What is Sunglasses? Can It Prevent UV Rays From Entering the Eyes?

What is Sunglasses

Are you also asking, what is sunglasses? Do you want to know if it can help prevent UV rays from entering your eyes? Are you suffering from eye issues caused by too much exposure to these harmful rays? Well, I suggest that you read this article in order to learn more about it.


Ultraviolet (UV) rays is a type of radiation that primarily comes from the sun. Proper exposure to these rays can aid the body to have a natural source of Vitamin D.

On the other hand, most people have a negative connotation to this radiation. This is because it is also the major cause of sunburn, premature aging, skin damage, and most especially eye damage.

With this being said, we should always protect our eyes from these rays.

Sunglasses is one of the most effective way that we can take advantage if we want to prevent UV rays from entering our eyes. I know that you still have plenty of questions about this eyewear, so we will talk about its major specifications and features all throughout this article.


What is Sunglasses?

Sunglasses have been a popular protection for those people who are constantly working or exposed under the sun. These includes boaters, drivers, fishermen, students, tourists and even sportsmen.

Basically, this eyewear reduces too much light from entering the eyes. It also eliminates glare in order to have a premium safety whenever you are outdoors.

By the way, this can also benefit those people who are light-sensitive and can’t stand being exposed to this light for a long period of time. What is Sunglasses


How Does Sunglasses Work?

Before we go to how sunglasses work, let us first talk about how the rays from the sun affects our eyes.

Basically, light moves in all directions. But if it is reflected on flat surfaces, it moves into one uniform direction thus produces glare and reduced visibility. This is where sunglasses can be used to prevent these problems.

The lenses of this eyewear is designed to have a coating that blocks the intense reflected light from the sun, thus minimizes glare.

It also reduces the visibility of images that come from LCD or LED light that are given by some cars. Thus it is beneficial for most drivers.

For outdoor activities, it also offers great advantage. It enhances your outdoor experience because you don’t have to squint when the rays of the sun is too high.


Types of Sunglasses

There are various type of sunglasses. So I decided to give you a glimpse of each of it.


These type of lenses reduce the reflected glare. It is commonly used by those people who play water and snow sports. Basically, the anti-reflecting coating on its lenses is the major reason of minimized glare.



These lenses minimize the amount of light from passing through the eyes. Its coating is highly effective in reducing the amount of light thus can be beneficial for activities that are always under the sun.

The good thing about these lenses is that you can choose the color of the mirror coating. But this color doesn’t affect your color vision.



These lenses are tinted in such a way that the top of the lens is the darkest. This is good for driving because it protects the eyes from overhead sunlight.


Helpful Tips on Choosing Your Sunglasses

It is important to take your time in choosing your sunglasses. So here are some helpful tips that you can follow.

1. Blocks 100% of UV Rays

Before choosing your glasses, you should first find a sticker on the lenses that proves that it blocks 100% of the UV rays. Most people fail to do it because they are just concerned with the aesthetic appearance of the glasses.

By the way, polarized lenses only reduces glare but doesn’t protect our eyes from UV rays.


2. Choose the Bigger Lenses

You should also consider the size of the lenses. The bigger the lenses, the wider the coverage of your eyes that can be protected from the UV rays.


3. Color on the lenses give the same results

The coating of the lenses may be colored blue, amber or yellow. But all of them offers the same protection from the sun. Basically, it only give a variety of contrast. It doesn’t mean that the lenses are colored dark, they reflect more UV rays.


4. Price should not always  be the main concern

Honestly, the cost of the sunglasses doesn’t matter. As long as it has a 100% UV blocking sticker, then it can be an effective protection.


Where to Buy Sunglasses?

There are two options on where to buy your sunglasses. You can have it from brick and mortar stores or in online stores.
The advantage for brick and mortar store is you can try it for yourself. But the downside is they only have limited choices.
On the other hand, for online stores, you have plenty of choices. You also have the advantage of comfortability while choosing your preferred sunglasses at home.
So, it still depends on your own preference on what way you should buy. Personally, I prefer buying online because it is more convenient.


Is Sunglasses Effective?

There are several benefits of wearing sunglasses. These includes the prevention of eye related problems and issues.

Cataract is one of the major problem that most people encounter. Basically, it is the cloudiness in the lenses of the eyes which are usually caused by UV exposure.

Another eye issue that can be prevented is macular degeneration. It is when the area of the eyes that gives clear vision is damaged.

These are just some of the major eye issues that you can prevent if you wear sunglasses. 


Bottom Line

Sunglasses promote better vision when you are under the sun. It can be beneficial for outdoor activities and even for driving.

So I suggest that you give time in choosing the right eyewear for you. In this way, you will prevent eye issues and problems that may occur in the future.

If you are having a hard time working outdoors without using eye protection, then sunglasses can be the answer to your problem.

Feel free to comment below all your personal concerns or experiences towards various eye issues and how sunglasses have helped you.

Best Regards,
John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. Hey John!

    I always use sunglasses in the sun. Where I live the sun is always there, and it hits hard, and I can’t stand the brightness without the glasses.

    I didn’t know the difference between the different types of sunglasses you mention, and the fact that no matter the price, the important thing is the UV protection.

    Thanks for the thorough masterclass on sunglasses 😉


    1. Most people think that if the price is high, it is the best sun glasses that you can have. There are still eyewear that is average in price but still offers great quality and durability.

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