Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review: Can It Protect You From UV Rays?

 Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review

This review is all about the Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses. Do you love outdoor activities but can’t stand the annoying rays of the sun? Are you curios if this eyewear can help you prevent the harmful UV rays from entering your eyes? Well, I suggest that you read this review in order to learn more about it.


Product: Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Interchangeable Lenses; Unisex; Lightweight

My Rating: 9.3 out of 10


Product Overview

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses ReviewTorege Polarized Sports Sunglasses claims to be a perfectly protective eyewear for the eyes against the harmful UV rays.

They say that it restores the true color, eliminates glare and makes your vision clearer when you are outdoor. Plus, it has five interchangeable lenses that offer a variety of choices.

In this review, we will take a closer look into this sunglasses. We will talk about its major specifications and features. I hope that this can help you learn more about it.





The frame of Torege is made of polycarbonate material. It is a polymer that is ultra lightweight. Actually, the whole eyewear just weighs approximately 8.3 ounces. With this weight, the user can barely feel that he/she is wearing eyeglasses.

The material is also great when it comes to flexibility and durability.

Polycarbonates are also high quality material used for absorbing impact. When used for an eyewear, it protects the lenses from breaking by absorbing the shock gained.

Since this material is not a metal, it is resistant to corrosion. No knowledge of chemical leaching has been observed. Thus, the frame could be concluded as hypoallergenic. Meaning, it does not cause irritation in contact with the skin.

A soft rubber cushion further protects the frame from mechanical breakage and gives a comfortable feel to the skin. The rubber cushion on the nose pads and the arms also diminishes the pressure that our facial features experience when wearing glasses.

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review

The characteristics that the frame possess makes the eyewear a great candidate for active wear.

The frame is sculpted in such a way that it hugs the user’s head. This is specifically designed so that the eyewear will be prevented from slipping.

Since the arms are flexible, the frame hugs whatever the size of the user’s head. It does not put too much pressure on the temples. The lower half of the lenses are not surrounded by frame. It gives additional view to the user.

Speaking of dimensions, the frame measures 148 mm up front. Its arms has a length of 135 mm – just the right distance from the eyes to the ears. The nose bridge may be a bit wider at 20 mm. Basically, the design of the eyewear makes it more stable as worn by the user.

The frame comes in five cool colors. This include grey, black red, black, transparent grey, and white and black.

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review



The lenses are wide and follows that of the frame. It allows a huge span of area for vision. Each lens cover an area of 64 mm x 22 mm.

Just like the frame, the lenses are also made up of polycarbonate material. The lenses goes with any characteristic the frame possess. The most remarkable ones are its resistance to impact and scratch. This also leads to higher durability.

What I like about these eyewear is its five interchangeable lenses. Basically, it comes with black polarized lens, yellow night vision lens, blue transparent lens, clear transparent lens, and revo multicolor lens.

The black lens is polarized to approximately 83.71% of light is blocked or prevented from entering the eyes. It protects at all angles. This lens is perfect for any bright day.

The yellow night vision lens is tinted in such a way that it blocks or reflects harmful blue light emitted from cellular devices, television screens, laptops, desktops, tablets, and even fluorescent lights.  This energy strains the eyes and even prevent the user from having a good night sleep.

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review

This color enhances contrast and depth thus making the images appear crisper and/or sharper. This lens is suited for early morning light, sunset, or foggy days.

The blue transparent lens cuts glare at all angles thus, maximizing visual clarity. The usage of this lens is optimized for outdoor activities involving bright light and snow.

Finally, the revo multicolor lens protect the eyes from various harmful sets of rays like the infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays. IR is felt as heat and may cause burning sensations to the eyes. UV, on the other hand, causes cataracts, macular degeneration, temporary loss of vision, and even eye cancer.

Fortunately, with this type of lens, 100% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked. Optimum protection could be achieved.

In addition, the lenses are water and oil-proof. Both substances would have a hard time adhering to the lenses’ surface. It would be an advantage for the user because this would mean less maintenance.



Torege does not offer magnification to this set of eyewear. The user shall have to choose between visual acuity and eye protection. Users with high degrees of myopia (near-sightedness) or hyperopia (far-sightedness) may have a problem using this eyewear. Prescription glasses beneath this eyewear is not recommended since these are not clip on.



The package includes a box, a microfiber drawstring bag, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and an elastic sport belt. The first three inclusions are important for the protection and maintenance of the eyewear.

The elastic sport belt adds to the comfortability of the user when wearing the product because it will further prevent slippage.

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review



The different lenses of this eyewear remained true to their own characteristics. Each has served its purpose. It is with great confidence that the eyes were protected from harmful rays such as UV, IR, and blue light.

The eyewear is proven to be comfortable to use even if the user employs an active lifestyle which involves lots of movements. The eyewear is fairly stable on the user’s head. The durability of the product is also to be praised.



Another thing that I like about this eyewear is its affordability. With all the lenses and accessories included in the package, the price is not that bad. This eyewear is specially designed to suit for an athlete’s needs.

The durability makes the price all worth it. Besides, there is a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime breakage warranty on the frame.


Helpful Tips

It is important to take care of your eyewear in order to maintain its effectiveness. So here are some helpful tips that you can follow.

  • Don’t use any other cloth in cleaning the lenses. Only use the fiber cloth included in the package.
  • Always put the eyewear inside its case. This will ensure that damages will be prevented from happening.


Bottom Line

It is important to keep not only the body healthy but also the eyes. Eye protection is an investment that everyone should bet early on. Torege sunglasses are especially made for those people who employ an active lifestyle.

It is worth every penny due to the services it has to offer and the number of years it could withstand. It is to be recommended to family and friends.


  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Good for Outdoors


  • Cleaning the lenses may take some time
  • May Distort Natural Environment Color


Product Summary

Product: Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Interchangeable Lenses; Unisex; Lightweight

My Rating: 9.3 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Torege Polarized Sports Sunglas.

If you have more questions and concerns about this sunglasses, feel free to comment it below.

I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in blocking the UV rays.

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John Rico


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  1. You get what you pay for! My first pair had the nose “rubbers” fall off in no time while one of the arms broke the plastic and the only thing holding them together is the rubber part of the arm.

    My second pair has the reflective coating coming off the lens on a major portion of the surface area while the other lens has “dots” of no anti glare protection. I have tried to get them replaced but I have not found a seller who will take them back. Get me an address to send them to for replacement and I will be a lot happier! David

  2. Great job.

    I just got done with reading your Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses review and I have to say that it’s one of the best product reviews that I’ve seen in a long time. I found your review it to be really informative and helpful.

    I’m bookmarking the page to come back and read it all once again when there is a time I need to own the glasses.

    Thanks a lot for sharing about this.

    1. This Torege sunglasses can be beneficial for those people who are always outdoor and under the sun. By the way, do you have specific sunglasses brand that you prefer?

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