What is the Blue Light? Learn The Truth About It!

What is the Blue Light

Are you also asking, what is the blue light? Do you have plenty of questions about how it affects the health of our eyes? Well, I suggest that you read this article in order to learn more about it.


Most of us are aware of the different light and wavelengths present on the environment. The most common light that we know is the one that comes from the sun.

But, there are plenty more that we are exposed to. Among these lights, the most dangerous one is the harmful blue light. So I decided to give helpful information on where it cam from and how we can avoid it.


What is the Blue Light?

Like what I have said earlier, light has its many forms. Rays on the red end of the visible light spectrum are called infrared. We can’t see it but it is the one that is responsible for the warming feeling.

On the other end of the spectrum, blue light rays exist. Compared to the red rays, blue light is shorter and has the highest energy. They are sometimes called ultraviolet radiation.

Blue light is the type of wavelength that reaches our eyes. Since it is shorter, it has more power to penetrate our vision. If we are continually exposed to these radiations, it causes damage to the retina of our eyes. Thus vision problems and complications arises.


Benefits of Blue Light

Most of us know that blue light is harmful, but it still has benefits that we can take advantage of.

  • UV rays are used to produce changes on the skin. These are usually used to have suntan.
  • If moderately exposed, UV rays help the body to manufacture Vitamin D which is important for calcium absorption and to maintain a normal immune system.
  • Because of the short wavelength of these rays, it scatters more easily compared to other light rays when they strike with air and water molecules in the environment. That is the reason why the sky is colored blue.
  • Some research proves that blue light exposure can help in boosting your alertness, aids your memory function and improves your mood.
  • It is important in keeping your sleep cycle intact. Suring daytime it helps your circadian rhythm.


Disadvantages of Blue Light

Too much exposure lead to sunburn which leads to cancer. It also causes sunburned eyes, or commonly known as snow blindness. It is a painful but temporary loss of vision which ae caused by too much exposure to UV rays.

Although blue light is everywhere, there are plenty of man-made blue light that we are always exposed to. These includes fluorescent, LED lights and various types of digital screens such as laptop, computer, tablet and even mobile phone.

Actually, the amount of radiation emitted by these devices is not that much but as people use it more often, it accumulates into a bigger amount.

Let us also add the proximity of these devices into our eyes when using them. It has been proven that blue light leads to possible long term effects on our eye’s health.

Since the eyes is not very good in blocking the blue light, it results to problems to our eyes such as digital eye strain.

When you are staring at digital screens, the blue light that they emit causes visual noise into your eyes thus reduces your normal visual contrast and results to digital eye strain.

What is the Blue Light

These also increases the risk of macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is a problem that deteriorates the functions of the macula, the main part of the eyes that controls visual acuity.  Basically, it gives the ability to read, recognize objects, watch television, use digital devices and perform things that require our vision.

On the other hand, more research should still be conducted in order to prove that man made blue lights can cause damage to the eyes. But as times pass by, many eye care providers are already convinced that too much blue light exposure can damage the eyes and promote higher risks of macular degeneration.

Too much blue light can also disrupt your sleeping cycle. So it is not recommended to not overuse digital devices late at night.


Are there Ways to Prevent the Blue Light From Entering the Eyes?

In the present time there are already plenty of ways presented to minimize the exposure of these blue light to our eyes.

1. Blue light filter/screen protector

There are plenty of variety of blue light filter or screen protector that you can use. Basically, its main purpose is to give another view when we use our digital screens. Usually, it has dark tint on it which reduces the brightness and glare of the screen.


2. Blue light filtering feature

There are also applications that you can use to filter extreme blue light from entering your eyes. Although this is not proven yet, most digital device manufacturers already offer these feature.

Basically, it automatically changes the color of your screen depending on your location and time. So at night, from bluish white color of your screen, it turns into a yellow or orange tone of color.


3. Blue light Filtering Eyewear (Computer Glasses)

Computer glasses are just like regular glasses in terms of its appearance, the only thing that makes its special is the tinting on its lenses. Usually, the tint is colored yellow or orange. But there are already transparent lenses.
The main purpose of these eyewear is to prevent blue light from entering the eyes. This in return increases the hours that you can have while using your digital devices.
Other benefits that you can also take advantage of is reduces eye strain and fatigue.


Bottom Line

Blue light is already part of our day to day life. Anywhere we go or whatever we do, we are already exposed to these radiation.

Little exposure to these light is not a problem, but if we stay longer in front of them then we might suffer from vision problems in the future.

I suggest that we minimize ourselves from using digital devices but if we can’t lessen it, then might as well control it. I have presented some of the protective devices that you can use, so you better take advantage of it.


Best Regards,

John Rico


By John Rico

Hi Everyone! I created this website to share my thoughts about the solutions to various eye problems that are caused by too much staring at digital screens. I also tackle about preventive measures to minimize the harmful effects of UV rays.


  1. Great article John!

    I actually did not know UV light was considered blue light, I find it interesting how it can be beneficial and yet harmful at the same time

    Also I like how you provide the option of glasses to select from Amazon you present an immediate solution to blue light

    1. Actually, UV rays are not harmful if we don’t expose ourselves into it for long periods of time. But in todays time wherein everything that we do involves digital devices sich as computer and mobile phones, we are prone to the side effects of these rays. It will really be a great help if we protect ourselves the soonest time possible.

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