Types of Computer Glasses: Which One Do You Need?

types of computer glasses

Are you thinking of buying a computer glasses but can’t decide on what is the best choice for you? Do you want to purchase one because of the constant headache, eye strain and blurred vision? Before you jump into buying one, learn first the different types of computer glasses.

Most people don’t care about their eyes. Even if they already feel the symptoms of computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain, they still take it for granted.

I know that everyone of us can’t live without gadgets and it is already part of our daily lives. So let me give you some information on the different types of computer glasses that can help ease the problems caused by digital screens.

Two Types of Computer Glasses

1. Non – Prescription Computer Glasses

Non – prescription glasses are worn for such purposes other than correcting vision defects. Basically, its lenses have no grades or the reading strength is 0.00.

Most people use it just for fashion. But the most vital usage of these glasses are for protection. Like the sunglasses that protects people from extreme sunlight and ultraviolet rays, computer glasses aims to protect our eyes from the glares and extra brightness of digital screens.

Here are the 4 main categories of Non – Prescription Computer Glasses according to its purpose.


what is computer glasses

This is the most basic computer glasses. Its purpose is to reduce eye strain brought by long periods of time staring at a digital screen such as computer, laptop, cell phone, tablet and even television.

People who can benefit from this type of glasses are computer drafters, bloggers, accountants, students, and researchers. As long as you are in front of the digital screen for more than 3 hours a day, you can take advantage of this tool.

With this one, I suggest that you start with the not so expensive computer glasses. I have tried one online and it really helped me ease the pain in my eyes.



gaming glasses

As per its name, this computer glasses is for gaming purposes. Playing in front of the computer for 4-8 hours a day can extremely cause damage to your eyes. And because of the frequent eye movement needed while playing, your eyes can definitely have strain.

Most professional gamers already use this kind of glasses to give them more time in using the computer without getting blurred vision or eye soreness.

It is also specifically designed so it will be compatible with the headset you are wearing.



what is the computer glasses

Most computer glasses have a thin yellow tint that helps retract the glare and too much brightness of digital screens. With that being said, there is this special glasses designed for graphic / visual artist in order for them to work in true color.

This is an advantage for them because they can work for along period of time without having trouble in their vision. And because of the special lens designed for them, distinguishing colors will not be a problem.



There are some people who uses cell phones or laptops outside where the sun exerts too much brightness.

With that, outdoor eyewear is made for the purpose of using it when you are exposed to the sun. It has UV400 sunglass lenses that minimizes the rays reflected in your digital screen.


2. Prescription Glasses 

Prescription glasses are primarily used to correct vision defects. It is prescribed by optometrist or ophthalmologist that determines the specific strength of your corrective lenses.

Unlike the non-prescription glasses, this eye wear requires a doctor’s appointment wherein they will check and examine your eyes before giving the needed lenses.

But nowadays, there are already specific brands that offers this type of glasses online. However, you still have to ask some advice from eye care professionals.

This is beneficial for those who have difficulty in reading in a certain distance in front of devices such as computer.


Computer glasses is already a spreading must for those people who spend much time in front of any electronic digital devices.

Among the benefits that you can get are reduced eye strain, minimized computer related headaches and improved productivity and performance in your specific task or work.

I suggest that you do your research and check out some of the computer glasses available in your local store or online. In this way, you will not regret your decision of not taking care of your eyes.

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John Rico


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Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.

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