What are the Causes of Computer Vision Syndrome?

what are the causes of computer vision syndrome

Many of us suffer from eye redness, headache or even neck problems. And these are usually encountered after we use the computer for a long period of time. But people don’t know the major causes of these problems, so let me help you understand better what the causes of computer vision syndrome are.

Computers have become a very important part of everyday human life. From offices to banks, hospitals to homes, computers have become a must have for every individual.

The advantages of using computers therefore cannot be ignored as they make work easier, more efficient and ultimately save money.

However the frequent or continued use of computers comes with its own ailments and problems. One of these ailments is computer vision syndrome.

Computer vision syndrome is a collection of eye and vision related discomforts and problems brought about mainly by the long term use of digital screens including computer, laptop, cell phone and tablets.

These problems include: recurrent headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, itchy eyes ocular discomfort blurred vision and dry eyes.

what are the causes of computer vision syndrome

According to research, these symptoms occur amongst 90% of people who have used or have been using computers over a long period of time. It is however not easy to point out at a singular cause for all of these problems.

Therefore I shall look into each of the various causes of this problem.


The normal work day in most companies nowadays is 7 to 8 hours long. During these hours an average worker spends at least 4 to 5 hours staring at a computer screen.

This leads to a lot of stress and strain to the eyes as there is little or minimum time off the screen. Over a long period of time this leads to the symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome.


Most people that use computers in my observation use very low contrast on their computers. And since most people are not yet conversant with computer glasses you will often find them squinting to see text on their computers. This leads to a lot of stain for the eyes as they try to adjust and comprehend the text.


During work, the eyes of every person will be fixed on what they are typing or intently monitoring the computer screen. This requires very little eye movement as they are not watching out for anything out of the range of the computer screen.

Normally, though the eye is meant to move around a lot for proper functionality, The reduction of these movements therefore causes eye problems.


While using computers, most people in my observation tend to look continuously with very limited blinking. Blinking is important as it lubricates the eye in order to ensure its proper functioning.

This means that reduced blinking makes the eye uncomfortable and hence is one of the causes of computer vision syndrome.


The human eye requires a certain level of light within which it can function well. Good workstations within which computers are used should have optimum lighting.

Not too little and not too much light is needed because no proper lighting would cause the eyes to strain more when adjusting to the environment.

In my observation, this is not the main priority of most work places. Thus resulting in a lot of problems and reduced functionality in the workplace.


Another cause of computer vision syndrome is wrong posture.

Many of the workstations are not made to accommodate proper seating postures but are made for upright sitting while facing the computer. The worker therefore has to lean and crane their neck to see what they’re typing or working on.

This eventually leads to the some problems in the eyes.

what are the causes of computer vision syndrome


Computer vision syndrome is a problem that many people often ignore but it is an ailment that also requires treatment. The lack of knowledge on this problem may lead to severe eye problems and reduce the efficiency of anyone who depends on technology.

Not only in offices, but most especially at homes where we are also active in using laptop, cell phone, tablet and even television.

With simple solutions such as proper spectacles and better workstations, this can be sorted out and depleted.


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