What are the Parts of Computer Glasses?

what are the parts of computer glasses

Computer glasses has been a rising instant relief for eye strain caused by digital screens. But many people don’t know much about these eyewear. So I made this article to give more information about the computer glasses, specifically about its parts.


With the computer being a vital part of our everyday life, 70% of all the employed workers stay glued to the screen of a computer close to 6 hours a day. Such statistics results to the need of having computer glasses to protect the eyes of these working men and women from being affected by computer vision syndrome.

The computer glasses are designed to ensure that the light from the computer screen do not affect your eyes by filtering the blue light from the computer display. It also features anti-glare lenses and tint design to eliminate eye strain.

Before, we go further on how computer glasses can benefit you; let us first learn the basic parts of this eye wear.


Computer glasses resemble the same design as the normal glasses but their lenses are the major difference. The standout aspect that separates it from the other normal glasses is for preventing vision problems caused by digital screens.



Frame is the main part of the computer glasses as this are the ones that hold the lenses together in place. For the computer glasses frames, you can choose from various designs depending on class and likes.

what are the parts of computer glasses



These are the front parts that the lenses fit into. some eye wires go all round the lens while others are half full but still get the job done. it’s just a matter of design and preferences.



These are the small pieces of the frame that extend from the eye wires to connect with the temples. Some other glasses do not feature these as the temples connect directly with the eye wires.



what are the parts of computer glasses

These are the arched pieces that connect the two eye wires and rest on the wearer’s nose. The bridge is designed to bear most of the glasses’ weight.



The hinges are slightly flexible parts at the end of each temple that go round the ear lobes, keeping the glasses in place on the wearer’s face.



what are the parts of computer glasses

The lenses of computer glasses distinguish them from the normal eye glasses. They are not the normal type of lenses as these ones are fitted with an antiglare coating layer that is used to filter the blue rays from the computer display.

This aspect of these lenses help to reduce the effects of computer vision syndrome and thus you can be able to work on your computer for long periods of time without feeling any effects.




The temples are the long arms on the side of the frames that extend to keep the glasses on the wearer’s face. At the end of each, there are temple tips coved by soft plastic so as not to injure the wearer.


In conclusion, with the computer as increasingly becoming part of our day to day work and activities, it has reached a point wherein we cannot do anything without them. The effects of long hours of being glued to the screen of a computer are not that pleasing.

Thus the need to have glasses specifically designed for computer usage is highly recommended. This will dramatically help in avoiding your chances of having mild headaches and eye strain.

Feel free to ask your questions about the parts of computer glasses.


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