What are the Benefits of Computer Glasses?

What are the Benefits of Computer Glasses

Have you heard about computer glasses and is in doubt if it really works? Do you want to know if it can help you in your vision problems? Well, I made this article to give you an idea on what are the benefits of computer glasses.

Vision problem is a major concern of many people. Most of us use prescription glasses to relieve the problem. But you should remember that not all glasses serve the same purpose.

The basic difference of computer glasses to the regular ones is its usage. These glasses are primarily used to help reduce or minimize the eye strain brought by long hours of staring in front of a digital screen such as computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phones.

On Average, a person usually uses his/her digital device eight hours a day. With these long hours, we already feel irritation and soreness in our eyes. Unfortunately, we become used to it and most often take it for granted.

So, for a better understanding about computer glasses, here are the three major benefits of using this eyewear.


1. Reduced Eye Strain

What are the Benefits of Computer Glasses

I know that there is one time in your life where your eyes already feel sore and even putting cold water in it can’t fix the issue. That is a major symptom of eye strain. And computer glasses offers some help to ease the pain.

One special characteristic of computer glasses is its anti-reflective coating. It minimizes the glare that bounces off the screen of your digital device.

The yellowish tint also helps increase the contrast of the screen thus makes your view not that harmful to your eyes.

Because of these properties, the strain that you might experience in your eyes will be reduced.


2. Increased Productivity

What are the Benefits of Computer Glasses

Minimizing your vision problems can further result to increased productivity on whatever you are doing.

Usually, when we are suffering from head ache or blurry vision, the output that we are producing is highly affected. The time that we need to spend to finish something is also cut down because of the uncomfortable feeling in our eyes.

That’s why a good pair of computer glasses can help you keep your eyes from having too much damage. And eventually can give you extra help to ease the strain in your eyes while working.


3. Better Posture

What are the Benefits of Computer Glasses

Last but not the least is good posture.

Have you noticed that when you are sitting in front of the computer, you sometimes lean forward to have a closer look in the screen?

Most of the time, we also crane our necks back so we can see the top of the screens. This can definitely result to more problems in your shoulders and even in your back.

Using the computer glasses can help you lean backward and be in a better position when staring at a digital screen. This is because some glasses have a minimum magnification that can give you a better vision.

On the other hand, this magnification is not the same as the prescription glasses and it is totally safe for those who have 20/20 vision.


It is undeniable that eye strain is not a joke. It is already a wide spreading problem that needs to be given attention. If before, you can ignore the effects brought by this symptom, you might change your mind right now and give your eyes an immediate relief.

In this way, you will not regret in the future that you didn’t do anything to fix this vision problem.

If you have personal experience and concerns about vision problems caused by digital devices, please share it below. It would really help people to realize that eye problems caused by computers is not a myth.


Best Regards,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. Hi John

    Just what the doctor ordered! I use my tablet for pretty much everything from reading books, watching movies, and of course working! The result being that my eyes have become more and more red and irate do and I am even finding that my vision is getting worse.

    What a great idea to have special glasses that address these issues and I will definitely be looking into getting a pair mysel.

    I am not sure if I miss missed it, but can you have these glasses with an existing eye prescription?

    Thank you for your informative article,

    Kind regards

    1. It depends on the specific brand of glasses that you will look on, but for most computer glasses brand like gunnar or gamma ray optiks, they offer glasses that can have your existing eye prescription in your lenses. So basically, your lenses will have the coating that reduces glare from digital screens as well as the magnification that you need to see clearly.

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