. The specifications for the frames, according to the frame color are all the same. However, may vary with the sizes. 

The lenses use i-AMP Technology that filters the light to give a perfect and clear vision. Lenses work by filtering the incoming light beam and reflecting back all the dangerous wavelengths from the entire spectrum. These harmful wavelengths include blue light spectrum and other UV radiations that can cause damage to the eyes.

In the package, you will find a lustrous sleeve of fabric with glasses, a cleaning cloth and a hard zipper case for protecting the glasses. Eyekeepers have also provided a manual for you so that you can get familiar with all the parts of the glasses. The small sleeve of fabric that has the glasses wrapped in it can be used as a cover for a long time.


Eyekepper Readers Computer Glasses

Eyekepper Readers Spring Hinges Computer Eyeglasses Review

Product: Eyekepper Readers Spring Hinges Computer Eyeglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Glare; Spring hinges


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Variety of choices
  • Includes case and cloth
  • Anti Glare and Anti UV


  • Blue light protection can be improved
  • Cleaning the lenses may take some time

The frame of this Eyekepper model goes by the common style of eyeglasses where the rims are rectangular in shape having curved edges. It widens up to 138 mm (5.43 in) from temple to temple with a nose bridge spaced at 13 mm (0.51 in).

The rims extend to provide nose pads lining the nose bridge. Each is connected to an arm via spring hinges. The springs are protected by a part of the arm. The arms have a length of 135 mm (5.31 in).

The lenses are colored with yellow, amber, or orange tint to block 30.38% of blue light. The lenses also offer 100% blocking of ultraviolet (UV) and other kinds of radiation. Glare is reduced by the lenses. Additional features of the lenses include anti-scratch, anti-static, and anti-fog.

The hard zip case of this Eyekepper model is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) – a kind of polymer which has proven to be inherently flexible, tough, and has a high chemical resistance and high friction coefficient.

Its being quite inert allows the case to be efficient in protecting the glasses from foreign agents. It also has a buoyancy that prevents the case and the glasses inside to sink. This is perfect for water-related activities.

The designs, colors, and style of this Eyekepper model is classic and universal. Hence, this glasses could be worn by anyone, anywhere, and with any outfit for any occasion. This style is not restricted to a particular age, race, skin color, personality, or gender group.


Gamma Ray 801

Gamma Ray 801 Classic Computer Reading Glasses Review

Product: Gamma Ray 801 Classic Computer Reading Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Lightweight


  • Instant Eye Strain Relief
  • Cheap
  • Includes Case and Cleaning Cloth
  • Has Warranty


  • Yellow Tint May be Unusual for some people
  • Takes some time to get used with the lenses

The frames are designed to perfectly fit on any face shape. The reduced frame height really helps in increasing the grip stats and vision. Most lenses, if used for long duration without regular breaks cause headaches and stress, but these are entirely different from those average lenses. I must day that the material used in manufacturing the lens frame is of high quality.

The lens used provides a tolerable magnification power.  It is not like prescription glasses that corrects your vision problems. It actually helps to prevent the major causes of eye strain.

When eye muscles get weaker or damaged, they are not able to produce right focal length for the natural eye lens, which causes a blur effect on the images formed on the retina.

This 10$ valuable piece of craft, come with a frame protector cover. The cover ensures the safety for the frame and protects it from scratches. Normally, you have to buy the protective coverings for the eye care glasses separately, but here you get the benefit of both, which makes it a huge plus-point for the lenses.

One thing that made me somehow hesitant about it is the yellow tint of the lenses. But then I still managed to get used to it. The yellow shade of the lenses seemed unusual at first, but it has helped in avoiding the headaches and watery eyes and enabled me to use them for even longer duration.


EyeYee Blue Light Blocking Glasses

EyeYee Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

Product: EyeYee Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Transparent Lenses; Unisex


  • Very light
  • Has 30-day money back guarantee
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Very fashionable
  • Very affordable


  • Lens and hinges squeak when wearing
  • May not reflect the light fully

The frames are made of light plastic material that helps you to carry out more tasks during the day as you might even forget that you are wearing them. This feature helps to ease pressure on your nose as well.

The lens of the glasses is transparent while giving maximum protection to your eyes. With the glasses, you’ll see everything clearly on the screen without color distortions. You’ll also see all the writings and images without straining your eyes.

The lenses also have an antiglare property which reflects the blue light. Basically, it protects you from eye dryness and melatonin which causes difficulties in sleeping.

The glasses come with one hard case for storing them. The casing ensures that the lenses remain safe when not in use. The purchase also comes with a soft cleaning case that prevents scratches during the cleaning process.

The glasses excellently block the blue light that might otherwise destroy your eyes. Eye strain gets reduced, and you can, therefore, spend more hours working on a project using your computer.


Duco Blue Light Glasses

DUCO Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Review

Product: DUCO Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Glare; Amber Tinted Lenses


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Unisex
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable


  • No magnification
  • May not fit persons with small heads as the lenses and frame are big.

The frame material, TR90, makes it very sturdy and durable. Should you purchase a pair of these glasses, you’ll get the chance to keep your eyes safe and for a very long time. It is not easy for the frame of the glasses to break.

The fact that the glasses have spring loaded temples enables you to use them comfortably. If you want them less tight on your head, or you have to do is loosen the screws to your liking and vice versa.

The lens of the glasses has an Amber Orange tint that blocks 90% of high energy blue light. This feature enables you to work for long hours since your eyes won’t get fatigued or suffer from blurriness. This technology efficiently protects and optimizes your vision when viewing content on electronic devices.

The glasses come with four bonus accessories: a superfine pouch, hard case, cleaning cloth and a mini screwdriver. When traveling, the bag and the casing come in handy. You’ll carry your glasses to your destination safely without worrying that they might break.

The fact the glasses’ return rate is 41% lower than that of similar products tells that the lenses perform the intended function better than any other brand. The glasses will shield you from eye strain, eye redness, dryness, macular degeneration among other blue light adverse effects.


ElementsActive Fitover Computer Glasses

ElementsActive Fitover Anti-Blue Blocking Computer Glasses Review

Product: ElementsActive Fitover Anti-Blue Blocking Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Amber Lenses; Universal Fit


  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable
  • Has a great fit


  • Not safe to use when driving
  • Makes everything orange

The frame is made of plastic material. It makes them very light to the extent that you might even forget that you have them on your face. This property makes it easier for you to work for long hours without feeling any pressure behind your ears.

It is designed is in such a way that the frame doesn’t fit too tightly behind your ears. If this happens, you will experience severe headaches every time you use the glasses. While using the lenses, expect to lose no hair as they do not pull any.

The glasses have Orange Amber Lens that helps in blocking blue light efficiently. This technology reduces eyestrain and migraines usually triggered by absorption of the harmful light emission from a digital screen.

The Orange Amber Lenses help to filter the 95% of the light wavelength between 450-520 nm. This protection is high compared to any other glasses of its kind as their filtering range is below 95%.

The glasses prevent long-term eye complications which may also lead to blindness. Your eyes become clear as well, thanks to the lenses. Headaches related to blue light become a thing of the past and dryness in the eyes gets eliminated as well.


Uvex Computer Glasses

Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Review

Product: Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: SCT – Orange Lens; Absorb Blue Light


  • Cheap
  • Help Relieve Eye Strain
  • Durable and Sturdy


  • No Accessories Included
  • Make take some time to get used to the tint

What I like the most about the glasses is that they are designed to be adjustable. You can adjust it a little to match your head size and shape.

The frame wraps around your head perfectly which provides a great grip to the glasses by which they can sit in their position for long durations. The frame structure also makes it sure that no direct light trespasses into the eye, hence providing the perfect protection.

The lenses of Uvex Skyper, use their Spectrum Control Technology to block almost all of the blue light entering our eyes.In fact, the statistical data showed that these lenses could block up to 98% of the blue light that falls on them directly.

The lenses do not have any magnification properties whatsoever. The Uvex Skyper lenses are just standard lenses with orange tinting and anti-fogging material, i.e., you would not be disturbed by the fog that seems to have formed on the lenses sometimes. The fog often times hinders the vision and also corrodes the tinting on the lenses.

The Uvex do not provide any extra items or accessories with the glasses package. If you need something else like for cleaning them and protecting them from some accidental falls, then you have to spend some extra bucks for getting these accessories separately.

The feedback from the people, after using these lenses for a while has been phenomenal. The glasses have relieved a great number of people from their eye issues and have helped in increasing their overall work productivity.


Bukos Blue Light Computer Glasses

Bukos Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Review

Product: Bukos Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: LED Light Protection; Gaming Glasses


  • Includes Case and Cleaning Cloth
  • Prevents Eye Strain
  • Transparent Tinting on the Lenses


  • Cleaning the lenses may take some time

This pair of Bukos glasses is of classical style which fits most face shapes and sizes.When wearing these glasses, the user is given a look of sophistication and formality.

Because of its black color, neutrality allows the glasses to be easily paired with any outfit for any occasion. Although the frame is made of plastic, it exudes a metallic gleam so it looks more expensive. Its style and color is unisex and fits any gender.

The frame is made of a material called TR90 – a polymer synthesized through Swiss technology. It is a thermoplastic meaning it can be shaped and remolded with heat unlike thermosets which breaks and cannot be reformed.

The lenses do not have that yellowish tint as other anti-radiation glasses do. Hence, less color distortion is experienced while wearing the glasses. Nevertheless, the lenses still serve its function by blocking or reflecting off 99.9% of harmful high-frequency blue light emitted by cellular devices, laptops, computers, television screens, and even fluorescent lights.

The glasses come with a complimentary carrying case that follows the style and color of the eyewear itself. This case helps to further protect they eyewear from damage and foreign material such as dust, water, oil, grease, etc.

It also comes with a high quality microfiber cloth that is soft to touch and effectively removes dirt, oil, grease, etc. from the lenses’ surface.


GameKing Clip-on Computer Glasses

GAMEKING Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Computer Glasses Review

Product: GAMEKING Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Comfortable and Convenient to Use


  • Frameless
  • Can be Used With Your Own Prescribed Lenses
  • Affordable
  • Plenty of Accessories Included


  • May be Fragile
  • Tinting on the Lenses May be Unusual at First

The lenses give you the full freedom of selecting your own preferred frame size and style. Some optimized frame specs for these lenses may include a full rim frame, with temples approximately 130-millimeter and a frame bridge of at least 18-millimeters. The lenses would work exceptionally well with any RX-Compatible frames.   

The amber tinting is present on the lenses so that it can slow down the highly vibrating waves of the blue light. In other words, this amber is responsible for preventing the blue light component in the incident light from reaching your eyes. Thus, protecting them from these harmful rays. The lenses help in increasing your concentration and ultimately lead to a better and healthy vision.

Gameking computer glasses come with a lot of absolutely free stuff. In the package, you’ll see one hard-case for protecting your glasses, one soft and exclusive Gameking cleaning fiber which is specially made for cleaning purposes only.

This eyewear does a lot of filtration in front of your eyes. The company claims that these glasses can block almost all the harmful radiations that enter the eyes. Actually, the effect of these glasses is evident from the number of people who have used them and are perfectly satisfied with their assistance.


Swanwick Sleep Computer Glasses

Swanwick Sleep Computer and Gaming Glasses Review

Product: Swanwick Sleep Computer and Gaming Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Blue Light Blocking; Light Weight


  • Flexible Frames
  • Eye Strain Reliever
  • Lightweight
  • Blue-light blocking lenses


  • Cleaning the Lenses May Take Some Time
  • No Hard Case Included

The frame is made from Acetate material which is slightly different from other regular frame materials like plastic or any typical alloy. The Acetate in the frame enables them to be extremely flexible and smooth.

he lenses are made from a high-end plastic material that is quite durable and strong. The tinted lenses deflect almost all the high energy radiations and protect the eyes from getting damaged due to this radiation.

The lenses also have capabilities for deflecting blue spectrums that are known to produce sleeping problems. The blue light, when enters the eye messes up a certain sleep regulating hormone and makes it unstable.

The glasses come tightly packed in a box with a special cleaning fabric for cleaning the lenses. Inside your package, you’ll will also find a soft fabric carry pouch which aids the in protecting your glasses.

Swanwick Sleep understands the importance of hard cases for protecting these type of glasses and hence, unlike any other brand, they include it in the package.

These glasses help significantly in reducing the number of harmful high-energy radiations that enters in the eye when exposed to the fluorescent light. It also helped a lot of people in curing their eye issues and maintaining healthy eyes over the period.


Gunnar Optics PPK Computer Glasses

Gunnar Optiks PPK Unisex Gaming Glasses Review

Product: Gunnar Optiks PPK Unisex Gaming Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Adjustable; Video Gaming Glasses; Amber Lens


  • Instant Eye Strain Relief
  • Adjustable and Sturdy
  • Reasonable Price


  • Tint Maybe Unusual at First
  • No Other Accessories Included

The frames of these Gunnars are adjustable so you don’t have to worry if your head is big or small. The flexible frame will fit any head size. The temple is rounded which gives them a better fit over your head.

 A 15-millimeter bridge between the two lenses makes the frame sit on your nose like a charm with no extra pressure, leaving absolutely no marks on your side nose part. The temples provide full support to your headgears, so that whenever you feel like putting those headphones, you don’t feel like taking the lenses off first. 

The lenses have tinting done on them and it is specifically called Amber tinting. The Amber tint which is present on the lenses help to reduce the eye strain. Thus, you can be able to work for a comparatively longer period of time.

As usual, Gunnars do not provide any extra accessories to their clients.  You will find a simple pouch containing the glasses itself in the package. There will also be a small book and a manual for operating the glasses. That little book is a warranty.

What I like the most about this glasses is the quality of the lenses. The filtration technique of the Gunnar glasses does what they claim.

The high energy radiation present in the incident spectrum is very harmful to the naked eye, and the lenses play a perfect role by blocking these for you. People have been really feeling relieved wearing these Gunnars in their day to day processes.


DUCO Optiks Clip-On Computer Glasses

Top 10 Best Computer Glasses 2018

Product: DUCO Optiks Clip-On Computer Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Amber Tint Lens; Rimless


  • Affordable
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Prevents Eye Strain
  • Easy to Clip on prescribed glasses
  • Increase work productivity


  • Cleaning may take some time
  • Tinting maybe Unusual at first

These lenses are specially designed for those people who can’t sacrifice their prescribed glasses in order to wear a protection glasses. By the help of these eyewear, you can keep your prescribed glasses as well as protect your eyes from every radiation that can cause damage in the eyes.

There is a yellow-colored coating on the lenses that makes them anti-glare and helps in reducing the extra brightness.

With these Clip-on Glasses, you will get a hard case for protecting the glasses, a soft carry pouch and a specially designed soft cleaning fabric made from microfibers.

This can be beneficial for anyone who are always in front of digital screens such as graphic designers, cad drafters, architects, accountant, doctor and even gamers.



Bottom Line

Blue light that comes from digital devices such as computers, tablets, TV’s and smartphone can limit one’s sleep if exposed to it for long hours and especially during the night.

If you are a light sleeper or have problems sleeping at night, get yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses (an amber tinted one is the best) and wear it for a few hours before you retire to bed and you’ll sleep like a baby.

Also, make good use of computer glasses if you usually spend long hours working in front of a computer or studying.

By the way, feel free to comment below your personal experience and opinion about all of this eyewear.


Best Regards,

John Rico

By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. This article is on point. Lately have been having eye strain and unable to sleep. Probably is as a result of exposure to blue light. The various computer glasses you mentioned are good enough to sọlve different issues on eye defects emanating from blue light emissions from our laptop and smartphones. I will have to make my order next week.


    1. I am glad that I have helped you. Computer eye strain should really be solved as soon as possible. This will enable you to prevent any other related eye problems in the future.

  2. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. This is insightful and I must say its a lovely review; I am just getting to know different types of computer eye glassesI appreciate the fact that you outlined how it worksThanks for sharing this lovely review. its well appreciated

    1. I am glad that you appreciated my effort to provide helpful information about computer glasses. Just let me know if you have more questions about this eyewear and how they can protect the eyes from the harmful blue light.

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