Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017: Check This Out!

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Computer eye strain has been a spreading problem in todays modern world. Are you looking for an effective eyewear that can help in your eye issues? Well, I suggest that you check this list of top rated computer glasses for the year 2017.

Blue light and UV rays are the most common causes of computer vision syndrome. These are usually emitted by digital devices such as computer, laptop, tablet and even mobile phones.

But in the recent years, researchers say that computer glasses can greatly help the eyes and protect it from these harmful rays.

There are already plenty of choices that you can look into. Some have amber tint and some are transparent. There are also glasses that are available for those people who already have their own prescription lenses.

That’s why, I decided to list the top rated computer glasses that you can take advantage. This list is based on the quality and effectiveness of the eyewear. So let us get started.


HyperX Gaming Eyewear

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: High Quality; Clear Lenses; Stylish Design


HyperX Gaming glasses claim to be superior in terms of protecting the eyes from the harmful blue light. Actually, HyperX just released these glasses recently.

The frame is sculpted in such a way that it distributes the weight evenly. It rests well on key facial feature; that is, the ears and nose.

Its nose pads are an extension of the frame. Since this eyewear is mainly used for gaming, the user sits most of the time when in front of a desktop. The frame is made of acetate – a nylon-based polymer which exhibits great flexibility, and durability.

The advantage of these lenses compared to other brands is its clarity with less color distortion.

The package includes a hard shell case with a cool, easy to carry, design and a pouch. Both prevents foreign materials like moisture, dust, oil, and grease from reaching the glasses.


Soxick Computer Glasses

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Glare; Anti Blue Light; Light Weight


The frames only come in black color. There is not much variety but this color is universal, neutral, and formal. It can be paired with any type of outfit of any color.

Both frames are made with aluminum magnesium alloy. This combination of metals is known for its durability, elasticity, strength, and lightness. This makes the whole ensemble resistant to mechanical breakage due to pressure and impact.

The lenses have noticeable yellowish tint on its surface. This tint is important in blocking of high frequency blue light coming from cellular phones, laptops, computers, tablets, television screens, and even fluorescent light.

The packaging of the product says it all. It comes with a bag, a box, carrying case, soft drafting case, wiping cloth, identification cards, and other more.


Bukos Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: LED Light Protection; Gaming Glasses


Bukos Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses are FDA approved glasses that claims to block 99%  of the harmful radiations that come from digital devices.

The frame is sculpted in such a way that it shall rest comfortably on key facial features like ears and nose. The nose pads are extensions of the frame and may restrict movements on the area.

The material is also flexible so it is less prone to mechanical breakage.

The lenses do not have that yellowish tint as other anti-radiation glasses do. Hence, less color distortion is experienced while wearing the glasses. Aside from which, oil and grease are also resisted by an anti-oil layer. Others include anti-screen flicker layer and anti-reflective layer.

The glasses come with a complimentary carrying case that follows the style and color of the eyewear itself. This case helps to further protect they eyewear from damage and foreign material such as dust, water, oil, grease, etc.


Gamma Ray 010 Slim Vintage Computer Glasses

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Reflective; Anti Glare; Affordable


The frames are patterned from the classical era. It is vintage in style and color sporting a classical black and tortoise color. The frame is perfectly sculpted in such a way that it rests easily on the key facial features such as the nose and the ears.

The material is made from TR90 – a polymer perfected by Swiss technology to adjust for the user’s facial features.

Because of this, the material is flexible and can conform to any face shape and size and is resistant to mechanical breakage and corrosion.

The lenses are amber in color but this doesn’t show when the user is wearing the glasses. The user’s eyes can still be seen by other individuals so facial expression through the eyes do not need to be compromised.

Nevertheless, the tint improves the contrast of the images thus making an illusion that it appears sharper and clearer.

In addition to the great features brought by the Gamma Ray Optics Eyewear, it also comes with a complimentary frame carrying case and a cleaning cloth that follows the style and color of the eyewear itself.


YJWB Computer Glasses

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Blue Rays; Anti Glare; Scratch Resistant Lenses


This YJWB eyewear sports a unique sleek design. In partnership with the black color, the user may use this eyewear for everyday use and even in formal gatherings.

The advantages brought by the material are numerous. This includes flexibility in which the material can conform to any face shape and size. The user will not have a hard time in adjusting the temples in case it is too tight.

The frame is also long-lasting. Breakage can be prevented because shock can be absorbed by the material.

At first glance, the yellow tint of the lenses is not noticeable so it is still safe to say that the yellowness is negligible. Less color distortion may occur.

In addition to the great features brought by the YJWB Eyewear, it also comes with a hard case, pouch, and a wiper.


Yizmo Wood Computer Gaming Glasses

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Wood Temples; Affordable; Reduces Eye Strain


The front part of the frame surrounding the lenses is made of acetate – a common type of polymer. The acetate is durable enough to withstand certain amount of force applied to it but is also prone to breakage unlike metal.

The good thing is that the material is lightweight.

The overall make-up of the frame is built in well-contrasting colors and material. An interesting way to design an eyewear.

Aside from the design, the lens itself are effective in blocking 92.5% of harmful blue light which causes different kinds of eye problems like eye strain, fatigue, redness, itchiness, headaches, etc.

As anyone would notice, the glasses are tinted yellow in color but the eyewear claims that normal color ratios remain slightly unaltered.

This tint may even improve the contrast of the image viewed through the glasses thereby making the glasses more suited for computer and video gaming.

This eyewear includes a black travel case which serves as a delicate container for the glasses and accompanying cleaning cloth.


Eyekepper Bamboo Wood Design Computer Glasses

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Wood Design Temples; Yellow Tinted Lenses


One of the features of the Eyekepper Bamboo Wood glasses in which they excel is the framesParticularly, the Bamboo Wood design is eye-catching since it reveals a great contrast of colors from a black front which houses the yellowish lens to a light-colored, wooden-designed temples.

Aside from which, the frames are made up of plastic material which makes the entire eyewear easy to carry and made comfortable to wear.

Visually, the lenses appear yellow in color. This yellow tinting offers a difference in contrast which makes some image sharper for some people while wearing these glasses.

The pair of glasses comes with one hard zipper case made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and one soft cloth. The case is primarily for protection while the soft cloth may be used for cleaning the lenses.


TruVision Black Computer Glasses

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Anti Blue Light; Simple Frames


The frame of these glasses is designed to fit all head sizes. These black frames are quite fashionable as well as comfortable. It is made from high-quality plastic and alloys which gives them a sturdy and lightweight build.

The lenses appears to be completely transparent and there is no tinting done on them. This ensures that you will not suffer from any color distortion that might occur due to the tinting.

This can also be beneficial for those people who needs to see the true color on their screen. Since it has a transparent tinting, you will have no problem when it comes to this issue.

The package comes with a soft carrying pouch which you can also use as a cleaning cloth.


Swanwick Sleep Computer and Gaming Glasses

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Blue Light Blocking; Light Weight


The frame is made from Acetate material which is slightly different from other regular frame materials like plastic or any typical alloy. The Acetate in the frame enables them to be extremely flexible and smooth.

The lenses are made from a high-end plastic material that is quite durable and strong. The tinted lenses deflect almost all the high energy radiations and protect the eyes from getting damaged due to this radiation.

These glasses help significantly in reducing the number of harmful high-energy radiations that enters in the eye when exposed to the fluorescent light. It also helped a lot of people in curing their eye issues and maintaining healthy eyes over the period.

The glasses come tightly packed in a box with a special cleaning fabric for cleaning the lenses. Inside your package, you’ll will also find a soft fabric carry pouch which aids the in protecting your glasses.


Gameking Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Computer Glasses

Top Rated Computer Glasses 2017

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Comfortable and Convenient to Use


Since this is a clip-on glasses, there is no frame attached in it. It is a simple pair of lenses that come in between your eye and your prescribed lenses. However, if you do not have any prescription glasses you can, of course, use these with any fitting frame.

The lens has a light amber tint on them. Although you would not feel much of its presence, you might see some color slightly dimmer.

The lenses block almost all the impure radiations and protect your eyes by forming a protective shield in front of your eyes. This in return, gives you more focus and concentration while staring at your digital screen. Thus increases your work productivity.

In the package, you’ll see one hard-case for protecting your glasses, one soft and exclusive Gameking cleaning fiber which is specially made for cleaning purposes only.


Bottom Line

These are just some of the best computer glasses that passed my standards.

Among these glasses, I personally choose the Bukos computer glasses and TruVision computer glasses. The tinting on the lenses is not that great that color distortion is minimized. Plus, I like the simplicity of its looks.

On the other hand, if you have the budget then you can look into the HyperX eyewear. The manufacturer of this product has already proven their worth so we can also expect that the quality of this glasses is top notch. Although they just recently released this glasses, so you can definitely share in here your personal experience about it.

Nevertheless, all of these eyewear gives premier protection for the eyes against the harmful blue light and UV rays. So it is just a matter of personal preference on what you will choose.


Best Regards,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. A few years back, I bought a pair of Gunnar gaming specs. I think I bought it because it looked very cool. However, given a choice today, I would opt for non-tinted clear lenses. The amber tint kind of put everything into a monochrome, reducing the enjoyment of the game. These days, I don’t game but with many hours in front of my laptop, I wear a pair that is anti blue light. Among your recommendations, I like the Gamma Ray and again, it is mostly because of its design. I am vintage. Lol.

    1. I always like simple design on my computer glasses. And like you, I prefer clear tinted lenses to lessen color distortion.

  2. Wow im glad I stumbled upon your website. I spend quite a few hours everyday in front of the computer and I had no idea until now that there are glasses available to protect from such harmful rays. However, is it ok to wear these computer glasses, even though I don’t currently have any reading glasses? I’m assuming all these glasses available on Amazon come without any number or are neutral? I don’t see any size options, so Im assuming it’s pretty much a one-size fits all kind of thing?

    1. Yes, you can wear computer glasses even if you don’t wear reading glasses. Actually, I also don’t have vision probelm but I still use computer glasses comfortably. About the sizes, yes, one size fits all.

  3. Thanks for the reviews. I appreciate the honesty love the details you have provided in this article. I was looking for glasses in the coming weeks and love how much information you provided to help me make an informed decisions.

    Again, thanks for your information. Where do you buy these glasses? If I was interested in buying one.

    1. I usually buy online because I have plenty of choices. Actually I tried finding computer glasses in stores but they only have limited varieties.

  4. Hi John,

    Great article! I thought that computer glasses all looked pretty “nerdy”. But this post showed me that there are nice glaces out there. Particularly liked the bamboo wood design one. Never realized but I may have CVS myself too. Do you recommend to go to an optician first? Or can I buy one of these great looking glasses straight away?

    1. Before, computer glasses don’t have that much options on its design. But nowadays, there are already varieties to choose from. 

      If you have severe eye or vision problem then I suggest that you consult your doctor first but personally I believe that there is no side effect in using computer glasses.

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