What is the Correct Posture When Using Computer?

What is the Correct Posture when Using Computer

Computer posture is turning out to be a struggle in our daily lives because more and more people are sitting for extended period of time on their desk working from their computers. With this reason, I have made this article to help people realize the benefits of having good posture and how you can do it while working in front of the computer.

For our everyday working activities, having a proper computer posture is important. You should know that a correct computer posture guarantees you the possibility of longevity of your current job. You should always know that sitting on your spine is like sugar to your teeth which adds up if you do it incorrectly.

When using a computer for many hours, you are legible to cause damage to your muscles. Poor computer posture causes your muscles to overwork which negatively affects you and creating a nervous system dysfunction.


How to Sit When Using a Computer

You also agree that sitting for longer hours at your desk while using a computer is tiresome. However, by applying the correct ways of computer posture, you will be able to reduce discomforts such as knee pains, neck pains, back pains etc.

Below are some of the rightful ways that you should apply for correct computer posture.

Five steps on how to sit when using a computer.

1.    Sitting up tall.

A correct posture is achieved by ensuring you adjust the height of your chair to that your feet are flat on the ground and your knees are either equal or slightly lower than your hips position. You will need to adjust the back of your chair to 100°-110° reclined angles or use the pillows or inflatable cushions to support your back.

2.    Sitting close to your keyboard.

You should always position the keyboard in a centered position and directly to your body.

What is the Correct Posture when Using Computer

3.    Tilt your keyboard based on your sitting position

Adjusting the tilt on your keyboard will relax your shoulders, your hands and allow ease when using the keyboard.

4.    Properly positioning of your monitor.

Position your monitor in front of you and above your keyboard. In case you are using other reference document you should adjust it so as your neck be neutral and relaxed. You should position your monitor approximately 2-3° above your seated eye position. However, if you are using bifocal glasses, position your monitor slight below so as to ease in reading in a comfortable manner.

5.    Take short breaks to ease tension to your muscles

While working, it is recommended to take small breaks in order to reduce the muscles strains. You should take short 1-2 minutes break in every 20-30 minutes. During this break you can stretch your hands, legs or even stand and walk a little. You can also exercise your wrist by moving it upwards and downwards 10-20 times. One can also do eye blinking to prevent eye strains and fatigue.


Benefits of a Good Computer Posture

1.    Facilitates breathing

Naturally, a good posture makes your breathing excellent. So when you are sitting upright in a proper posture while using a computer then you will benefit from good breathing.

2.    Reduced health problems

A good posture will help you reduce some of the health complications that result from bad posture. Some of these complications include poor blood circulation, back pains, back aches, neck pains, pain in your chest, risks of slipped disks etc.

3.    Increases your concentration and thinking ability

Scientifically, you brain needs 20% of oxygen to work properly. When you have a good breathing, your concentration increases because your brain is functioning well. So, more oxygen to the brain leads to more thoughts and ideas. Oxygen is the food of the brain!

4.    Prevents Computer Vision Syndrome

Your eye muscles will also benefit if you have a good posture when using the computer. It will prevent eye strain and even redness that are caused by not aligning your vision with the screen.

What is the Correct Posture when Using Computer


Negative Effects of Poor Computer Posture

  • Increases stress levels.
  • Leads to varicose veins which are due to lack of proper blood circulation and increased pressure fro sitting. Leads to formation of spider veins especially in women.
  • Negative effect on your work performance due to fatigue.
  • Negative effect on the mood that leads to higher levels of depression.
  • Leads to improper digestion.


Helpful tips to Have a Good Computer Posture at Work

  • Do various desk exercises- You can stretch your arms over your shoulders upwards, your legs by pushing your toes forward, desk yoga etc.
  • Take short breaks and mini-walks around to exercise your abdominal muscles, increase your work concentrations and also prevent other health problems.
  • Use a lumbar pillow to support your spine. It will position your spine correctly.

What is the Correct Posture when Using Computer

  • Do not cross your legs but rather place your feet flat and if you feel uncomfortable, it is better if you place it on a computer stand or some makeshifts structure.
  • Practice some chest and shoulder exercises like shoulder shrugging which involves the moving upwards and downwards of your shoulders.
  • Always ensure your ears in line with your shoulders. This is the best trick to maintain a proper computer posture.


To sum it all up, A proper computer posture can be achieved by following the above helpful tips in order to avoid health complications. Let’s keep our posture in a right way for the benefit of positive work production and also for our health.

Feel free to comment below your personal experiences on using the computer for a very long time and keeping your good posture.

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John Rico 


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