Top 5 Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses Under $99: Latest 2017 Reviews

Top 5 Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses


Gunnar is well known for their gaming glasses. They say that it is one of the best eyewear that gamers can use to minimize eye fatigue and strain caused by too much staring at digital screens. So I decided to make a list of the top 5 Gunnar computer gaming glasses that you can take advantage of.


These gaming glasses can benefit those people who are playing video games, console games, and also computer games. With the Gunnars’ patented lens technology, it promotes natural focusing that provides sharper and clearer vision.

This results to lesser eye strain that gives you a better gaming experience.

Before I talk about the top gunnar gaming glasses, let me give you first some helpful tips that will aid you in better handling the eyewear.


Helpful Tips for Better Handling of Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses

  • Always keep the glasses inside a protective case when not in use. These prevents the accumulation of dusts on the lenses that may give you more work when cleaning.
  • The case will also prevent any major damages if you accidentally drop the glasses on the floor.
  • When cleaning the lenses, only use the given micro fiber cloth or similar soft material. This will ensure that there will be no scratches made on the lens surface.


Now, let us start with the Top 5 Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses. These list is based on their effectiveness, quality of material used and over-all appearance.


Top 5: Gunnar Optiks VAY-00101 Vayper Gaming Glasses Review

Top 5 Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses


Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Headset Compatibility and Amber Lens Tint


Gunnar Optiks VAY-00101 Vayper computer glasses claim to protect the eyes from intense blue light and ultra violet component that can cause extensive damage to the eyes.

Gunnar has designed the frames in such a way that they fit quite well in all head sizes. The springs in the frame are bouncy, which makes it easier to wear. The springs also ensure that the temples get a firm grip on the head and need not be adjusted again and again.

The silicon made nose pads on the frame are really comforting. They do not leave any markings after extended usage and support the frame nicely. The lenses used in the Gunnar Optiks VAY-00101 Vayper are clearly of high quality. The Amber tint, present on the lenses makes them ideal for longer uses.

Top 5 Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses

The lenses also limit the air currents near the eyes, which can prevents some annoying effects like – increasing humidity, irritation and red eyes.

Gunnar Optiks VAY-00101 Vayper is like reading glasses for making your images more sharp and optimized. But you don’t need to worry if you have no vision problem because it doesn’t have that much magnification that will make you dizzy.

The frame supports all sizes of headphones and headsets, which I like the most. As I usually listen to music while working on my computer, so Gunnar Optiks VAY-00101 Vayper fulfills my major requirement.


Top 4: Gunnar Optiks SCO-00701 Steel Series Scope Gaming Glasses 

Top 5 Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Full Rim Glasses; Durable


Gunnar Optiks SCO-00701 is like a perfect ammunition for all the people out there battling red and dry eyes.

The frame of the glasses is specially made to be attractive and cool. It only weighs 25-grams so I must say that it is light weight. It is also designed in a way that they exert a minimum presser on the pressure points around their grip.

I also admire that the glasses have bridge that has exchangeable nose pads and internal springs which makes the glasses sit perfectly on your nose.

Gunnar Optiks SCO-00701 Steel Series Scope Video Gaming Glasses Review

What I like about this eyewear is that the lenses help in minimizing eye strain while using computers for a long period of time. Actually, the glasses are perfectly capable of aiding serious video gamers. As gaming includes a lot of concentration for longer periods, our eyes seem to be stressed a bit more when playing something seriously.

The lenses have a slight magnifying power but it is not that noticeable. You may feel uneasy on trying them for the first time but based on my experience, you will just get used to it.

People have genuinely accepted that these Gunnar glasses have helped them. These people suffered from various eye related issues in the past that were all resolved by using the lenses for full time.


Top 3: Gunnar Optiks PHA-05601 MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses

Top 5 Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses


Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Full Rim; Headset Compatible


Gunnar Optiks PHA-05601 MLG Phantom is a specially designed computer protective glasses that acts as a protection against various high energy radiation that can harm your eyes.

The frame of these Gunnar glasses is designed to fit all head sizes. Actually, what I like about this eyewear is the heat/carbon color of the frames. Aside from it is comfortable to wear, it is also fashionable

It is also headgear compatible, so wearing big and bulky headphone should not cause any trouble while surfing the internet. There are adjustable nose pads attached to each end of the frame bridge which help in the even distribution of all the pressure applied by the frame.

Gunnar Optiks PHA-05601 MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses Review

On the lenses, you would find a light tinting effect which makes things easier on the eyes. The tinting reduces the brightness which helps the eyes in better processing of images. Because of the said lens tint, you are able to increase your working hours exponentially hence resulting in a much better productivity.

The glasses do not have any significant magnification power on them. However, for a person with a perfect 20/20 vision, you may experience a slight magnification. This slight magnification is the reason for making computer usage easier and efficient.

The lenses in these Gunnar glasses effectively block most of the blue wavelength and allow only othersafe spectrums to pass through. The tinting on the lenses also helps in focusing by cutting the excess light rays which increase your productivity on whatever you do.


Top 2: Gunnar Optiks PPK Unisex Gaming Glasses 

Top 5 Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Adjustable; Amber Lens


Like the other gunnar glasses, this Gunnar Optiks PPK UNISEX Gaming Glasses also protect you from the harmful radiation that your eyes are exposed.

The frames of these Gunnars are adjustable so you don’t have to worry if your head is big or small. The flexible frame will fit any head size. The temple is rounded which gives them a better fit over your head.

The temples provide full support to your headgears, so that whenever you feel like putting those headphones, you don’t feel like taking the lenses off first.

Gunnar Optiks PPK Unisex Gaming Glasses Review

The Amber tint also helps if you are a gamer; you will be able to stare at the screen without much stress which will improve your concentration and help judge your opponent’s next move. The lenses are said to reduce the stress by removing or blocking the blue and high energy radiations from the incident light beams.

These lenses have a slight magnification. The magnification is there to help to make the characters on the screen clearer and popped out. Your eyes can take some time for adjusting to this magnification, so I suggest that you give it some time.

People have repeatedly reporting about how they have increased their productivity through the continuous use of the glasses. Video gamers also have immense benefits from this eyewear. 


Top 1: Gunnar Optiks INT-00101 Intercept Full Rim Advanced Video Gaming Glasses 


Top 5 Gunnar Computer Gaming Glasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Stylish Frame; Light Weight


Gunnar Optiks INT-00101 Computer Glasses are designed to aid those people who work non-stop in front of the computers or other bright display devices.

The frames are designed in such a manner that I think they’ll perfectly fit any face shape. The reduced frame height really helps in increasing the grip stats and vision. The manufacturer has taken all our needs into considerations, the slim ends of the frame also provide full support for your favorite headphones.

The glasses weight only 35-grams, as Onyx is used for manufacturing, which is known for its light weight and strength properties.

The lenses are covered with an amber tint which reduces all the damaging effects of the UV rays. The yellow color of the glass is because of the amber tint and I must say that it took me some time adjusting myself to the color. The yellow coating also assists in using the glasses for longer durations without any stress. 


Bottom Line

All of these gaming glasses serve the same purpose: protect the eyes from further damages caused by digital screens. Increased focus and efficiency are just bonuses that you can take advantage of.

Among the glasses included in this list, my personal choice is the PPK glasses. Aside from the fact that it is not that expensive, I like its over-all appearance.

Nevertheless, it still boils down to your own decision. I recommend that you take time in scrutinizing these glasses. In this way, you will get the most out of your spent money.

If ever you have personal experience about these glasses, please feel free to comment it below so we can share thoughts about it.


Best Regards,

John Rico



By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. Awesome.

    I never knew that eyeware for gamers were even a thing. Wow. This is so great.

    I am going to share this for sure.

    I loved the design and look of the Gunnar Optiks VAY-00101 Vayper. They look amazing. I am going to hop over to amazon and grab a pair. Thanks.

    1. Most people don’t know anything about these computer glasses so it would be great if we spread this helpful protection to everyone.

  2. Hi Jmvrico
    I have been gaming on the xbox for years but had never thought to purchase gaming glasses. Thanks for this great review as I often fin my eyes are tired and strained when spending hours on call of duty.
    Which are the best for first person shooter gaming ?

    1. If you want something that is top quality then you can look into these Gunnar glasses. But then, if you are not sure about the effectiveness of computer glasses, then you can start with the cheaper ones because gunnar eyewear is somehow expensive. Nevertheless, it provides premier protection againts blue light.

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