Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review: Interchangeable Lenses

Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review

This review is all about the Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses. Do you want to know if this eyewear can be a good protection for our eyes against the UV rays? Are you wondering if it can cut the glare brought by the sun? Well, I suggest that you read this review in order to clear your doubts about it.


Product Overview

Product: Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Color Variation; Durable; Interchangeable Lenses

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses is designed with a wonderful and stunning design giving a cool look on the user. It has impressive looking lenses that are safe and designed with the best true RV technology.

This specific sunglasses is way advantageous compared to others in the market. In this review I am going to discuss its features, importance and advantages. Make sure you read all way through to get to know more about it.




The frame of this eyewear is made up of Switzerland tr90 material. It is super light and has a stylish design. The frame length is 140mm (5.51 inches). With this lightweight feature, the user enjoys the comfort of these sunglasses.

The material is durable and has a fantastic feature of an unbreakable frame.

This sunglasses is usually efficient and best for almost every outdoor activity. This is because they are designed with a light frame and durable frames.

Superiority in protection

The Tsafrer Polarized sunglasses are designed with a fine material. They also have a perfect shape to make them ideal for almost everyone.

They are provided with a three point fit technology for balanced wearing.

Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review

Smartly designed

These sunglasses are provided with an anti-slip rubber nose pad. This prevents them from slipping of the face due to excessive sweating. Moreover, the nose pad gives them a unique beautiful look that most of the equivalent sunglasses lack.

Ultra light and durable frame

As stated earlier in this post, it is designed with a superlight and comfortable TR90 material. This material is also durable and offers high chances of service.

Soft rubber nose pad for flexibility and comfort

As if all the other features of these sunglasses are not enough, the nose pad offers comfort to the user and ensures that the sunglass is flexible. Outdoor activities enthusiasts can at least confirm this. By the way, the nose pad ensures that the sunglasses do not slip off and break.

These sunglasses due to their smart designed frames that are usually made according to the facial size of the customers are equally effective and desirable for all people.

Elastic straps

Elastic straps are used to ensure that the sunglasses are on their right point while undertaking the outdoor services.

Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review




To start with, the Tsafrer polarized sunglasses has the most effective lenses for all type of outdoor activities, leisure activities and fun activities too.

The lenses are designed with a top safe feature. The true RV technology is also an important point to state.

These lenses are designed with an ultra-light material and protect your eyes against crucial harmful elements. Moreover, these lenses reduce 85% accidents caused by strong light.

High and effective protection

The Tsafrer polarized sunglasses are designed with versatile glass lenses which protect the user against UV rays. To be precise, they protect against UV400, protecting the eyes against the UVA and UVB rays.

They have gray and yellow layers which are polarized and used against strong sunlight.

The yellow lens is for night activities. The other 5 lenses are colored for different environmental conditions.

Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review

True RV lenses

The material made to design and make this sunglass is among the best compared to other products in the market.

They are manufactured with premium polycarbonate material which restores the on-glare real world.

The lenses also help to reduce eye fatigue and ensure premium eye safety in all kinds of outdoor activities.

These sunglasses are also scratch resistant and impactful.

The black lens is polarized to protect unwanted light at all angles. This lens is perfect for any bright day.

The color enhances effective contrast and most appropriate for outdoor activities where the user is likely to experience difference in light change.

Finally, the lenses protect the eyes from various harmful sets of rays mainly the ultraviolet (UV) rays. These rays cause cataracts, poor sight and other range of disorders.



A single pack of Tsafrer polarized sunglass is issued with 6 interchangeable lenses. The yellow polarized lens therefore, is used to offer a clear view at night.

The pink lens on the other hand is used for   UV protection and for fashion.

The grey polarized lens is for strong light protection and the UV protection. Finally the blue lens is for clear view on foggy weather, day and UV protection.

The sunglasses are also provided with a high sunglass protection case, glass cleaning cloth, elastic straps, polarized cards and a specification booklet.

A durable and hard case with buckle that you can attach to your belt is also provided. The cleaning cloth and pouch are made of the same material, so you can use the pouch as a cleaning cloth too.

Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review



Due to their lightweight design, it enables them to weigh roughly 7.05 ounce. So these sunglasses are generally ideal for sportsmen.

With its premium functionality, it allows everyone to enjoy the reliable eye protection from most of the harm that might come along their way.

They give protection against rays like UV and even against dusts and insects.

This eyewear unlike many others can be worn for fashion purposes and without any form of side effects.

As the name suggests, the Tsafrer is made for almost all types of sport and outdoor activities too.



These sunglasses are totally affordable and can be purchased for less than $25.

Moreover they come along with a 30 day money back guarantee. By the way, Hoicmoic is the only agent of Tsafrer sunglasses. It is advised that you choose the item sold by Hoicmoic and avoid being scammed in the name of saving money.


Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips that you can follow in order to keep the eyewear for a longer period of time.

  • Don’t use any other material in cleaning the lenses. Only use the micro fiber cloth provided in order to prevent scratches.
  • When not in use, always keep the glasses inside the hard case so dust and other substances can be minimized. 


Bottom Line

For the people who make a living out of sports or those who are really enthusiastic about sports, have your eye health covered by Tsafrer Polarized sunglasses. Moreover, for the fashion masters, you can confirm with me that this is an ideal bet for everyday use.


  • Light, durable and affordable
  • Impressive design
  • Can be used for multipurpose uses.


  • Cleaning may take some time


Product Summary

Product: Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Color Variation; Durable; Interchangeable Lenses

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses.

If you have more questions and concerns about this sunglasses, feel free to comment it below.

I would be also happy to hear some experiences about the quality and performance of this product in blocking the UV rays.

Best Regards,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. 3rdcoastfred@gmail.com

    John, I purchased a pair of what was advertised as “Navy” sunglasses. They are black with yellow accents and yellow nose pads. Two weeks after I rec’d the glasses one of the yellow nose pads fell of and was lost.
    I can’t find a website for Tsafrer to request a new nose pad.
    Do you know how to reach them.

  2. Hi John,

    Is there any distortion if you move your eyes throughout the entire range of the lenses? I’ve worn very expensive sunglasses ever since I was in High School just because viewing distortion gives me headaches.

    I’m in a profession that requires outside work and I have lost/scratched/destroyed many of my expensive sunglasses over the years.

    I’m looking for something that doesn’t hurt my wallet as much when they get damaged.


    1. Actually, this glasses has no magnification on lenses so distortion on the images viewed are minimized. Do you have vision problems like near or far sightedness?

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