What is the Eye Strain? Learn the Causes and Symptoms of It

What is the Eye Strain

What is the Eye Strain? Are you experiencing it for years now and you want to know on what causes it? Are you eager to learn more about this eye problem that hinders your everyday activities? Well, this article will give you more information on what eye strain really is.


What is the Eye Strain?

Eye strain or asthenopia refers to a problem when your eyes get tired and the eye muscles become fatigue. This is usually attributed to intense use of your eyes. This usually occur as a result of driving a car for long hours, working on computers or other digital screens or even reading for long period of time.

What is the Eye Strain

When we consider it from a computer perspective, doctors call it Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Digital Eye Strain. Actually, this is not a disease but rather a symptom.

Briefly some of the symptoms include, blurred or double vision, headaches or brow-ache, difficulty in focusing, sore or irritated eyes, sore neck, watery or dry eyes and photophobia (sensitivity to light).

Usage of your computer can also cause additional symptoms such as:

  • After images once you look away from the computer screen.
  • Difficulties in focusing to your paperwork after looking away from your screen.


Why Do You Strain Your Eyes?

Eye stain usually begin to appear whenever there is extended use of computers, reading for long hours, straining your eyes in dim lighting, driving for long and generally working for long using much of your visual energy.

Computer Vision Syndrome is the most common cause of eye strain. Other causes include the:

  • Being in low-light situations
  • Environment
  • Insufficient blinking

Not forgetting that there is the occurrence of underlying problems which includes the eye muscle imbalance and the refractive error. Eye strain may lead to other associated problems like lack of motivation, difficultly in concentration and severe headaches.


Causes of Eye Strain

Some of the common causes of eye strains include the following:

1. Being stressed or fatigue

Whenever a person is stressed or tired, that person tends to struggle in seeing, this is where the eye problem begins. Forcing yourself to see will make your eyes strain which in many cases cause irritation of the eyes.

2. Straining to see in very dim light

When you stain your eyes to see in a dark or in a dim light place, you will be forcing your eye muscles to enable you to see. This is unhealthy because it over works your eyes capabilities.

What is the Eye Strain

3. Reading for long hours

Lots of people love reading what they find interesting. It can be novels, books and other publications but what they don’t know is that long reading hours will cause your eyes to have severe damages. They usually force themselves to continue reading even if they know their eyes are tired. It is recommended that you pause for a while.

4. Doing activities that involves extended eye focus

Long distance drivers are the most affected here. A person is advice not to drive without taking breaks in between the journey. A lot of accidents have occurred because of fatigue and effects of eye strain.

What is the Eye Strain

5. Being exposed to bright light or glare

Exposure to excess bright light can lead to blindness over time. It all starts by eye strain. You should always avoid bright light because it will damage your eye organs.

6. Having a refractive error or uncorrected vision which refers to an underlying eye problem can lead to eye strain problem. If you ever have an eye problem, its advisable to always go see an eye practitioner.

7. Looking at digital device screens

These are the smartphones, computers etc. They cause eye strain or better known as the Computer Vision Syndrome. This is most common cause of eye strain. The extended use of these digital devices is more dangerous than even compared to reading of printed materials. This is because computer users tend to:

  • Use devices that have reflection or glare
  • Use devices which have poor contrast between the background and the text
  • View digitals screens at a less-than-ideal angles
  • They blink less while using these digital screens

What is the Eye Strain


Eye strain is a condition that should not to be ignored. Our eyes is our trophy. Eye health care is recommended not only for computer users but to everyone in general. So, keep your eyes healthy!

If you have personal experiences of eye strain, feel free to comment it below and share it to everyone.


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