What are the Best Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision? 5 Easy Ways to Follow

What are the Best Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision

After long hours of using the computer, do you also feel the soreness in your eyes? Are you suffering from blurred vision and eventually gives you a head ache? Well, here are some of the best eye exercises that can minimize or even prevent these eye problems and improve your vision.

Computers have become a very important part of any human’s life.  With the numerous applications that they have, it is not possible to ignore their usage.

With this frequent use of computers come a few problems to the individual’s body. Basically, staring at a digital screen over a long period of time surely results to eye strain.

Eye strain occurs when an individual’s eyes get fatigued from over adjusting and struggling to see. This often happens when looking at poorly lit things such as the computer screen.

Eye strain can reduce workers potential, decrease productivity, leads to headaches and possibly even cause glaucoma in the end.

But then there are simple exercises that can reduce eye strain. After a while of staring at a computer screen, these eye exercises can improve the normal operations of the eyes and ensure that they work well for long period of time.



5 Exercises to Improve Your Vision


One major reason why eye strain occurs is because people that use computers do not blink as much as they should be.  This often leads to their eyes getting dry.

Eyes function well when lubricated properly. This is done when an individual blinks. To solve this issue, the person is advised to blink several times while they are looking at the screen and after.


The human eye gets fatigued or tired when it stares at a single direction for more than a short interval.

When most people use computers, they tend to stare at the computer screen for a long time without shifting their eyes to other places. This leads to tired eyes.

To solve this, the person should take a short break during the working time to roll their eyes. This simple exercise will help relieve the eyes from the strain they have been going through.

Weird it may seem but it is also recommended that you practice rolling your eyes for some time while staring in the computer screen.

What are the Best Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision


This is an exercise that is to be done after the work day. While seated in a well lit room, the individual should pick an item with his eyes that is a little far from them and look at the outline of that item.

 Scanning the outline of several items in the room will assist to relax the tired eyes and relieve strain.


To bring relief to tired eyes, an individual can also try palming the eyes. This involves rubbing their palms together to create a little heat.

Then he or she can place the palms on their eyes and let the heat relieve the pain that they are experiencing. When this is practiced more often, the individuals’ eyes will be relieved of pain.


After looking at the computer screen for a long time it is advised to look at something else that is away from the computer screen for a few seconds. This will help change the view a little for the eyes and bring relief to straining eyes.

What are the Best Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision 

Eye strain is a problem that can reduce your potential and productivity at work. If ignored, it can eventually cause worse issues like glaucoma.

With these simple exercises you can definitely relieve eye strain and therefore work at your maximum productivity rate.

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