What Are the Best Foods for Good Eye Health?

 What Are the Best Foods for Good Eye Health

Are you frequently experiencing vision problems? Do you wonder why you keep on having dry eyes and even eye irritation? I suggest that you look into your diet and the foods that you eat.

The human eye is a very vital part of the body. It is often described as the light for the body as it enables the person to see the world around them. Therefore the good health of the eyes should be every individual’s first concern.

This is because without the eyes a person cannot live a comfortable life or work at full range as they are incapacitated and need others to perform basic functions. As a major part therefore a person should treat the eyes with utmost care and strive to ensure that they are in the best state ever.

Nowadays the eyes are exposed to a lot of harm in everyday tasks and activities. There is often the incidence of pollutants in the air and the effects of computer vision syndrome. Collectively, these can bring several illnesses or conditions to the eye.

To avoid these effects from causing blindness or severely harming the eyes, several measures can be put in place. However before all that is necessary, the human eye can be maintained at optimum vision by eating foods that improve eyesight.

Besides carrots, there are other nutritious foods that a person can eat that would assist the eye. Carrots are often recommended because they are rich beta carotene which is a type of vitamin a which helps the retina and other parts of the eye to function well.

However carrots are not the only food that can help the eye work well. There are other kinds of food that help maintain proper eye health.


Foods that Improve Eyesight


What Are the Best Foods for Good Eye Health

These should be the staple food of each and every family or house. Besides there obvious health benefits to the human body, green vegetables can help enhance the health of the human eye.

They include vegetables such as kales, spinach and collards. These are rich in anti-oxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin that protect against eye damage from things like air pollution cigarette smoke and sunlight.

Consuming these vegetables therefore gives the eye good health and strengthens them. The consumption of these green vegetables is therefore recommended every single day.



What Are the Best Foods for Good Eye Health

Eggs are also very vital to human health as they are rich in nutrients. For the eye, they are vital as they possess the vital antioxidants lutein zeaxanthin and zinc in the yolk. These help the human eye by reducing the macular degeneration rate. This helps the eye ward off the effects of every day pollutants.






What Are the Best Foods for Good Eye Health

Citrus fruit is recommended for eye health as it contains the vitamin c. Vitamin c is important to eyes as it helps reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration and also alleviates the risk of cataracts in the eye. All types of berries are also very rich in this vitamin.






What Are the Best Foods for Good Eye Health

Almonds are very rich in vitamin E. This crucial vitamin assists to slow down the effects of macular degeneration. Having approximately a handful of almonds a day in the diet assists the eyes in a great way. They should therefore be in the everyday diet of any person who wants to have good eye health.






What Are the Best Foods for Good Eye Health

Fish is very nutritious in many ways. To the human eye it is also a wonderful source of nutrients. Fish types such as tuna, trout, salmon and mackerel are rich in a fatty acid called DHA that helps in the lubrication of eyes. To assist a person who has issues with dry eyes and to avoid such from occurring, the consumption of fatty fish is recommended.






These are great sources of vitamin c which is a strong antioxidant. Oranges, papaya and green peppers are similar sources that are rich in vitamin c.


Bottom Line

The many issues that affect the eyes could be quite problematic. However through proper care and eating of such simple foods, it is capable to safeguard us against these problems and in this case treat them.

Aside from the various eye exercises and eye wear that you can use to prevent further eye problems, eating healthy foods is a major factor to help your vision.

Continuous consumption of foods that help strengthen the eyes could be the easiest way to ensure strong eye sight and avoid many issues that may arise from the activities that we do everyday.

Feel free to share below your personal preferred foods to maintain good eye health!


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  1. Thank you John for your information. I agree the food we consume affect our metabolism and every organ of the body. As you said without the eyes life will so uncomfortable.


    1. Hi therese! You are welcome. Being informed as early as possible will save you from experiencing hardships in the future. What we put inside our body will surely come out as we get older. As for our eyes, it is definitely important to maintain our vision to be clear as possible and eating the right kinds of foods is the best way to do it.

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